Brazil is known as one of the most beautiful and exotic destinations, not only in South America, but the world over. With its magnificent beaches, tremendous wilderness, and rich cultural heritage, Brazil has always been a popular destination for foreigners. Even though Brazil is a progressive country with a growing economy, there are parts of the country that remain impoverished and are in dire need of volunteers.


Brazil suffers from a lack of teachers, infrastructure problems, and lack of educational materials. As a volunteer, you will work with teachers to create more interactive and student friendly environments. You would engage children and help them learn and stay motivated towards their education, along with broadening their views about different people and places.


The poverty in Brazil has expectedly had an impact on the health of a significant portion of the population. Medical volunteers in Brazil work on projects such as community health campaigns or assisting at a mental health center. Volunteers can also work on educating patients, in addition to providing them with treatment.


Brazil is home to over half of the world’s rainforests and is in fact thought to be the most diverse nation on earth. Unfortunately, though, there are many endangered species in Brazil. As a volunteer, you will have an opportunity to take care of animals in a protected environment. You could also work with a National Park and work on reducing park pollution, reforesting damaged areas of the park, and educating local towns about the importance of conservation.

Volunteering Tips

Volunteer Support: If you volunteer in Brazil through an organization, they will have a support system in place and they should be able to fulfill all of you needs and answer any questions you may have. Your home country’s embassy or consulate can also be reached in Brasilia for information and support. Checkout Expat Exchange to learn more about foreigners’ experiences in Brazil!

NGOs/Nonprofits in Brazil: Brazil has a number of nonprofits that work in diverse sectors. Here’s a list to help you find non-profits in Brazil.

How to Save Money While Volunteering: While Brazil does have expensive options for eating and shopping, there are many great local places which will help you stick to your budget. For getting around, try to use public transportation or walk instead of taking a taxi.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in Brazil

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Typhoid vaccinations are highly recommended for foreigners visiting Brazil. Yellow fever is recommended if you will be staying in Brazil’s inland (not on the coast). For more information visit MD Travel Health.

Visas for Volunteering in Brazil

As a US Citizen, you will be required to get a Visa to Brazil. You must obtain your visa in advance from a Brazilian Embassy or Consulate closest to where you live. There are no "airport visas" and immigration authorities will refuse entry into Brazil to anyone not possessing a valid visa. More information about Visas can be found on VISA HQ.

Volunteer Programs in Brazil

Volunteering is a great way to make your travel experience more meaningful
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International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ
Most Affordable & Trusted Volunteer Programs in Brazil
20 reviews5 interviews

Trusted by 110,000+ volunteers, IVHQ offers the most popular volunteer...

IPBio - Biodiversity Research Institute
Biodiversity Research Institute in the Tropical Forest of Brazil
100 reviews3 interviews

The Biodiversity Research Institute (IPBio) is a place where research...

Iko Poran Volunteer Abroad - IKPVA
Truly the Most Affordable Program in Brazil from $400/2 weeks
45 reviews4 interviews

Iko Poran offers a wide range of safe, affordable and responsible...

One World Center
18-Month: Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder with the Poor
Multiple Countries
11 reviews2 interviews

This is a study-volunteer program on global poverty and sustainable...

FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine
Animal Release Center in the Tropical Atlantic Forest
20 reviews

FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine was founded by the couple Martine Schmid...

Volunteering Solutions
Volunteer in Brazil | Affordable Programs From 1 to 8 Weeks
1 review

Volunteering Solutions works in association with local Brazilian...

One World Center
9-Month: Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder with the Poor
Multiple Countries
4 reviews1 interview

This is a volunteer abroad program on global poverty and sustainable...

Tru Experience Travel
TRU Experience Travel: Volunteer Projects in Multiple Locations
Multiple Countries
5 reviews

Tru Experience Travel have some of the most amazing volunteer...

Volunteering and Intern Brazil
Volunteer in Brazil | Part of Proceeds Donated
2 reviews

Have you ever thought about visiting Brazil? Do you want to make the...

Amigos de Iracambi - Iracambi Rainforest Research Center
Rainforest Restoration & Sustainability
8 reviews

Join us in one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots on the...

Eco Caminhos
Learn about bio-construction & sustainable living 2 hours from Rio
5 reviews

Do you want to live sustainably and learn how to bioconstruct your own...

ELI Abroad
Wildlife Sanctuary in the Brazilian Jungle
3 reviews

Volunteer with an organization that has painstakingly replaced non...

ETIV do Brasil
Volunteer or Intern in a Beautiful Surf Town in Brazil
10 reviews1 interview

ETIV do Brasil is located in the beautiful fishing and surfing town of...

Iris Social
Amazon Expedition - Experience the Brazilian Amazon and Volunteer
3 reviews

Amazon Expedition is an experience in the heart of a Brazilian Reserve...

Cultural Homestay International
Teach English to a Host Family in Brazil with CHI!
2 reviews

Join Cultural Homestay International's World Explorers program in...

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