Teach English in a Homestay in France for 1, 2 or 3 Months with Greenheart Travel
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Teach English in a Homestay in France for 1, 2 or 3 Months with Greenheart Travel

Teaching English in a homestay is your opportunity to become a English language tutor for a local French family while sharing their everyday life.

English tutors spend approximately 15 hours per week conversing with members of the host family to improve their fluency in English. The rest of the time is yours to experience France like a local and immerse yourself in French language, culture and lifestyle.

Program Highlights:
--Volunteer tutoring position with a local host family
--15 hours per week teaching- rest of the time is yours to explore and travel
--Placements throughout France
--Accommodation with local host family
--1, 2 or 3 month placements
--Rolling start dates twice monthly

Program Fee:
1 Month – $1,510
2 Months – $1,670
3 Months – $1,820

Start dates are monthly and teachers should plan on applying at least 8 weeks in advance of their desired start date.

  • Host family accommodation and meals included
  • Assistance from a personal program manager before, during and after your program
  • 15 hours of tutoring per week leaves time to learn French and explore the country
  • 24 Emergency contact service and medical insurance included
  • Pre-departure orientation & cultural training provided by your program manager
Europe » France » Lyon
1-3 Months
Project Types
Spring Break
Year Round
Host Family
Price Details
Host family search, screening, and placement process
Single room accommodation with carefully screened host family
Three home-cooked meals a day for duration of program
Local office support
Comprehensive medical insurance
English as a Second Language Teaching Resources
Pre-departure orientation
Culture & Etiquette Guidebook
Resume-enhancing experience as a Private Language Tutor
Learn a new language through immersion in a different culture and country
Other Locations
A large percentage of the host families live in small towns outside of major urban areas.

Questions & Answers

Yes! I think it depends on what family you are placed with but mine was really good about conversing with me in both English and French. If I was having trouble expressing something in French we would switch to English or speak in French during dinner so I could learn how to jump into French conversations.

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Program Reviews (15)

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Wartburg College

A Great Matchup and the rest is what you make of it!


I, too, was very impressed with how well my background, interests and skills were matched
with my family. I was placed in a home with two wonderful working parents and two
girls, ages 7 and 11. Mom speaks and teaches High School English. They immediately put me at ease and brought me into their circle of family, friends, and social life. I even got the
opportunity to talk to and help with Mom's classes, The family accepted, supported and challenged my limited French, and I became a member of their family - and still am. I hope for always! Although I've traveled extensively, I had always dreamed of an immersion in
French family, and this was a super opportunity to experience so many aspects of
French family life in a small town. I loved every moment of it. The girls were very
active. We spent time swimming at Lacanau Ocean, sightseeing all over Bordeaux, Arcachon,
and all around the region, went on several vineyard tours all around the area, biked all around the area and more. There were days when I was on my own, and I took off by foot or bike exploring and fishing and sampling the nearby beaches. Teaching the girls English was great fun - and I learned even more to customize my lessons into games and around subjects that most interested them.

I highly recommend Greenheart, and this kind of opportunity for anyone at any age!

How can this program be improved?

No suggestions at this time!

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35 years old

Perfect Family Match


One of the biggest concerns someone might have about getting into this program is what the family will be like that you are set up with. I was really quite surprised at how perfect of a match my family was with our style and things we liked to do. We were both laid back and loved to travel and keep active. My family was a husband and wife where the husband was retired and the wife still worked. The student was just the husband as his wife actually was already fluent in English. Both were very active and we would travel somewhere every weekend and they loved sharing places with me. One of my favorite travels with them was when they took me to Spain to go canyoning. I was actually not familiar with it and it's when you literally jump off different areas of a canyon into flowing rivers. It was so much fun!

During the work week, the husband and I would take the dog for walks or go on bike rides and then I would come back to do lesson planning, do the lessons and that would then flow into appertifs before dinner and a long dinner where we would all just converse to get to know each other more or about current events, it was great! I did not turn on a single TV once the entire time I was there.

The lesson planning was what I found most challenging and tried to get creative. I found that games really helped enforce the lessons and were the most fun part of the lessons so I always tried to end the lesson with that.

