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Our volunteer projects are based in the vibrant city of Udaipur in Northern India.

Animal Rescue Project - Volunteers help at a animal rescue sanctuary by feeding, cleaning and caring for the rescued dogs, cows, donkeys and other animals.

Education and Child Care - Volunteers work with children in schools, community initiatives and day care centres by running lessons, games and arts & craft activities at community outreach projects.

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Animal rescue - India

My first passion in life is animal welfare. Animal Aid in Rajasthan, India is a great place to care for and learn about Street animals of this area. Many animals that wouldn't normally be given a chance at life due to horrendous circumstances such as paralysis in my own country, are given lots of love and a second chance at life at this amazing shelter. Life and love are intertwined at Animal Aid, and it's a winning formla.
One of my favorite dogs I met there, had lost the use of all four of her legs, but was happy and loving to everyone who came to visit her section, often howling out for attention until she got it, bobbing her head and wagging her tail simultaneously, while getting chest and tummy rubs. And when she was put into one of the doggy wheelchairs, I just thought she would explode with happiness! Just to be upright for a change was such a joy for her!

How can this program be improved?
People need to be mentally prepared for the level of harshness they will witness on a daily basis, in terms of the different levels of injury of the animals. I often found that seeing the animals as they were, was a big shock to many of the volunteers. However, the staff at Animal Aid are doing their best, and often don't understand that some of the cases could be shocking to overseas visitors.
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