Orange Orchard Volunteer Program

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Although one of the most renowned destination for Tea and Tourism, Darjeeling has always suffered from low economy because of companies low wages. The growers, the people of Darjeeling, never get the end benefit out of the profits enjoyed by the huge companies.

In this context, range cultivation is the only one major practice that is owned individually by the people of Darjeeling. Unfortunately over the last few years, due to lack of proper organizations and government support, the farmers are suffering from a sudden downfall in the production. This volunteer program is based on one of the best orange gardens of Darjeeling where several volunteers come and do their research activities on oranges so that their expertise can be shared with other farmers. The place is also best for such volunteers who want to enjoy nature by their involvement as an orange grower.

Orange Villa, Darjeeling welcomes all volunteers who would love to work as Himalayan Orange Grower.

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