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52+ weeks
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Pre-School Elementary Middle School High School

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Classroom Audience
Pre-School Elementary Middle School High School


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We run two programmes:
- In-class TESOL course (in South Korea) and job placement (private schools only with this option) £2300 (British pounds)
- Online TESOL Course (at home before you leave) and job placement in South Korea! (public and private schools available) £1500 (British pounds)
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Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Some Meals SIM cards Visa Wifi
Aug 22, 2022
Mar 06, 2022
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About Program

Our Teach English in South Korea Programme is truly a once in a lifetime experience! South Korea is one of the most lucrative locations to teach English abroad and can be the start of an amazing professional career path.

​We run two programmes:
- In-class TESOL course (in South Korea) and job placement (private schools only with this option)
- Online TESOL Course (at home before you leave) and job placement in South Korea! (public and private schools available)

Both programmes offer extensive support both before and after you arrive in South Korea, we can discuss which option might suit your needs the best after applying.

Check out our webpage for more information and our Instagram to see the applicants who have already started their new adventure in South Korea

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Program Highlights

  • 24/7 support
  • Group chat with other applicants
  • Highly accredited TESOL course
  • Cultural orientation
  • Vetted school placements

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Yes, I recommend this program

South Korea!!!!! I still cannot believe I am actually here!!!!

I had been looking at a way to move back to Asia and I reached out to the team and little did I know at the time that it was going to be a match made in heaven. Every person who I was put in contact with (Jaemi, Enzo & SJ) were extremely positive, welcoming and supportive. I reached out way back at the end of 2020, knowing full well that I wanted to be out in Korea by March 2022 and the team helped make this dream possible. They were easy to talk to, always answered my emails swiftly and in the know of every tiny detail following the changes to the intake process. I never felt stressed ( well maybe for the Epik interview, but even then SJ coached me on how to answer the questions with patience and confidence!)

Having spoken to other teachers who arrived this intake and having the horror stories that some had been through I am so greatful for this team of individuals who I felt were so supportive, helpful and who constantly checked in throughout the process and who have continued to do so since arriving almost a month ago. I am still settling in but enjoying the process so far and taking it day by day!

I cannot express enough gratitude for how easy this process was made for me by the TFT team and I would hand on heart recommend them if you are looking for a recruitment team to go through! Thank you guys for always answering my questions, even the really silly ones!

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Sannakji and raw beef!
It is not for everyone but if you guys are up for something a little crazy that actually tastes good this is something to try!
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Yes, I recommend this program

The Fewer Things - South Korea 2021

I had taken an interest in teaching abroad a few years previous, and hadn't had the opportunity or motivation to act on that interest until I came across an advertisement for The Fewer Things.
My initial interview made me feel confident and excited, and from then I always felt supported and in contact with the team as they helped me through each process. Moving to South Korea during a pandemic wasn't an easy thing, but TFT was always ready to give guidance.
TFT makes sure that you have interviews with reputable schools and always puts your preferences first.
What I really appreciated about TFT was how much they encouraged me to follow my gut, and really think for myself and what I wanted out of this experience. It can be really overwhelming to make all these decisions, but TFT helps break down each option and give you the confidence to make the choices best for you.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
The advice I would give to anyone moving abroad is the embrace not just the country, but also the area you are moving to. Take full advantage of your situation and experience everything the way you want to. If you're someone who likes spending every evening out or someone who does their exploring at the weekend, don't hesitate to make those plans for yourself and enjoy your time.
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Yes, I recommend this program

South Korea: TESOL & EPIK Placement

When I applied for this placement in January 2020, during a time when the festive season had recently been cancelled by covid and everyone's spirits were low, I never dreamed that a year later I would be ringing in 2022 in South Korea! I am not you're usual adventurer, I think I applied for this purely because of I was bored of being boring. From my first conversation with Jaemi from The Fewer Things team, I was completely convinced that I could do this. He was incredibly supportive and even now continues to be. I probably bothered him with how many emails and messages I sent, but he was always there to help. The process to get to South Korea is not an easy one, but it is completely worth it!

South Korea is an absolutely stunning country! I am based in a smaller seaside city called Donghae-si in Gangwon-do. As an avid hiker this was an ideal destination for me, as I am only a walk away from mountains and beach trails. But, I am also only a 2 hour bus journey away from Seoul. Yes moving to a foreign country is incredibly daunting, but the local people are very welcoming and even if you don't know a single word of Korean a simple 'annyeonghaseyo' will go a long way; and you'll be amazed at how fast you'll pick up Korean phrases.

I can't simplify how much there is to do in South Korea, it's an incredibly cultured country, personally a trip to Gyeongbokgung palace is an absolute must! If you are a foodie you will also love it here as the food is fresh and delicious! Also South Korea is a very safe country to live in, if you are a solo traveller like myself then you have nothing to worry about. My schools have been very welcoming and even based in a smaller city I am never far from a friendly face, as I have met other foreign teachers who have hopefully become friends for life. Also this placement is the most rewarding job I have ever had. If I was to sum-up my experience in one word it would be, phenomenal.

