10 Day Full Moon Experience

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khao sok national park
khao sok national park
muay thai lesson
muay thai lesson
full moon party
full moon party
full moon party
full moon party


The best way to experience a Full Moon Party! This awesome trip takes you to the coolest hotspots on Koh Phangan as we gear up for one of the biggest beach parties in the world. Head to Slip n Fly for the day for DJ's and one of the craziest water slides in South East Asia, kick back at a sunset pool party, and party on into the morning at the infamous Full Moon Party. Warning this tour only departs three times a month and spaces are limited.

  • Bangkok river cruise & temples
  • Khao Sok National Park
  • Muay Thai lesson
  • Full Moon Party
  • Sunset pool party

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based on 12 reviews
  • Value 9.7
  • Fun 10
  • Staff 9.9
  • Safety 9.5
  • Organization 9.8
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Yes, I recommend this program

Anyone looking to go to the Full Moon Party needs to do this tour!

Starting out in Bangkok is a good place to meet the tour group and get to know the guides. After Bangkok we got the overnight train to the national park which was absolutely stunning! Then onto Koh Phangan which is where the real fun starts! We headed to some beach bungalows on the first night then there is there a boat party which was awesome! I had the best time doing the Full Moon Party tour in Thailand! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to go to the Full Moon Party. We had the best tour guides, Arthur and Papsii who were very knowledgeable and organised. They take the hard work out of travelling around so you feel safe and can relax. Also, very fun to hang out with!! I loved every minute and loved our tour group too! I definitely made some life long friends on this tour!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would add an extra day and stay an extra night at Bottle Beach. It was so cool there!!
Yes, I recommend this program

Best tour ever

I had the best experience of my life doing this tour all thanks to our

The start of the tour was in bangkok it was amazing and a great place to meet our tour group. Arthur and papsii made this very easy by making sure everyone was included and also marking sure everyone was safe .

After a few destinations later we made it to the full moon party which was a night I'll never forget I had heard alot of dangerous things about full moon party but I felt completely safe in Arthur's hands as he made instructions clear on what to do if anyone was to get into trouble .

I had the best experience of my life doing this tour all thanks to our amazing tour guides Arthur and Papsii . They are very knowledgeable and organized and most of all know how to show everyone how to have a good time ! I would highly recommend this tour to anyone 10 out of 10 !

What was your funniest moment?
Being absolutely wasted at 8 in the morning the morning after full moon party with all new friends I made on tour
Yes, I recommend this program

Full moon experience

Hands down the most fun I have ever had travelling! The trip was extremely well organized and both tour guides were very knowledgable and well prepared. They always made sure everyone was taken care of as well as included in all activities. Both of them were extremely funny guys and always up for a good time, they helped bring a large crew together from strangers to one huge happy family! In a couple days everyone had become great friends and ready to start a wild adventure together. I have never been so close to that many people in such a short period of time that it made leaving the group extremely hard. So many lifelong friendships developed in a matter days.
This is a great tour company with the best employees. They work hard and have lots of fun doing it. The only downside to this tour is ten days is NOT long enough and if you can do a longer a would highly recommend it. Once you get going on the tour your never going to want to stop!
Big shout out to Dean and Papsii! You guys made it the best possible ever!

Yes, I recommend this program

10 Day Full Moon

The tour was such an incredible experience from start to finish. The places we visited were incredible and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to travel with.

Our tour leaders Dean and Papsii really made the experience for me. They continuously worked hard and went out of their way - whether it was telling us information on the places we were visiting, making sure everyone was together and safe on a night out, helping us to plan our onward travel, or just being great friends to chat to.

The tour itinerary was jam packed and I was never without something to do. Even at chilled times we were given great recommendations on what would be fun to do in the area so we never got bored. There were some late nights and early mornings but every one was worth it.

What would you improve about this program?
Being on the 10 day tour, I was put in a group with people from the 16 day tour, but left to go home 6 days before them whilst they continued their tour. I was so upset to leave the group that I had formed such great friendships in. I was offered to extend my tour but unfortunately couldn’t. So, I think the tour could be improved by keeping everyone on the same tour length.
Yes, I recommend this program

Best time of my life!

I had the best 10 days of my life doing the 10 days full moon experience. Having never traveled solo before I did not know what to expect and had never been so anxious however as soon as I got to the airport and saw Papsii waiting for me I straight away felt at ease and excited about my travels. Throughout the trip he has been such a positive ball of energy and I don’t think you could ever be anything but happy and always laughing when he’s around. He also taught me so many things about Thailand which has made me fall in love with the country way more than I did before.

Dean has also made this experience the best it could have been. From the first day I met him I knew we would get along really well and that he will be such an fun and amazing person to spend my 10 days of heaven with.
He was always there for you no matter what, any questions or help you needed with anything he would go out of his way to help even if it wasn't part of his job. Dean also went out of his way to get to know everyone and make sure that they were having an amazing time.

