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Gap Medics: Pre-medicine programs

Our pre-medicine internships are designed to help you understand the realities of life as a doctor. In small student groups – with guidance from a carefully selected mentor – you’ll spend your time shadowing medical staff in a real clinical environment.

One day you might be observing surgery in the operating theater, the next you might be in the outpatient clinic; we’ll place you in departments we know will give you the best and most varied experience. If you’re interested in a certain specialty – such as surgery, oncology or pediatrics – let us know, and we’ll do our best to incorporate it. Most of our partner hospitals are large and busy, providing plenty of scope for learning about different specialties. Students who visit Mafia Island will have the opportunity to gain experience in a unique rural community setting.

Dominican Republic
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Karibu Iringa tena.

"September 15, 2011.
Today I leave Iringa and head down to Dar, and I cant help thinking about that 17 year old kid I met at the market on the way to neema's. He was my age, and he was standing in front of a small stand no bigger than my arms length. He came upto me and asked me to buy something from him, and without a second thought I said no. then he said please buy something from me with all desperation, and carried on to say, I have a family to support, and i want to goto school, please buy something it will help me alot.
It gets you thinking, people back home in Saudi regard education as a joke compared to these people, constantly ditching classes, dying to do anything to miss a day at school. and over here people are dying to get an education..."
thats one entry from my diary.
The only regret i have from the trip is that i should have stayed longer. People over there are Amazingly friendly, the food is amazing, its an experience, but in the end of the day it is what you make of it.

Yes, I recommend
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Best 3 weeks ever

The house we stayed in was lovely and right in the centre of the town and the staff and the food were great too.

A weekday consisted of going to the hospital for about 7.30, listening in on the morning meeting and then doing ward rounds or watching surgery ( operations such as c-sections, amputations and tumour removal)with the doctor until 1.00. The doctors are all really friendly.

At the weekends, we went on safari and stayed in
lovely lodges and spent time at the orphanage.

The town itself was really safe and there are lots of places and shops to explore.

It was the best 3 weeks of my life and I met some wonderful people and would love to go back!!

Yes, I recommend
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Simply incredible

The Gap Medics experience in Tanzania was THE greatest thing I have ever done. Everything felt perfect; from social arrangement in and outside the house, too the hospital placement, it was all great! My placement was in January and I completed two weeks of placement. The first was in surgery and the second was in internal medicine. Both departments was incredible.

Before I left, I couldnt help but to have high expectations, and I honestly have to say that the actual experience topped my expectations.

All the Gap medics staff were very friendly and made the experience more enjoyable. Also, chef Akiba cooks some of the best dishes I've had.

I could go on for paragraphs tell you how much I loved the experience. And when I look back, I smile and feel a sense of accomplishment. I've already recommended too all my friends.

Yes, I recommend
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Once in a lifetime experience in Tanzania

I went on a 4-week placement to Iringa, Tanzania with Gap Medics. My working time was spent at the hospital from 7.45 to about 13.00 shadowing doctors, observing numerous surgeries (from a C-section to a skin graft to a labrotomy) and assisting in minor day-to-day procedures. It gave me a real feel for being a doctor! It was such a social experience too, I have made friends for life, been on safari, sunned myself on a beach in Zanzibar and had some wild nights out with some great people that I will never forget. The staff out there become like your family and you become incredibly close to the people you share a room with. For anyone wanting a career in medicine, this program will give you experience, confidence and enough fantastic memories to last a lifetime!

Yes, I recommend
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My GapMedics Placement

The staff were very friendly and supportive, the food was great and the house was amazing!
We slept in cabins,3-4 people in each with an ensuite bathroom.
Every day we got up early for breakfast and headed over to the hospital. We went on ward rounds with the doctors, attended lectures and watched surgeries.
We visited an orphanage as well as many other tourist sites.

Yes, I recommend

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