Botswana is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, being a relatively mid-sized nation with a population of just around 2 million. It is a landlocked nation with a semi-arid climate. Even though it is one of the more “richer” nations in sub-Saharan Africa, the fact remains that over 30% of its citizens are still in poverty, and thus there is a definite need for volunteers.

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Teach English

Botswana, due to its high poverty rate, has many people who do not receive proper education. The educational infrastructure in parts of the nation is poor and volunteers are needed to teach English to children as many native teachers have a very poor grasp on the English language.


Botswana is a land that has a variety of wildlife. With the diversity of wildlife, there arises a need for conservation as well. As a volunteer, you will work on conversation reserves, tracking the movements of various animals. By the end of your experience, you will have gained many research skills and you will be an expert on tracking methodology.

Volunteering Tips

Volunteer Support: If you volunteer in Botswana through an organization, they should have a support system in place where you can get support and ask for help. Your home country’s embassy or consulate can be reached in Gaborone for further information as well.

NGO/Nonprofits: Botswana has many nonprofit organizations. Here is a complete list NGO's in Bostswna.

Know before You Go: Although most people you encounter in Botswana’s larger cities will know some English, it is still quite helpful to learn some of the national language, Setswana, before you visit the nation.

Health and Safety of Volunteers in Botswana

As a volunteer in Botswana, you are recommended to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, and Rabies. For more information, visit MD Travel Health.

Crime is somewhat of a serious concern for tourists in Botswana. Tourists and volunteers should be vigilant at all times, particularly from the threat of petty crime like pick-pocketing.

Volunteer Programs in Botswana

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Bhubesi Pride
Volunteer and Teach Ruby Throughout Africa
Multiple Countries
9 •6 reviews

After a hugely successful 2014 project in which we worked with 46...

College for International Co-Operation and Development
Fight for the poor throughout Africa, 21 month volunteer program - from £350
Multiple Countries
10 •2 reviews

CICD has taken an active stand to some of the most burning issues of...

Modisa Wildlife Project
Live and work on the African Savanna!
10 •2 reviews

Modisa Wildlife Project borders Central Kalahari Game Reserve’s (CKGR)...

Volunteer in England, Africa and India with CICD!
Multiple Countries
10 •2 reviews

Ready for new challenges? Then our programme is for you! CICD in...

College for International Co-Operation and Development
Create the change in Africa or India! 12 Months Programme now from £350!
Multiple Countries
10 •1 review

CICD has taken an active stand to some of the most burning issues of...

Field Guide Courses Africa – Become a Game Ranger in Africa's Wilderness
Multiple Countries
9 •3 reviews

If you are interested in Southern Africa, an adventure seeker and...

Motse Limpopo Wildlife Volunteers
Motse Wildlife Eco-Volunteering in Botswana

Motse Wildlife Volunteers is a new program at Limpopo-Lipadi Game...

MTC Experience Abroad
Volunteer Work Placement in Botswana

You will start your program with an orientation to Botswana culture...

American International Health Alliance
American International Health Alliance: Volunteer

The Volunteer Healthcare Corps (VHC) is a distinct but complementary...

Step Up International
Global Education Volunteer with Step Up International

Global Education Volunteers (GEVs) with a passion for working with...

Accounting for International Development
Skilled Volunteer Accountants in Africa
Multiple Countries

Volunteering that is guaranteed to make an impact. Are you a qualified...

Let's Go Africa
Community Development Internship & Volunteer Program

Advantages of the Let’s Go Botswana Community Development Internship &...

Winterdodger Expeditions
Conservation Expedition in Botswana

Join Winterdodger Expeditions for an unforgettable journey through...

Motse Wildlife Eco-Volunteers
Eco-Volunteer 2 week program

This includes tracking the African Wild Dogs, monitoring the lions...

Other Volunteer Abroad Programs in Southern Africa

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    Award Winning Endangered Wildlife Volunteer Programs in South Africa - Wildlife ACT
    South Africa
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  • African Dawn
    African Dawn Bird and Wildlife Sanctaury South Africa
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  • South African Students Travel Service (SASTS)
    Volunteer in South Africa with SASTS
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  • Imire: Rhino and Wildlife Conservation
    Black Rhino and Elephant Conservation in Zimbabwe
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  • All Out Africa
    Safari to Coast Conservation Volunteer Project
    Multiple Countries
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  • Hostel Hoff
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  • Loop Abroad
    Veterinary Service: South Africa
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  • Love Support Unite
    Affordable Volunteering with Love Support Unite
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  • The Leap
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What People Are Saying

Being in CICD was the best choice I have ever made in my life! I got to know people from all around the World, made friends for life and had an amazing experience in Africa that I wont ever forget. My...

Teaching kids how to read

Being in CICD was the best choice I have ever made in my life! I got to know people from all around the World, made friends for life and had an amazing experience in Africa that I wont ever forget. My...

Food is extremely needed when children only have a meal per day. we were introducing the feeding programme in preschools

During the 55 days Field Guide Level 1 course I stayed in Selati and Mashatu and experienced a whole new world for myself! In between jobs, I decided to do something completely different than my usual...

African Fish Eagle

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