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Volunteering with animals can be an especially rewarding experience for all animal lovers looking to volunteer their time towards a meaningful cause. Volunteer with GVI in a variety of locations taking care of animals:

  • Thailand: Volunteer with elephants relieved from working in the tourist industry. Assist with the elephants' rehabilitation and help mahouts (traditional elephant keepers) and other villagers establish alternative livelihoods.
  • Greece: Volunteer with one of the most endangered species in the Mediterranean; engage in daily morning surveys to record nesting activity and protect turtle nests against inundation by sea water and predation by mammals.
  • Costa Rica: Join a team of international volunteers and participate in important research on species’ population studies as Jaguars, aquatic birds, and sea turtles (depending on nesting seasons).
  • Mexico: Assist with the monitoring of endangered green turtles and critically endangered hawksbill and leatherback turtle species, contributing to the long-term conservation of these species while you develop research skills.

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Amazing Dedication

The most noteworthy aspect of my stay at the GVI Karongwe base was the amazing dedication of the staff to both the volunteers and to the mission of wildlife well being. The staff worked hard to ensure every volunteer felt they were part of the team. The staff also was very passionate about the wildlife we would see and the animals well being. Note, the staff members are going out to monitor the animals twice a day, 363 days a year. One might think they would get burnt out, but that was not the case. They even vacationed at Kruger National Park to observe more wildlife.
I have taken a number of trips overseas, usually to surf. This was easily the best trip and experience I have had.

Robert "Mike" Lewis

How can this program be improved?
GVI Karongwe does an excellent job with the resources they are provided. I know they are working on having power 24/7. This would be the biggest improvement when it occurs.
Yes, I recommend this program
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My Month With Elephants

My trip to Thailand to work with elephants was one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I learned so much about myself when I spent so much time around people with different social and cultural backgrounds, and living in a homestay with a Thai family made me learn so much more. I don't know if I would recommend this trip to anyone younger than 20 years old or so because you are extremely remote while in Huay Pakoot and more often than not you don't have access to internet/phone. I loved learning about elephants and experiencing them in a way that did not harm them and allowed them to go back to their natural habitat. The Mahouts were very helpful and shared their culture with us generously. I will always bring this experience with me and I thank GVI for putting together such an impactful program.

How can this program be improved?
I would want GVI to implement more emergency phones in the village because it's true that there are things like venomous snakes and insects. If anyone got bitten by them (a dog got bitten by one while I was there) and they weren't near a phone/radio, things could go really bad really quickly.
Yes, I recommend this program
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At the project we used to go on hikes with the elephants and taking notes of wich plants they eat and if they touch each other. Also we would take notes of any other animals we would encounter during the hike, from small insects to birds and snakes and even gibbons.
we would often hear the gibbons but it was very rare to see them.
On one of the hikes we were able to see a gibbon climbing in the trees, even if it was quite far away it was an amazing experience.

How can this program be improved?
There wasen't realy anything that i didn't like. the only thing i can think of is that the villagers would throw plastic in the fire to burn it when we were cooking on hikes instead of taking it with them and throwing it away
Yes, I recommend this program


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