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A country of strong cultural heritage, the river Seine, and iconic cuisine -- heading to France can be great for backpacking, a vacation, and -- believe it or not -- volunteering. While teaching is generally what English speaking volunteers do abroad, there are many other projects across the country to get involved with.

Learn French while volunteering in France as a teacher. Hop on board restoring castles or other buildings in France. Or spend a month picking grapes and volunteering on a vineyard in France. Whatever you do, don't forget to stop, sit back, and take in experiencing French life.

Community Development

From architecture restoration to creating somewhere for school children to go to enhance their education, there are a number of activities and projects to get involved in across France. This type of programme could be anything from a couple of weeks to a number of months.


Teaching English is big news around the globe when it comes to volunteering, and it is no different in France. Positions tend to be mainly in Paris but you can get them around the country too. Oftentimes, accommodation will be provided by the company and programmes are usually three months long.


Saving the planet is always in the news, and this combined with biodiversity and ecology are things they are always looking for volunteers for. Whether it is how the climate change is affecting the Alps or Vineyard ecology in somewhere like Bordeaux, there is availability here. Generally speaking, the programmes last a couple of weeks.

As you would probably imagine, going to France is generally classed as a low risk zone. This means that vaccinations aren’t really needed -- though you should be up to date with influenza, tetanus-diphtheria and measles, mumps and rubella. It is always advised to take a medical kit, but citizens of countries within the European Union will be covered for emergency medical treatment.

Contributed by Rahul Mistry

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Greenheart Travel

As an eco-volunteer in France, you will help safeguard area bird ecosystems threatened by human activity.

Greenheart Travel v

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Teach English to a French family and enjoy free room and board!
Aliore places native English speakers in home-stays throughou

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Volunteers For Peace (VFP)

Volunteers For Peace, a Vermont-based nonprofit organization, has offered international volunteer opportunities for over 30 y

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Cultural Homestay International (CHI)

Volunteer abroad in France with Cultural Homestay International's World Explorers program! The exciting program gives volunte

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La Giraudiere

Come to south west France and help put a small holiday or learning hamlet in place. La Giraudiere was once a maison de maitre

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Concordia International Volunteers

What about volunteering in France and working on an excavation site and ruins of a castle, helping with the organisation of a

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WEP International

WEP International, an organization with more than 20 years of experience in the international education field offers farmstay

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It is with the intention to preserve its architectural heritage that the municipality hosted its first international workcamp

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Take part in the building of a green tourism project in the South of France while experiencing the French lifestyle.
You live

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British Red Cross

Fully funded opportunities to volunteer overseas with the Red Cross!
Our International Youth Volunteering Programme (IYVP) of

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Emmaüs Lescar-Pau

We are a commune working collectively in order to give back dignity to our members and to develop an alternative way of livin

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GeoVisions Foundation

Teach English is a school classroom in France! Live like a local! You can live with a host family and become part of a Fren

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