Local Volunteer Projects in Guatemala
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Local Volunteer Projects in Guatemala

Maximo Nivel provides great volunteer programs in Antigua, Guatemala. Maximo is a locally-based organization and you work directly with local projects, get involved, and make an impact!

University credit is available for our service learning programs from our official School of Record: California State University-Monterey Bay

Volunteer placements include:

Host Family
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Volunteer Programs Include:

- Airport pick-up
- Personalized volunteer placement based on your skills and interests
- Safe, comfortable housing with breakfast and dinner included Monday - Sunday.
- In-country orientation, safety presentation, and walking tour
- Free access to high-speed internet and modern computers
- Free Office-wide WiFi
- Home-base facilities and multi-lingual team support 7 days/week
- In field support from our professional Field Managers
- Free Salsa lessons
- Free Cooking lessons
- Cultural and social activities
- A toll-free emergency hotline in the U.S.

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Maximo Nivel provides many wonderful services throughout the greater La Antigua community, including child care, medical, language, construction etc. I have participated in a number of service programs with other organizations, and I am happy to recommend Maximo Nivel as well. Maximo is more affordable than some volunteer organizations, and while the lodging is more modest, the overall experience is very rewarding. Participating in the construction project was amazing. I learned new skills, gained an even greater appreciation for manual laborers, and could really see the tangible results of our work.
This organization has an obvious passion for service, and it provides individuals and groups the opportunity to give back while also learning a different language in a beautiful and unique setting. As a mother of three and one of the older volunteers, I appreciated the way I was included even though most of the volunteers are college-aged. Maximo also offers one-week projects as well as more intensive programs, so there is something for everyone who genuinely wants to serve and learn.

How can this program be improved?
Better communication with schedule changes and perhaps more regular visits to home placements for quality assessments.
Yes, I recommend
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Construction program

During my two weeks in La Antigua I did the contruction and renovation program and it was so much fun. We took the bus everyday to and from placement and it was so inexpensive! Locals are so nice and always made room for us to sit on the crammed buses. The program itself was a lot of fun too. I learned so many cool skills from my program manager like mixing concrete and laying cinder blocks. My favorite part was that we were able to see the wonderful progress each day that we made. Maximo Nivel does a great job at welcoming volunteers and finding good mentors for their programs in the contruction project. I also loved that no matter what time of day it was, I could take a short walk to the main office and run into at least one of my friends, or talk to someone new. This city is so beautiful so it makes you love going by foot for almost everything. The staff is funny and accommodating and I loved doing this work through Maximo. They do a great job at connecting volunteers and making such amazing realtionships.

How can this program be improved?
Better communication around holidays especially because the schedule changes so much, but other than that there is really nothing I would change. One thing I would suggest is when the walking tour is being given, maybe pointing out some landmarks to be able to know when to make turns, but this is mainly because I am directionally challenged, haha!
Yes, I recommend
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Great experience at Maximo Nivel in Antigua, Guatemala

I would really recommend this program. I would say it was a once in a lifetime experience. I did not have an expectation before coming to Antigua. I had the opportunity to volunteer at two different projects: medical program, I worked with a dentist in a free clinic and then for two more weeks I had a chance to work in the orphange. They were such different yet amazing experiences, words cant describe.

Yes, I recommend
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Doing my part to make the world a better place, paso a paso!

Earlier this year I FINALLY finished my master's degree and was awarded a fellowship to work with under-served populations. I took this opportunity to take an epic multi-purpose 8-week trip abroad to celebrate, relax, study Spanish, and volunteer in Guatemala. Through Maximo Nivel, I took Spanish classes and volunteered with mentally and physically handicapped children, adolescents, and adults. Picking my volunteer project was no easy task because Maximo Nivel is involved in so many amazing projects throughout Guatemala. I definitely plan on volunteering again in the future so I can check out some of the other volunteer projects. For this trip, Maximo Nivel made sure that my volunteer team were prepared in every way. At no time did I feel uncertain or unsupported in my work. Additionally, the staff at the EVS were supportive and helped to ensure that we acclimated to the daily work flow. Being in such an environment really shows how much I take for granted in my life. Things that might seem simple, like having friends to talk to and family to hug. Many of the people I volunteered with were excited just to have somebody to talk to and spend time with. I went in thinking I would be able to practice my Spanish and use some of my clinical skills (I am a counselor) with the kids and adults. Instead, I found myself a student of life. I helped in many ways and made connections with many of the residents at my project site, but I think I learned more from them in the end. I returned home with an expanded perspective and new awareness. My experience was so life-changing that I am currently getting things in order to be able to go back and stay for much longer. As an added bonus, the staff were awesome and many of them have checked-in with me since my return home and have offered to help as I prepare to head back!

