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Cambodia's history has severely impacted the country's economy, and today many Cambodians remain in poverty. Over half of the country's population is under the age of 27. Almost all of the country's qualified teachers and doctors were executed by the Khmer Rouge. Landmines and unexploded bombs have left a large number of adults and children, especially from villages, maimed and disable for life, if not already killed outright. Furthermore, the growing problem of AIDS has left many children orphaned. All of this leads a big void in the areas of education, child care, and healthcare; Cambodia is in great need of overseas volunteers.

As our volunteer in Cambodia, you will have the opportunity to teach English in or near Battambang and Siam Reap (near Angkor Wat). You can also volunteer at an orphan home in Battambang, and at village schools outside of Siam Reap.

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