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Help, Learn and Discover is a student-driven volunteer organization that offers four week Pre-medical and Volunteer programs in Ecuador. These programs provide students with three main opportunities: to Help those less fortunate, to Learn first-hand knowledge about the medical field, and to Discover the amazing diversity of Ecuador. In the Help component, students use fundraised money to participate in a specific large-scale volunteer project. For example, in 2012 we built 21 homes for underprivileged families in a rural community called Pallatanga.

Students work alongside local families and are able to see the homes develop while integrating themselves into the community. In the optional Learn component, students shadow leading doctors and health professionals through eight different wards in a hospital setting.

We conclude the program with the Discover component, where students embark on an 11-day tour through the jungles, rainforests, highlands and beaches of Ecuador.

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Most of our students are 18+. However, we have had students under 18 that need their parents to co-sign their contract.


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Time of My Life

I had such an incredible experience with Ecuaexperience. The first day we arrived at the work site in Pallatanga I knew we would be making a difference. We got up every morning, worked on the houses, played with the kids and crawled back into bed at the end of the day but it was great! The people were so thankful and I wish there was more I could have done. When we did our hospital rotations, it was better than anything I could have expected. The doctors, nurses and tutors were so helpful and they wanted you to learn.

Yes, I recommend this program

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Help, Learn and Discover is an innovative organization offering educational programs in Ecuador, South America. We strive to offer a fulfilling life experience which combines helping those less fortunate with learning about a specific academic area...