Yes, I recommend
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My Experience

I had an amazing time at El Amor de Patricia, the staff were amazing and supportive, and clearly doing their best with the children there. Ive never been so touched by a group of people in such a short amount of time. It is truly an amazing organization! The kids were amazing and had great manners, and the nannies were extremely loving and compassionate to the children and to me, they remained patient even though there was a language barrier between us!

Yes, I recommend

Hogar Amor de Patricia

I chose to volunteer with the Childcare Program and it was my first time volunteering abroad. Although I only stayed one week, I made friends and gained an amazing experience. Maximo Nivel made me feel comfortable to approach them with any questions and made me feel informed and safe. I was placed in an orphanage named Hogar Amor de Patricia and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The children were sweet and the nannies were very sweet as well. I would tell anyone to definitely step out of their comfort zone and give volunteering abroad a try because I am sure they will fall in love with it as well.

Yes, I recommend

Voluntariado en Guatemala.

In Antigua I had the opportunity to do two projects, with rescued dogs and with children with special needs. Very different projects but I am very satisfied with both. With the dogs, I had the opportunity to take them for a walk, pet them, clean their cages and play with them. A super fun experience! With the children I felt that I grew as a person since I could understand and play with them. I'm going to miss them, too! The whole experience of volunteering was very rewarding. I got to know the Guatemalan culture through the host family and being able to live with other volunteers.

En Antigua tuve la oportunidad de hacer dos proyectos, con perros rescatados y con niños con necesidades diferentes. Muy diferentes proyectos pero estoy muy satisfecha con los dos. Con los perros uve la oportunidad de sacarlos a pasear, acariciarlos, limpiar sus jaulas y jugar con ellos. Una experiencia super divertida! Con los niños sentí que crecí como persona ya que pude entender y así jugar con ellos. Los voy a extrañar demasiado! Toda la experiencia del voluntariado fue muy gratificante. Conocer la cultura de Guatemala por medio de la familia de acogida y poder convivir con otros voluntarios.

Yes, I recommend

my experience

my overall experience with ivhq was extremely positive and fufilling. i feel like i made an impact on the lives of the children i worked with and grew from the experience. i would come back to guatemala again because of the experience i had with ivhq. i was able to learn about the culture and feel connected to everyone i worked with. the otther volunteer and i were able to donate 6 plants for the children to care for a grow long after our time with them.

Yes, I recommend

First Time Volunteering

I spent a week in Guatemala volunteering at Casa Aleluya and had an amazing time learning and growing. From the host family, to the staff at Maximo (Jacob, who was my guide thru the program), to the staff at Casa Aleluya, everyone helped to make this one of the best experiences of my life. I was nervous at first and worried as to how impactful I could be at the orphange, but thru past working journals of activities done with the kids by past volunteers and the fact that just giving your love and time to the children all makes it a wonderful process.

Yes, I recommend
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Teaching English to local police in Antigua

I have been here for 3 weeks and it has been a very fun and cool experience. The staff from Maximo Nivel were all super nice and very helpful. I met a ton of travelers doing volunteering as well and made new friends. Also many cool thing to see around the city: Volcano, Lake, Ruins...

I taught English to local police. They were all very nice and eager to learn and very appreciative.

I really recommend the experience for anyone interested!!


How can this program be improved?
The last week i was alone at my home stay and no internet. So the nights were a bit boring.
Yes, I recommend
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Positives and negatives - at this point I am fairly neutral

Maximo Nivel Guatemala, like anywhere else has many positive qualities, and some negative also. Anyone can admit that no where is perfect, so at this point, I will simply summarise the positives and negatives and say that I am of a neutral position.

