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About Program

You have the opportunity to assist underprivileged communities in Ghana through Bamboo and our local Ghanaian partner. Opportunities exist in teaching, childcare, farming and community work.

Teaching Program

Many schools in Ghana are currently struggling with overcrowded classes and a lack of skilled teachers. As a volunteer you will help to empower girls and boys by giving them the skills they need for the future and to make their voice heard.

Children's Program
Work with underprivileged children in an orphanage assisting with education and life skills, providing love and attention.

Farming Project
This project is run on land belonging to the children's home and is used to generate income and the running of the children’s home; excess produce is to be sold locally. The long term goal is to teach the children how to care for and utilise the land so they have the skills to take over the work, making the farm self-sufficient.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Good but expensive. Great for first timers

Its very expensive and there are definitely ways of going and volunteering that are much cheaper. However this program works out all the details for you and makes it much less confusing. It can be extremely hard planning out a trip blindly. All in all it was a great experience, but that being said it wasn't really GVNs experience per se. It was mostly the partner organizations experience. But it would not have been possible without the medium of GVN. But the cost seemed a little high for what was offered. If you have the funds, go for it. But remember there are cheaper, but scarier and ruggeder, options.

What would you improve about this program?
The price is rather high. If I just went straight to the partner organization it would have been less then half the cost.
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Yes, I recommend this program

This is Africa

My time in Bawjiase, Ghana, was great. I learned that I don't really need many things I just take for granted back home... so I think it would be a good experience for everybody.

We mostly woke up very early in the morning, then went for a little walk to fetch water from a well, so we all could take our bucket showers (that was a really important point, because you're sweating the whole day). Then, after breakfast, you can't wait to walk up to the orphanage and play with the kids or help them in school. They appreciate it so much that you're playing with them... and you will fall in love with every single boy and girl, just because they love you (and they are really cute).
Then, during the hottest time of the they we tried to have a little siesta back in our house, which was really relaxing, if the power didn't go out (no fan).
Then we went back to the orphanage another time, just for 2-3 hours.
We all were very tired, so most of us went to bed very early :-)

The people you will meet there are so friendly, and alltough they are poor (from our point of view) they seem always happy... And very helpful (if you don't manage to carry a huge bucket of water on your head... african style). They just take more time to do their things than we do, so the response to most of my questions was: "Maybe tomorrow". Keep in mind, this is just Africa

You just need to know that you'll be dirty all the time, even after a shower you won't be really clean (especially not on your feet), but you'll get used to that circumstance very quickly.
... But you can have as much dirt on you as you want, the people in the village will still yell obroni (that means white person) at you. Every time they see you. Really, every time :-)

The only thing you really need, apart from a visa and a yellow fever shot, is an open heart, and you'll enjoy the time in Ghana as much as I did!!

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing our programm guide didn't really tell us is that (most) african men are very sensitive... and even if they are joking with you you can't be sure that they understand you if you're joking back. So mistunderstandings and miscommunication happen a lot and could be quite frustrating.

So it would be helpful to have something like a little guideline how to behave towards african/ghanian men (not just how you behave if they all want to marry you)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Pride on making a difference

The ultimate goal for my encounter was to engage life with people. Spending 6 weeks in PramPram which was a small coastal village, gave me a chance to reaffirm what was most important in living-- the ability to touch lives and be transformed in the process. I would say that teaching was rewarding in itself, helping foster kids special connection with the written word. But the smiles at the end of a day, the enthusiasm when I encountered them in the street; the friendships forged with fellow faculty and the headmaster were treasured gifts. What did I accomplish? More than raising funds to build toilets, more than stories gleaned and written-- I found something missing in my life that was lost thru the routine of daily living. The 3rd world is a misnomer-- there is happiness and pride found in fishing, daily task and sharing the stories of who we are.... I would go back in a heartbeat!

What would you improve about this program?
Better orientation to Ghana once I hit the ground. In Accra, there is the national museum-- start there to understand the land and people.
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