I would highly recommend teaming up with The Fewer Things to come to South Korea, as even though it wasn't an easy process to get here, I wouldn't be here at all without their continued support. I'd urge anyone to apply for this placement as South Korea is the place to be!

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
I come from a tiny village in the north of England, and even though I don't live under a rock and have lived in bigger cities like Leeds and Liverpool, as well as visited London, the sheer size of Seoul shocked me. It is massive and there is so much to uncover! I would never trade my seaside placement, but Seoul in itself is an experience that keeps on giving.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Supportive. Proactive. Organised.

The whole experience has been like night and day compared to another organisation I applied with. I’ve been guided throughout and all promises have been delivered on. I was even able to arrive in Korea 3 months sooner than initially expected as well. Everyone involved seems to genuinely have my best interests at heart. I now work in the heart of Seoul with great people, and I’m thankful to everyone involved. The city is vibrant, full of life and with free accommodation, it’s extremely affordable.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Make friends with foreigners not just westerners. Join a gym or find a sports team or some sort of club you’re interested in, find somewhere to get a haircut. Get the basic things organised you need to feel a part of a community and make a new home in your city.

Get online as well and meet new people. I’ve used dating apps to meet new friends who have been amazing tour guides and made my experiences in new places so much easier.

If you’re spending the majority of your time inside, you are doing it all wrong. Eat like Koreans, party like Koreans and explore as much as possible.

On my first day out of quarantine in Seoul… I went out on my own (nervous), got a little tipsy and ended making friends and having the night of my life. Amazing experiences won’t be handed to you on a plate, but you really don’t have to try too hard to go and get them.

Step outside your comfort zone and you won’t regret it. Good luck and back yourself.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The most amazing help you could have!!!

Wow wow wow. The TFT team helped immensely throughout my process to teaching in Korea. With the constant changes in travel restrictions and many ups and downs, they were always helping and providing an update. Without their help, the road would have been a struggle. They were always there helping and reassuring the process, even when it looked bleak. The aided in interviews hugely, providing specialised help and tips when tackling the nerve racking interview questions.
Can’t recommend the program enough and a huge thanks to Jaemi and the team.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Quarantine. I overcame it by watching a lot of Netflix and planning the places I would visit when released :)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fewer things - Osan, South Korea

The fewer things were brilliant when I was preparing to leave, any issues I had I could message them directly and they instantly sorted it out for me. I had a few concerns about the location of my placement and wanted to see if I should try find a different one in a better location, I messaged them my concerns and asked their opinion. They came back with such a great, detailed reply that really helped ease all my worries, and I’m glad I did because my school is so lovely. The location is on the quiet side for me but has great connections and transport (all points that The Fewer Things told me via email when I messaged them my concerns). I am a bit of a worrier so I definitely sent them more emails than normal asking lots of questions and wanting to know more, and I always received a quick and kind reply. My biggest issue I had when I was planning to leave was with the Korean recruiter, who said the school was desperate for me to go out there and was pressuring me to fly the next day and didnt understand when I said no. I still hadn’t officially received my visa in the mail yet, they just said it should be delivered that day. I messaged Jaemi directly on watsapp at 7am and I was very panicked as I wasn’t prepared to leave the next day . He said he agreed and didn’t want me to book my flight until I had my visa in my hand and basically said I’ll sort this for you. Within maybe half an hour, it was all sorted and I had the extra day I wished for! Overall, this is was such a personalised friendly experience, and the best thing I’ve ever done.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
I was really worried about my travel to my quarantine apartment when I had to get off the plane. I had never travelled before on my own, it was so warm and I was really tired. I shouldn’t have worried though every step I had to take was laid out for me very easily, I was guided completely through the whole thing and even into my quarantine. I was really worried about this and I shouldn’t have been!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Absolutely Amazing Program!

The Fewer Things is truly an incredible program with a kind, and helpful team. I started talking to Fewer Things back when COVID first started, and had planned to move to South Korea in April of 2021. As COVID was not getting any better, the team helped me adjust my plans. What initially drew me to this program was the in-country TESOL course with a week of orientation. Although I wasn't able to experience the in-country course, I was placed in an online TESOL course where I was able to meet others going to Korea the same time I was. (Now being in the country, they are offering a cultural orientation week for those who couldn't participate!)
This was a huge commitment to make, and I appreciated the support I received from Fewer Things. I would get emails monthly updating me on the COVID situation, and if I had any questions it was very easy contacting the team. Leading up to the move, the program also created a group chat with others going to Korea! They also offered a lot of support in terms of: looking for travel health insurance, reviewing contracts, and going over paperwork together. I am so grateful that I chose to work with Fewer Things, and to be given this opportunity. I highly recommend Fewer Things to those who may be too nervous to make the leap, because they will help catch you.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Moving to a new country was so scary, but just put yourself out there and try new things!
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