My participating in the program was probably in a little more unconventional as I'm in the middle of a career break and changing careers. I'm not moving into any teaching profession but I thought this was be an incredibly unique way to really dive into another culture as travel is such a large passion of mine. I've done quite a bit of international travel so I also did not experience any culture shocks other than not finding all my ingredients in the grocery store to make dinner with :)

I still keep in touch with the family and I'm sure I will visit them again sometime in the future as I consider them wonderful friends and my french family.

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I would say could be improved is more guidance or advice regarding the lesson planning. There was so much material that was provided (which is great) but was a bit overwhelming to dig through to see what would work best.

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20 years old
South Ockendon

Best experience of my life!


Deciding to go with this program was the best decision I made once I decided I had my heart set on teaching abroad.
I was in regular contact with the correspondents of the organisation and even met up for coffee with them. I felt fully supported and completely safe throughout my sty, which was a massive comfort as a first-timer!
I cannot thank Greenheart enough for putting me with such a wonderful family. It truly was the time of my life. Apart from spending time at home with them, they took me on a skiing trip, weekends away to different areas of the country and really did treat me like family. Watching them progress in English was also one of the most rewarding things I've ever done and by the end of my stay, I was more attached to them than I care to admit!
One of the most unforgettable moments was the trip to La Giettaz Ski resort. These pro-skiiers had infinite patience with me as I frequented the beginners slopes, being out-stripped by toddlers on snowboards, until they'd trained me up enough to go further up the mountain.
The bonds formed and memories made on this program really are priceless. I was so pleased that I could help them with their English, though we really did help each other as my French escalated to new levels!
I honestly can't recommend it enough. It's safe and secure, and the best choice possible.

How can this program be improved?

Nothing comes to mind:)

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22 years old
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Western Michigan University

Simply Amazing


This was my first time traveling to Europe, let alone traveling alone for more than a week! I could not have had a better experience. The family I was matched up with was so amazing and so understanding. On one night I actually got sick, possible food poisoning (my body didn't react well to one of the new foods), and such an experience requires you to REALLY go out of your comfort zone to ask for help and thank goodness I did! That night I realized how much the family cared for me, making sure I was alright and doing so well making sure I was okay. There's nothing better than Greenheart's screening and matching program. I feel so lucky to have gone through this program and to have met my family. They took me to see castles, Bordeaux, Paris, and even introduced me to extended family (the mom's sister), just truly making me feel a part of it. I would definitely do it all again in a heartbeat!!!

How can this program be improved?

I personally cannot really think of anything I would change, the agents from Greenheart kept up great communication throughout, before, and after the month and felt like Megan Arzbaecher was there for me through the whole experience to lend help or anything else I needed.

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21 years old
New York City and Washington DC
Georgetown University

Fantastic Experience!


Hello! I am a current sophomore at a university in the United States. I had a wonderful experience working with Greenheart! I was in France for a month with a kind family of three. I taught a 14 year old girl and spoke often with the parents. I advanced a lot in French and had a great cultural experience! I would strongly recommend going if you are interested in a language immersion, and a cultural-teaching experience. One thing: if possible, have prior experience with the language. If I didn't already know some French, this trip would have been very difficult and possibly isolating. However, it was great! I would strongly recommend this experience. There's nothing quite like it!

How can this program be improved?

I wish that Greenheart tried a little harder to reach out to me while I was in France. It was after a week I heard from my Greenheart coordinator asking if I had made it there safely...

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21 years old
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

A feeling of home


After about a week there and already having been away from home for a month, due to other opportunities, my French host family began to feel like a home away from home. One thing that isn't mentioned in the websites description of teaching abroad in a host family is that their families just want to do life with you. They are welcoming you into their home to not only grow in their knowledge of English but to personally learn from you about American culture and your life there. The family will also share their traditions, life styles and daily norms with you to help you become better accustomed. Sitting down to eat both lunch and dinner together is a rarity in the States, but in France it is a daily time to come together and enjoy one another's company. I think at the table is where I truly learned the most French and appreciation for my host family.

How can this program be improved?

To lessen the cost. I understand the process of placing an American with a host family is not always easy and there are a lot of factors that go into it and that the program fee's also cover insurance, but with them not including airfare and none going back to the family for your food I do think they could be a bit cheaper. That being said I still think every penny I spent was worth it in the end.

