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The Fewer Things were voted as one of the best overall teach abroad providers in 2020, 2021 & 2022 with special mentions to the support, fun and safety of our programmes!

We are here to help you make the change in your life you've been waiting for! Our programmes are designed for first-time-travellers and aspiring teachers. We are here to support and guide you through the full process of getting started teaching abroad.

We have designed unique programmes and courses which will get you qualified and teaching in Asia. We only work with well established and trusted education organisations.​ All of our schools are continuously vetted and held to a high standard.

Choose from programmes in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand! 



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TFT Thailand

I had been toying with the idea of teaching abroad for a few years with no direction on how to make it happen. I stumbled across The Fewer Things on Instagram and I’m so thankful I did!

It can be a daunting process moving to a new country however The Fewer Things helped ease the process from start to finish. Jaemi, Molly and Will will inform you well in advance about vaccinations, insurance and documents that you need to prepare before you move abroad. They also check in regularly on WhatsApp which is lovely when you’re so far from home.

What I particularly liked about working in Thailand through The Fewer Things, is that you can be based in a location that is far different from the Thailand you see on social media. I am based in Isan in north east Thailand. It has been wonderful immersing in this unique culture in a part of the world that I probably never would have visited unless I was placed here. There is a good work life balance and the students here are a joy to work with. Thai people are so friendly and welcoming, and I have always felt safe and happy since moving here.

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TFT Teaching Experience

Living and teaching in Thailand was made so easy by the team at TFT. From initial application to beginning placement, there has been constant communication from Jaemi and the team. Even three months in, Jaemi continues to keep in touch and has been incredibly helpful when issues arose within the placement, making sure everything is resolved swiftly and easily.

I applied with a group of friends and Jaemi made sure that we were placed together, ensuring all of our preferences were considered. Despite our rural location, we have loved experiencing authentic Thai culture, alongside the other TFT teachers within our placement. We also thoroughly enjoy travelling, so we aim to explore Thailand on our weekends, making the most out of our free time and occasional long weekends!

I would definitely recommend teaching in Thailand and TFT as a company 😁

  • Excellent support and advice throughout
  • Experience a new culture authentically
  • Great way to travel, work and meet new people
  • Poor communication and support from MediaKids
  • Some placements are quite far from Bangkok, which makes it difficult to travel at weekends (especially as no long holidays during a semester)
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TFT - Teaching in Thailand

I am really enjoying my time teaching in Thailand, it has been such a unique experience and I have learnt so much already. Since day one Jaemi has been super helpful with any queries or issues and I have felt supported throughout my experience. I applied with a group of friends and Jaemi made sure it was possible for us to all be placed together.
Being placed in a rural area was quite daunting, however, I have loved living in Maha Sarakham and it is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in authentic Thai culture. A huge benefit of TFT was the group chat before we arrived as it gave everyone an opportunity to get to know each other. I would highly recommend this program if you are wanting to travel and teach!

  • Unique Thai Experience
  • Time to travel
  • Lots of support from TFT
  • Culture Shock
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Yes, I recommend this program

TFT Thailand Experience

From the moment I spoke to Jaemi (programmes director) I was instantly convinced to join the Thailand programme. The whole TFT team has been nothing but supportive and helpful from pre-departure to post. From the group chat with other teachers, visa and living in Thailand guides, to constant checking in after moving. The move to Thailand definitely felt easier knowing there was a team of people who will have my back and that I can rely on.

Overall, it truly is an authentic experience I couldn’t recommend enough, the local community, school and students are beyond amazing.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A great experience and great people

I'm loving my time in Thailand so far, and have connected with some really great people thanks to The Fewer Things. The teaching, though initially challenging, has become so much fun. We have learnt a lot here already, from transferable workplace skills to fascinating Thai culture. Settling in has been easy thanks to the friendly locals, amazing students and TFT team who have been an exceptional help every step of the way. There are so many friends to make and great experiences to be had- I would highly recommend!



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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

William Davies

Job Title
Programme Coordinator & Freelance Writer
Will is a freelance copywriter and programme coordinator for The Fewer Things company. Having taught in Vietnam, Romania, and Thailand, Will is now directing his energy towards writing about different cultures and assisting applicants in initiating their adventures teaching abroad.
William Davies wearing a blue traditional shirt and navy cardigan with long brown hair and blue eyes

What is your favorite travel memory?

Navigating the roads of Ha Giang in Northern Vietnam. On one occassion I did this by running a half marathon, and on the other I did this via a motorcycle. Ha Giang offers a beautiful and mountainous landscape with adjectives such as otherwordly and jurassic not doing it justice. The scale of these mountains will make anyone feel so insignificant, and it was an epiphany for me of just how small we are compared to these colossal formations and the vastness of this planet.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

I have become much more confident in my abilities to manage tasks and convey ideas, whether in the form of creating a new article or by communicating with co-workers and applicants. The working environment at The Fewer Things is a proactive and encouraging one. Working here has really allowed me to improve my initiative without feeling any pressure.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

A teacher that I knew was discussing her favourite animals with another student, only to find out that they both shared a favourite animal - the turtle. The next time this teacher taught this particular student, the student had brought in a live turtle - as a gift - for the teacher. The fact that this student took note of this teacher's favourite animal, and went through the act of obtaining it in order to gift it to her, just showed how valuable teachers can be to their students.

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

Teach English in South Korea. Having taught in Vietnam and Thailand, my desire to explore more of Asia only increased with each visit to these exotic locations. While South East Asia has a more relaxed lifestyle, I would like to see the contrasts that other cultures in Asia, or East Asia in particular, have to offer.

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

Throughout the entire process of being associated with The Fewer Things, whether as an applicant or a co-worker, the founder has always been incredibly personable and encouraging. Whether we were navigating the process of obtaining a working visa to teach in Thailand or helping applicants achieve the same thing, the founder has always been supportive.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

Having a founder and workers who actually care about the quality of their product or services. The founder and other workers including myself have undergone the process of teaching English as a foreign language before. We know that while it is a life-changing experience, it can also be an intimidating one and just like anything else, have downsides. Having people who understand the intricacies of TEFL is important in order to optimize the experience for others.