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Feb 14, 2019
Jun 13, 2018
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Located in the best area of Manhattan, our TEFL training center in New York shares the neighborhood with those skyscrapers which have made New York a legendary place in the world. Our school features all possible conveniences from computer work stations to a library with educational resources by the most famous names in EFL teaching. We also offer free German or Russian classes to all prospective teachers throughout the TEFL program.

Besides covering the theories that a teacher needs to know, our trainees teach actual ESL students over three weeks. Teaching practice is followed by feedback and evaluation and additional practice of teaching techniques to improve your performance. Our trainer has an MA TESOL and international teaching experience. We have a proven track record of graduating superbly trained English teachers who are hired by the very best schools in the world. Our secret to success is our sincere belief in training quality and a deep love to the teaching profession.

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No, I don't recommend this program

50 Hour Online TEFL disaster

I signed up and paid for a 50 hour online TEFL specializing in teaching young learners. I may well have spent 50 hours emailing the staff and Program Co-ordinator asking for the various modules to be sent to me. Despite my best efforts I am into the second year of this 50 hour TEFL and I can't even get responses to my mails. Weeks and months go by without reply and I'm still waiting for Module 7! They refuse to refund the course fee. I'm waiting a year to complete this course. Its been the biggest waste of time and money I have ever encountered. Save yourself a lot of disappointment and choose a different provider.

What would you improve about this program?
By just sending the materials that have been paid for. Reply to emails. Answer phones.
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Response from International TEFL Training Institute

Dear Shane Kellegher:

When “Gooverseas” checked your identity, you offered to provide them with all the correspondence that went back and forth between you and our organization over time. Yet, in your complaint you write that you can’t get responses and it takes months to get an answer. Perhaps you dropped out of the course. When you finally returned, we had to reinstate your program which is not done in a minute or two. It is an entire process of several days to reinstate a student. In addition, you seem to forget the phone calls you had with our program advisors. As much as you wish to overlook that, you are a dropout.
You are referring to the program as a waste of time; however, you insist on completing it. We know very well that the Teach Young Learners is an excellent program for TEFL graduates and other teachers. The information contained in the program is of unmatched value for individuals who are experts in adult teaching and want to explore the differences in teaching children. It’s a wealth of information in language skill development of young learners. The examples given in the course are a treasure box for English teachers, and I dare to say that they even brush up the skills of teachers who have taught young learners over the years. To get all of that is to replace two semesters of a high-priced college education with meager $95. You cannot get any lower for the value this program provides you with.
In addition, referring to the information as waste would make me (as a parent of one of your young learners in class) extremely worried.
The strangest part of the story is that we write to you to finish up the young learner program, and you don’t send in your last assignments.
A. Blumberg, Program Consultant

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Yes, I recommend this program

Top notch

We were a bit apprehensive upon entering this small classroom but that all disappeared the moment our instructor came into the room. She was an absolute delight and so incredibly knowledgeable. The students were so motivated that I really felt at ease with the training. I learned some very valuable skills through the teaching practice and would gladly go through the program again just for that additional real life experience.

Some parts were more difficult than I had anticipated so you really need to study hard and commit to the program 100%. It can be pretty intense for some, especially people who have poor study habits (ahem, me) so if you don't take it upon yourself to also study the materials that aren't covered in class, you will definitely fail. I ended up cramming the 3 days before finals. Not a fun experience as there was a LOT to cover.

Self-motivation is key here. The first week of teaching practice, be prepared to put in a lot of long nights writing lesson plans, creating materials, and rehearsing. Learn your synonyms because you will need them when introducing new vocabulary.

The workload might wear you out but if you put in the effort upfront and try to get it right as early as possible, it will pay off handsomely. All of the interviews and applications I've had so far have asked me to deliver sample lessons so it really helped to already have a few great ones on hand.

Word to the wise, your co-teacher/partner might have a non-native accent. Get used to it quickly because you'll have the same situation when teaching abroad.

What would you improve about this program?
More of the materials that made it to the exam should be covered in class.
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