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32 years old
Raleigh, North Carolina
DeVry University

An Amazing Experience.


I had a pretty unique experience tutoring English during my stay in France. (TL;DR at the bottom)

I was transferred between 3 families. The my first family, the host father and I had difficulty communicating. He didn't speak much English (which is what I was supposed to help him with.) And I didn't speak much French. So that made things difficult, however, I still felt like he wanted me to know what to do without him telling me. During half way of my stay, he suffered from a back injury, and wasn't able to continue. I got transferred to my second family with little difficulty, as it was the best for both of us. But I will tell you one thing. I really, REALLY missed his cooking.

I got transferred to my second family, but only stayed with them for a weekend so that I could transfer to my 3rd family, which is the colleague of the host mother, but in those 2 days, I formed a nice bond with everyone.

The 3rd family was where I spent the remaining 6 weeks in France. The family spoke English pretty well with the youngest son Simon,17, speaking the best, followed by the host mother, Camille; the older brother Remy, 19; then Pierre, the host father.

I didn't give formal English lessons as I did with my first family. Actually, the only thing I did was talk with them like normal, and corrected them when needed. If they came across a word that they were not familiar with, such as broom or mop, they would write it down. in a notebook they had. At dinner time, everyone ate at the same time. Whenever the father didn't understand something, either the host mother or Simon would translate. This would be necessary as sometimes we would talk about complex subjects. At some point they heard on the news about the shooting of Walter Scott, and a week before, I was talking about the racial issues of America, and police brutality, and my perspective of it, as I am a black male. So we got into some complex subjects where translating is needed.

Speaking of racial issues, France has virtually none. I can tell immediately that I was treated like a normal human being, rather than a perceived threat back at home, despite me being the only black person in town... both towns. When going to the stores, I did not get followed around. One day I was walking to the pastry shop, an elderly woman crossed the street in front of me and we ended up going in the same direction. I was about 15 ft. behind her. I was behind her for a good 5 minutes and NOT ONCE did she look back behind her. She saw me when she crossed the street, so she knew I was there, but I wasn't a threat. I was a person. Another day I was sitting on a ledge, and a woman put her opened purse RIGHT BESIDE ME and TURNED HER BACK. I could have easily taken something out of there, but of course, I didn't. Its just that a situation like that is unheard of in the US.

Most of the time I stayed at home, as I had school work and a freelance project to do, but I did have the freedom to go explore the town. I would have explored much more had I not any work to do. But I was given the freedom to explore the town and was also given a bike.

I went to some amazing places in France. I did go to Paris, Bordeaux, Dune de Pyla, St. Emilion, and Chateau de Blaye with my first family. My third family took me to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, some other middle aged sites (whose names escapes me at the moment), and even a pre-historic cave with cave paintings dating back to 30000 BC.

This venture was also very cheap compared to studying abroad. I take classes online, and my school has a study abroad program. However it was only 1 month in France for around $3500 and that didn't include the food expenses. With Greenheart Travel, I got to stay longer, and food and board was taken care of.

Overall, the experience was an amazing one. I think that it is very important to remember though that when you're traveling abroad, you're going to be staying with people. And people do have their flaws. I've heard of some experiences not being as good as mine. It does happen. But what also happens is that you can meet with some amazing people as I have. Keep in mind that your safety is important, and to keep Greenheart Travel in the loop, as well as the coordinator in your host country. You're not stuck there, and you can change if you absolutely need to.

TL;DR Amazing experience. First family didn't work out, 2nd and 3rd family became my new family and I immediately felt welcomed. I've been to beautiful places I never thought I would go, or even knew existed. Being black isn't a problem in France. Cheaper than study abroad option at my university. Worth it and considering doing it again.

How can this program be improved?

I think that it would be beneficial (as evident from some other friends' experiences) somehow incorporate a background check for the host family as well. Some families aren't exactly the best hosts, and it would leave a bad impression if someone were to be with one of those families. I realize that this may be difficult, or even impossible to do, but if it could somehow be implemented in the future, it would only be beneficial.

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24 years old
Tampa, Florida
Florida State University

Fantastic Experience!