As a whole this I had the best time of my life, the places we went to were the most beautiful places i’ve ever seen and all the itinerary was so much fun. I have made friends for life both in our team and out who have given me the best memories and this would have never been possible without trutravels.❤️

What would you improve about this program?
There probably is some improvements to be made however from my experience I thought that everything was perfect as I was having such a great time doing all the activities and just being around everyone.
Yes, I recommend this program

Once in a lifetime trip

I was so nervous before going on the trip, would everyone get on, would it be awkward etc. I was so wrong to be nervous I was welcomed by a driver at the airport and taken straight to he hotel. Upon arrival I met some of the group and from then on I didn’t feel nervous or worried the whole rest of the trip. The whole tour was fantastic from start to finish, every day planned out for you. I went on the tour alone but I feel like I have left with a family. Our tour guides Delaney, Arthur, Gogi and Abby made the tour so special, they knew everything about all of the areas we travelled to and just made the trip so fantastic. I don’t think I stopped smiling once on the trip . I would 100% visit Thailand again. The memories I have made will lastforever. Best holiday ever. Thank you Tru travel.

Yes, I recommend this program

Full Moon Tour 2018


Before I left for Thailand, I had major anxiety about the whole situation. If I was going to be safe? What sort of people I was going to meet? If I would like the food?
From the moment I arrived on tour I felt welcome and part of a family staight away. Delaney, Arthur and Gogi were a dream to be around throughout the whole tour. They were professional, punctual, organised, full of knowledge, and above all FUN. I felt safe at all times, the choice of food and accomadation where great and all arranged activities were spot on. The strangers I met on day 1 of tour, now feel like members of my family. I learnt so much in 2 weeks with Tru travel and I feel truly blessed. We enjoyed Tru Travels services so much that we booked another tour to Bali. Land of smiles... I’ll be back

Yes, I recommend this program

Worth the Wait

I had always wanted to do some travelling but had never found the right time, however after looking into exploring Thailand i came across this Trutravels tour. From beginning to end this tour was everything you would expect and wish for on your travels. Three equally as crazy and fun tour guides,Delaney,Arthur and Gogi made the adventure everything it should be... fun fun fun!! Three absolutely wonderful people i am so grateful to have met! The tour is just the right amount of crazy,activites and chill days which made it perfect!! The guides also gave some great advice and information for our stay in Thailand which helped alot , along with making contact on social media prior to our travels which was great!! The laughs that we all shared on this tour will remain with me forever and i look forward to seeing everyone again in the future. much love and THANK YOU xx

Yes, I recommend this program

Full Moon Experience

I booked the 13 day full moon experience and was a little apprehensive before travelling as I hadn't been backpacking before, however I really did not need to worry. From the moment that the tour started we were all in such an inclusive environment that you began having fun from the get go. Our tour guides, Delaney, Arthur and Gogi were exceptional and made sure that we were having great fun and felt safe throughout the tour. They also shared knowledge about the culture and environment we were in throughout each stop. We all had the opportunity to take part in extra activities that weren't included on the tour which meant we really could make the most of our time in Thailand.
We loved our tour so much that we booked our next Bali tour for next year with our new friends.
I went to Thailand for a holiday but feel like I found a home!

What would you improve about this program?
Upfront information on the cost of taxis etc before taking part in activities so that we have the option to decline. It would have been great to have a nice farewell dinner, it didnt seem that too much effort was put into the dinner and it could have been really special as it was our last night.
Yes, I recommend this program

10day full moon

Well...where do i start.... i can honestly say this has been the best experience of my life and the tour guides definitely played a big part in that. We was lucky enough to bag ourselves outstanding tour guides ....Delaney, Arthur and Gogi, who made sure we all got the best out of our holiday/adventure.
We had a group chat which really made meeting everyone a lot easier before hand.
All the organisation of allocating rooms were also thought out to please everyone.
Everything on this trip was about pleasing and making sure we were all having the best experience possible.
I will forever hold the memories created on this holiday and i cant thank my tour reps enough.

..travelled with one friend and we’ve left with one crazy family!!! Couldnt rate this holiday package or tour guides anymore PERFECT!!

Yes, I recommend this program

TruTravels' Full Moon Trip

I did the Trutravels' Full Moon Experience and was genuinely blown away by everything from the guide, to the accommodation, and included activities.

I was hesitant to book a group trip before, but was glad I did. Value for money, it was incredible.

I'd always wanted to experience the Full Moon party, but didn't want to just rock up on my own, so a group trip made the experience so much better. The group got on immediately from day 1, so by the time we got to Phangan for the party, it was epic.

One of my highlights was Khao Sok National Park; it's definitely worth booking this trip just to see this place. We stayed in floating bungalows on the freshwater lake. Unreal.

It genuinely covers a great variety of Thailand in a short time - from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, to the floating bungalows in Khao Sok, to the beach life of Koh Phangan.

Can't rate this trip any higher. 10/10.

What would you improve about this program?
It can't be. These guys are doing it better than I could imagine!
Yes, I recommend this program

Full Moon Party Experience

I just completed the 13 day Full Moon Tour with Arthur Noppasin Moonma & Alicia Morden-Ward and WOW! I am an avid solo traveller and this was my first time actually being on a tour and I absolutely loved it. My experience in southern Thailand would not of nearly been the same if I did not join this Tru Travels Tour. I have made friends for life that I KNOW I'll remain in contact with, and we've made the best, hilarious memories that I will always cherish. If you or someone you know has been wanting to take the plunge and go somewhere in SE Asia and Tru Travels runs a tour there, PLEASE DO IT! You will not regret it. Thank you Tru Travels for the best few weeks in Thailand and this will definitely not be my last Tru Travels Tour! <3 lots of love

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe more notable mentions of the amount of ferry's/boats on the tour for those that get motion sickness easily (not for myself but for someone else that was on the tour)