I have travelled to 23 different countries and volunteered locally in Australia, and internationally in India, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia and Guatemala to name a few. I have had almost exclusively positive experiences, some of the best times of my life have been volunteering overseas. But with Maximo Nivel, things were slightly different.

I am very willing to admit that the organisation has many good traits. They take the safety of their volunteers extremely seriously, which in areas such as South and Central America is imperative.

The accommodation was the best I have ever experienced in my volunteer tours. While it was basic (as one would expect when volunteering), it was comfortable, the food was good and I felt well looked after.

I volunteered in their healthcare project, and was placed in an orphanage for people with additional needs which was very well run, resourced and most satisfying.

In saying that, my positive experience was compromised when I was subjected to some pretty appalling discrimination on the back of my epilepsy at the face of their director of international programs.

I reported the incident at the time to the country manager who could not have been lovelier about it. However, the woman in question never so much as apologised to me for treating me in such a manner, making me think that she did not/does not believe she had done anything wrong. I was not the only person to have an issue with this woman’s attitude and aggression towards the volunteers, indicating a pattern of behaviour.

EDIT: My initial review of Maximo Nivel Guatemala was very negative, however I have since had some very positive correspondence with the country manager who apologized profusely and assured me that measures were being taken to ensure no future volunteers would be treated in the same manner that I was.

As I stated, Maximo Nivel Guatemala has some very positive traits. It is well organized, takes the safety of volunteers seriously, the programs are all highly valuable and well run, the accommodation is safe and comfortable. Most of the people working for the organization are deeply good and hardworking human beings.

While my experience was not excellent, I am willing to give it another chance, and hopefully I will be able to write a much more positive review in the future.

How can this program be improved?
Some staff members need to undergo a serious attitude adjustment. I have been assured however that such modifications are now underway. I look forward to reviewing the progress.

No, I don't recommend
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Medical Volunteering in Guatemala

My time here in Guatemala has been amazing. Although I was only here for one week I have learned a lot throughout my time here. I enjoyed my time working at my placement in the clinic and got to experience how the medical field operates in Guatemala. The food is amazing and the staff is very supportive. I would highly recommend coming to Guatemala through IVHQ. You will make memories that last a lifetime.

Yes, I recommend

Antigua, Guatemala

Spent 2 weeks here as a medical volunteer, and it was an amazing experience. Everything from wonderful host family to the amount of support and resources provided. It´s very well organized and takes care to ensure that I could get to my volunteer site safely. Everyone at the clinic where I volunteered were very welcoming and accepting. I joined Maximo Nivel with hopes to participate in medical volunteer, learn Spanish, and just to have fun. And Maximo Nivel made it all happen!

How can this program be improved?
I´ve had no negative experience with this program in my 2 weeks here :)
Yes, I recommend
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IVHQ Guatemala

The construction program in Antigua, Guatemala was life changing. I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the culture through living in a dorm style home run by locals, working on building a meaningful extension, and spending time with other volunteers. This experience has truly been eye opening. The most enjoyable part of this trip was learning about and conversing with Freddy and Roberto. They are some of the nicest people Ive ever met, and they are the most humble.

Yes, I recommend
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A once in a lifetime experience

Prior to my time in Guatemala, I had traveled only to European countries and Caribbean resorts. This was my first experience in a third world country, but Maximo Nivel was excellent at acknowledging our surroundings and setting us up in a volunteer house, whose hosts provided housing, laundry, and delicious meals. The coordinates did a thorough job at orienting us on our first day, and were extremely helpful throughout our week. My friends and I opted for the construction division, and though we were exposed to dangerous tools, everyone ended up having a safe, impactful, and unique learning experience. Our project was to build an extention of a clinic, so that patients may have a room to wait to be seen in. Each morning, we would watch as the patients stood outside as they waited, a daily image that made our work all the more purposeful. The supervisors were fun and respectful, and there was little to no issue with the language barrier. Highly recommend.

Yes, I recommend

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