I stayed in Tours for two months with this program, and it was a wonderful experience for me. The family I stayed with was completely welcoming, invited me to every event, included me in family gatherings, took me to local castles, and, most importantly, was completely patient with me as I attempted to improve my French. I got the chance to tutor two boys (11 and 13)m and we had a great time laughing at each other's language mistakes. Overall, I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to go on an adventure in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

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42 years old
Toronto, Canada

Bad experience in France


My daughter was supposed to stay two months, June and July and to tutor brother and sister in a small town Lege Cap Ferret in South France. But she stayed only one month and a half.

My daughter is responsible, mature, friendly and has great personality. She is 18 years old University student. Her family was nice (father, mother and host-brother), but host-sister who is 16 was NOT nice at all. My daughter put all her heart and soul into tutoring, but she didn't get appreciation back from her host-sister. Host-sister was rude, impolite, spoiled, with extreme mood swings (puberty?), treated my daughter with disrespect and ignored my daughter whenever they were in company with others.

My daughter felt very lonely and sad. She spent almost all her time in her room, trying to avoid bad treatment from host-sister. My daughter went through enormous emotional trauma and cried every day. She kept evrything inside, but when her distress reached boiling point, she finaly told us and my husband and I immediately get her a new air ticket to return home. So we almost doubled our expenses.

Coordinator in France was useless.

I don't saythat you will get the family like this in case you choose homestay tutoring. You might be lucky and get a decent family. But don't forget that you might experience the same type of host-sister (or another family member) if you plunge into this kind of adventure. If you want to visit foreign country, better go as a tourist, or enroll language course.

I cannot forgive myself for ruining my daughter's summer vacation.

Response from Greenheart Travel

We are very saddened to hear that your daughter did not have a positive experience on our homestay program in France. Occasionally, there are personality differences between host family members and participants, which we can alleviate as soon as we are notified. The opportunity to live with a local family and get an authentic view of a culture is what we love about this program, but like any homestay experience, there are challenges that come with language barriers and family dynamics. I strive to personally connect and check in with each participant on program and stress to our participants to let me know of any issues so we can help with problems that might arise. Unfortunately, I was not made aware of her host situation to help remedy the situation. Greenheart Travel strives to provide our participants with the highest quality customer service and program experience, and would welcome any feedback from your daughter about her time abroad to continue to improve the program. She can contact me directly at [email protected].

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24 years old
Syracuse, New York
Towson University

One Month in France


I spent a month in France as part of the Language Exchange Homestay. My host family lived in Bordeaux and were very welcoming. Before leaving I was nervous about my French skills,but my host family spoke very good English.
I was even invited to come with them to Milan! Overall, my host family was fantastic.
Teaching lessons were very relaxed and mostly consisted of helping the children with their English homework. Dinner conversation was a mix between French and English and a place where I conversed with the parents the most. I helped in the kitchen and it is always good to make the bed and keep your room clean.
My program was only a month and time flies by! When I finally got the hang of taking the bus and tram it was time to leave. I suggest making the most of your time abroad! I did! I took the train to Paris for five days! I saw the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre!
Make the most of your time abroad and don't forget to capture every moment with pictures!

How can this program be improved?

Suggested teaching tools/links or outlines given to the host family for helping with my French would have been nice. I believe I could have improved my French more than I did if the host family was given those tools.

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24 years old
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Ball State University

A Safe Travel Choice


This particular program is a good fit for someone who is passionate about other cultures and teaching English. It greatly eases the difficulties of traveling abroad, and provides a safe way to live like a local. Your language skills will improve significantly, and you will learn much more about the culture than if you were living or traveling alone. This is not a great fit, however, for people who would like a lot of freedom as your main duty is to be with the host family.

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32 years old
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
McGill University

LEH Homestay


Last year I had the opportunity to spend two months in France with a host family through Greenheart...and the experience I had in France (I lived in Andernos, on the Bassin d'Arcachon near Bordeaux) was overwhelmingly positive. I met so many people who have become dear friends (some of whom have come visit and all of whom offer me a room when I'm in the south-west again...because it will happen!), saw so much of the country, and learned so much about the how the French see themselves and the world and sharing the similarities and differences amongst ourselves was a joy. I even had the chance to give a small presentation about Canada at the elementary school of one of the kids I was tutoring. One of the highlights of the trip, for sure!

