Aldeas de Paz: Dental healthcare
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Aldeas de Paz: Dental healthcare

Our observation and hands-on dentistry experience is a programme which is aimed at current professionals and aspiring dentists. Assisting at the local hospital-based clinic you will gain first-hand experience of the day-to-day activities at a public dental clinic in a developing country.

This project provides an opportunity to work in a dental clinic which performs common procedures such as: restorative (dental restorations, crowns, bridges, prosthetic (dentures); endodontic (root canal) therapy; periodontal (gum) therapy; and exodontia (extraction of teeth); as well as examinations and diagnosis are performed.

  • Acquire hands-on experience that depends largely on your language skills and qualifications.
  • Learn dentistry practices while working alongside and spending time with specialists.
  • Teach and encourage the prevention of oral diseases to improve the lives of locals.
  • Achieve your personal study and career goals with a customized work plan.
  • Choose to stay with a local family to truly experience way of life and culture in the Dominican Republic.
Dominican Republic
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Aldeas de Paz works hard to keep the required financial contribution to an absolute minimum and to offer financial transparency by practicing an open book policy. The calculation of your financial contribution or donation is set up so that the longer you stay the less you give per week. We do this to encourage longer stays, recognizing that longer stays lead to more significant volunteer work and more energy contributed in the form of donated time in place of money! The minimum contribution starts at € 110 per week including double room accommodation at our Aldeas de Paz guesthouse, for a single room we add € 30 per week. The minimum donation for the host family stay is € 200 per week and includes a private bedroom as well as two meals (breakfast and lunch). For more information about costs and benefits check out our webpage.
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Santa Barbara de Samaná and Las Terrenas

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An absolute blast!

A few weeks from when I wrote this, I stepped on to a small budget airliner and made my way across the Caribbean to the Dominican Republic. Before this experience I had never left the United States, and I was unsure what my time in Samana would be like. Needless to say, it was an absolute blast.
I volunteered in a small dental clinic in Las Pascualas, a small, sleepy city on the outskirts of Samana. Volunteering in the clinic opened my eyes to some of the difficulties associated with public health care in a developing country, and it allowed me to look at public service through a different perspective. The dentist I was under was very nice, and incredibly accomidating; an absolute joy to volunteer under.

This trip also allowed me to meet people from around the globe, and develop friendships with people who I would have never come across in daily life. The other volunteers really helped make this trip worthwhile, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with each one of them.

Overall, Aldeas de Paz is a great organization to be apart of. The volunteers work hard to help the people of Samana, and the program director, Manfred, is very enabling. He will go out of his way to make sure you are getting the most out of your experience. I stayed in Samana for 28 days, and the time has honestly gone by very quickly. I have learned more than I had hoped to on this adventure, and I definitely recommend it to others.

Yes, I recommend
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An eye opening journey

I chose Aldeas de Paz as my first trip out of my home country the United States and I am so glad that I did. It was an eye opening journey that taught me a lot about the experiences of those living in a third world setting and a lot about myself as well.  I worked in the dental clinic of the hospital in Samana. I was given the amazing opportunity to work as a dental assistant there within the first three days of my arrival which was more than I was expecting! Everything here is learned in a very hands on manner, so that even in just a month of being here I feel that I have learned and done so much! The staff of the hospital, and all the local people of Samana for that matter, were very patient with me and accepting as I don't speak very much Spanish. Having to adapt to the language and cultural differences only made the experience richer. The rest of the volunteers were also an enormous help in getting me comfortable in the new
environment and seeing that leaving my comfort zone was the most valuable part of this journey. I will never forget the people I met here. I made friends from around the globe, and I will carry these friendships with me the same as my experiences in the Dominican Republic. Overall it was an amazing adventure and has only fueled my fire to experience more of the
world! I would definitely recommend Aldeas de Paz to anyone looking for the same.

Yes, I recommend

About Fundacion Aldeas de Paz

Aldeas de Paz operates various programs in the local community of Santa Barbara de Samana in the Dominican Republic whereby the focus is on young people in "at risk" situation or with special needs. ADP empowers young people by assisting them to...