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IVHQ volunteers with a creative flair can choose between two unique arts and music projects. Volunteers can share their creative passion with local schools and communities, while also learning from different cultural influences.

A popular option for volunteers is the opportunity to work during Carnival in Rio. Volunteers work with local Samba schools as they prepare costumes and design floats, giving volunteers with a creative mind the opportunity to inspire local communities with new ideas! Those with an interest in Music can opt for IVHQ's Music project in Kenya, where they share their practical and theoretical knowledge of music with local children.

Learn more about the IVHQ's affordable Music and Arts volunteer projects below.

COVID-19 Update: IVHQ Programs In 30+ Countries Now Open!

IVHQ's world-leading volunteer programs have reopened in more than 30+ countries with additional health and safety measures in place. Thanks to IVHQ's flexible booking policy, it's free to change your dates, volunteer program or destination if your plans change.

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Hi Brian, The time spent volunteering each day depends on your chosen destination and project. While some projects offer a full day on site, others may only require volunteers for a morning or afternoon shift. Our team are more than welcome to offer guidance once you have chosen your destination on our website. Jordan Community Manager


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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering V.S Tourism

I arrived in Africa alone, but left with a family and friends.

In one month I was able to teach 30 kids english and math, play with them and supply them with new toys and school supplies, kickstart a women's empowerment group and teach them how to make jewelry, reach out to a refugee camp and start a fundraising campaign for them, paint a school, learned and became a part of a beautiful community that taught me that life is truly what you create it to be.

Its hard to put into words what this trip meant to me and who it helped me become but there is this; theres a fine line between volunteering and tourism, and trust me Kenya is beautiful, visiting Mombasa, going on a Safari in the Masai Mara, and riding camels on Diani beach was beyond my expectation and absolutely amazing . However I knew I wanted to create a change whether it be small or big, so it was up to me to put in the work and effort to create that change.

I spent one month in Kenya, but lived years.

What would you improve about this program?
IVHQ is a great non profit organization that connects with numerous organizations throughout the world, the organization in Kenya is NVS. NVS could definitely be improved more, as I felt their team wasn't as involved and passionate as their volunteers were.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My time with Jive

I had the pleasure of volunteering with Jive for two months. Prior to working with Jive I had worked for two months with a similar volunteer program, so by the time I arrived in Rio I was aware, to a degree, what would be awaiting me. Though I had traveled before and already volunteered, getting used to life in Rio was a hard task my first few weeks but Zac and Vivi really made me feel welcome and at home. I never felt like I was alone or lost while I was volunteering in rio, because of their constant support both on and off the project site. For my two months in Rio I worked with children in an arts program where we would do various different art projects during the morning and afternoons. What I loved so much about the actual volunteer work was that I would often see Zac or Vivi coming to visit the site to see how everything was running. They didn't only check up on us but also did work with us which, in a way, was really inspiring to see. When I look back at my gap year and my time volunteering in various different countries, the experience that sticks out the most is my time spent volunteering in Rio. I made life long connections with Zac, Vivi, and my fellow volunteers. I truly could not have asked for a better experience.

What would you improve about this program?
If anything there could be a better focus on organization within the projects, but I really don't feel that this is something that Jive can take care of themselves. Infrastructure in Rio, both physical and social, has a lot of improving to do. The projects didn't run as smoothly as you might always want, but that is something you have to expect when volunteering in impoverished areas and in a developing country.
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Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Hey Marco! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences from your time volunteering in Rio. It is so cool that you have made these connections with the team and the fellow volunteers and it's awesome that you had the best experience! Thanks for being an IVHQer, we hope to see you on another program soon :-)