And don't get me started about the food and the wine... ;)

How can this program be improved?

The opportunity to meet other participants in the area (if possible). While I loved everyone I met and became dear friends with the family and their friends, I didn't have the chance to meet anyone my own age until the end and having the opportunity to meet someone else doing the same would have been a nice touch.

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57 years old
Colorado State University

Loving living in France


I had a wonderful time in France becoming fully immersed in the language, the culture and the family I stayed with during my time there. I got to meet many people outside the family as well and had plenty of opportunities to practice my French. My favorite parts of the homestay were the lesson preparation (for three different children), the individual lessons with each of them, and getting to know each of the children I taught. I had time on my own during the days when they were in school to plan lessons, explore the town I lived in and also to go to a nearby larger city and explore. I added extra time before my stay with the family to adjust to jet lag and to explore Paris. At the end of my stay I did some sightseeing along the Mediterranean (Nice, etc.).
I would recommend this experience to anyone interested as I felt very safe and very welcomed by the family I stayed with. They even took me with them on vacation and we had a wonderful time.

How can this program be improved?

A little more privacy as an adult living with four young children.

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24 years old
Annapolis, Maryland
Salisbury University

Homestay: France


My time spent in France with my host family was unforgettable! From the get-go, Greenheart was supportive in communicating with me about any questions/concerns that I or my parents had. I was also connected through Facebook to other people who were travelling with Greenheart.

My host family and I connected right away and even had a few Skype conversations before I went to stay with them. Their home was comfortable and they were very accommodating. I enjoyed eating meals with them, discussing the differences in our cultures, and they were even kind enough to help me navigate the train systems and help me buy tickets when I needed them!

My family spoke excellent English, so for me it was truly a language exchange- I helped them practice English and they were able to help me learn French, but also could communicate easily with me in English. I stayed for one month- too short a time to really master the language. However, my personal goals for enrolling in the program was to experience another culture and see everything I could, so I was not disappointed by my language acquisition. If my primary goal was to master French, I could have stayed longer and enrolled in one of the many Language courses they offer in Paris.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to travel, experience another culture from a host family's point of view, and be immersed in another language while picking up what you can of it in the allotted time. I will certainly stay in touch with Greenheart and would travel with them again in the future.

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42 years old
Lyon, France

LEH - France


I was placed with a very good host family who were all enthusiastic about learning English. However, on the flip side, I didn't feel they put in too much effort to teach me French. So, I'm glad I had enrolled in French courses in Lyon.

Having traveled around the world for a very long time, I'm used to living on my own terms so I felt a lack of freedom with this program. I think this program is more suited for someone who has not traveled much and want a safe/cautious experience.

Also, I think this program is expensive, especially when I learned the host family is doing it on a volunteer basis and Greenheart Travel is supposed to be a non-profit organization.

I didn't get any support from the French coordinator - no email introduction or welcome when I arrived. However, my coordinator at GHT was very good.

Response from Greenheart Travel

Hi Davie, Thank you for leaving your review and the wonderful interview that you did for Gooverseas.com. Greenheart Travel would like to address your concerns with the program. The Language Exchange program is set up for the host families to host an English tutor in their home only in exchange for English lessons so usually French is not taught by the host family. However, many participants like yourself do enroll in a local language school while abroad if they would like formal lessons. Living with a host family is quite a bit different than living on your own because you do have to adhere to the house and family rules. It is a great program for someone who is wanting to spend time with a French family getting to know about them, their country and culture.

Greenheart Travel is a non-profit organization but we do have to charge a program fee in order to cover the costs of running the program. The program fee covers the host family screening and placement process (finding a family, doing criminal record checks, reference checks, home visits, etc.), medical insurance and support staff both in the US and France. The Local Coordinators in France are there if you need them but respect that many travelers prefer to be independent. All participants are given their Local Coordinator’s phone number prior to departure in case they should need anything. Greenheart Travel also provides an 24 hour phone line to participants so they can reach anytime if needed. Please don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you would like to discuss any further questions or concerns you had about your program.

About The Provider


Greenheart Travel is excited to provide authentic cultural immersion experiences for teenagers and adults in countries all over the world. Our programs include volunteer opportunities, short and long term teaching contracts and work and internship positions abroad. We also offer TEFL certification, high school study