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Train and assist with Survival trips in the Brazilian Amazon jungle! Join our team of ex military rescue commando's who were trained by the Brazilian Army and Amerindian tribes in the art of Survival.

You will help with the preparation and running of overnight survival trips, go on patrols to protect the rain-forest against illegal logging, teach English and learn Portuguese. While in the jungle you will sleep in hammocks while in the Manaus you will stay at a nice Homestay family for a great local experience!

Sometimes volunteers go several days without jungle activities. when this happens, teams are waived until the next appointment! When there are no jobs, the volunteer follows the daily routine at home, in the city, booking tours, etc. Learning the practical knowledge of the Portuguese language. when there are guests they head to the jungle. With this volunteer project you get the opportunity to get involved with a local small eco-tourism organization whose home base is located in Manaus a city which with its 1.7 Million inhabitants is an island in the immense Amazon Jungle. The organization is run by current and former members of the military Jungle rescue division led by a Lieutenant and his family who will be your host during your stay In the Amazon. Projects you will mainly be involved in:

• Learn how to survive in the Amazon jungle Assist with 2 days and overnight jungle survival trips
• Train with local military survival experts
• Teach English
• Learn Portuguese
• Educate locals and tourist about the importance to sustain the environment
• And many other projects!

Organizations like these give the jungle a long term sustainable financial value to the country opposed to the short term gain of logging this precious ecosystem.

You will receive 3 meals a day and will be provided by the homestay family and the project.

When in Manaus you will stay at a Brazilian host family where you will have your own room. When on trip you will sleep mostly in a hammock in the jungle. Meals will be provided in both the jungle by the organization and in Manaus by your host family. Linen and towels will be provided by the homestay.

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Volunteering as a survival Guide in the Amazon!

I had a great experience in this program. Firstly this program is unique as it feels like your doing several programs at once as well as you stay in different places. Your main home base is in a nice homestay with a great family who is also the person who runs the survival trips. Then there is the base In the jungle a few hours away from Manaus and then we also stay on occasion in temporary camps under the jungle canopy.

The whole experience was amazing! The Host family they were such a loving family and i learned so much being with them. I picked up a whole lot of the Portuguese too, which I used quite successfully in Paulinia, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Oh and I got to see a jaguar in the jungle! After a long hike in the rainforest we were suddenly told to stop talking and be as quiet as possible. The guides had spotted something that they didn't want spooked. Slowly, step by step we silently caught up with them and looked straight up a tree, so tall that you could probably climb it to heaven. Looking up as high as I could, I saw a black mass on one of the branches - a jaguar. Such a cool sighting - i still don't know how the guides saw it so high up. Even with my camera on full zoom, I couldn't take one recognizable picture. You'll just have to take my word on this one - it was really cool"

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