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Nepal is a beautiful country with many fantastic opportunities to volunteer and intern within its borders. Nepal is a tiny, stunning land of snow-capped mountains, majestic old temples and the colorful city of Kathmandu.

Volunteer in Nepal and help improve conditions for local children by volunteering in a Care or special needs center, or by Teaching English in a local school. You can also choose to focus on providing care and support for those affected by HIV/ADIS. If you are more interested in nature, our Himalayan Mountain Conservation project would be perfect for you!

Efforts to renovate and rebuild damaged schools after the earthquake in 2015 are also still running in Nepal. Join us in our Building project.

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Nepal is an amazing country and I absolutely fell in love with the kids I worked with, but the local staff in Nepal was so horrible, that I regretted many times that I had chosen to travel with this organisation. This is based on the fact that they showed no interest or care for either us or our placement, that we caught them lying straight to our face and that the best way to get in contact with them would be to go to their favourite bar..

No, I don't recommend
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Care in Nepal

Whilst in Nepal I had the opportunity to work in an orphanage with children aged from 4 – 16. This was such an eye-opening experience, and also very rewarding to know that what I was doing would be helping people who were less fortunate than me. We spent time with the children and also helped improve the orphanage by building a basketball court and painting murals. Nepali people are very kind natured and friendly. The culture is a complete contrast with what it is like back at home.

The Projects Abroad staff are fantastic and will go out of their way to ensure you feel comfortable. You will also meet lots of like-minded people and the social aspect is great, we rarely spent a night in. The programme also caters for the fact that you are there to see the country also. We had a weekend trip to Chitwan where we went on a boat trip, an Elephant safari and got to bathe Elephants. As well as seeing some of Nepal’s fantastic wildlife.

If you choose to visit then make sure you try some traditional Nepalese Momos, have a visit to Buddha Bar Kathmandu and get a glace of the Himalayas. Volunteering in Nepal is one of the best things I have ever done, the lessons you learn about how other people live and about yourself are invaluable. You will also meet some fantastic people, and take away memories you will never forget.

Yes, I recommend
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Physical Therapy in Nepal

I worked in a small school for children with physical and mental disabilities. The care I provided was usually physical therapy related, but much of the time was just spent interacting with the children. Although the language barrier was tough, it was an amazing experience! The kids were all so loving and I could tell that I made a difference in their lives as much as they made a difference in mine. The Projects Abroad staff was very easy-going and easy to contact. They set up many different trips with other volunteers and locals that were a ton of fun. Great experience!

Yes, I recommend
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Projects Abroad makes a huge difference

From my first encounter with the program they were professional, organized and helpful. All my questions were answered in a timely manner and I departed for my trip to Nepal feeling safe and without much anxiety. The staff in Kathmandu, Nepal make you feel welcome and introduce you to the other volunteers and locals for additional support. Anytime I needed something - getting medications, bus tickets, SIM card for my cell phone, etc - the staff helped me get it taken care of quickly and efficiently. Although my trip was in 2008, I have recommended this organization to at least 20 different people and will continue to do so. I believe in Projects Abroad, what they stand for, their goals and hope others can have as enjoyable, meaningful and memorable an experience as I had. Thanks to PA, I am able to look back on my 3.5 months in Nepal with fondness, a desire to return, and a greater appreciation for cultures abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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Volunteer Nepal - Medical

I was able to volunteer in a pediatric hospital in Kathmandu Nepal. This was a great experience. We would work with the staff at the hospital from 8am-3pm. We were able to shadow in all areas of the hospital - I was only there for a short time so it was mostly watching but I did see many different types of illnesses and disease processes as well as new procedures. The rest of the day was free to do as you pleased. I stayed with a host family with another volunteer- which was great. Then on weekends, we would go to Thamel and there would be some type of group activity to participate in. This was a lot of fun and a great way to get to know different people from all over the world. I would go back in a heartbeat.

Yes, I recommend
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Medicine 2 week special, special indeed.

It was an experience like no other. Getting lost in a foreign country, watching a taxi driver hot-wiring a car, buying things for a bad deal, first chess game in at least five years and WINNING it. The possibilities were limitless, yet very unforgettable.

The trip was socially interactive. Meeting new people from all around the world was surely delightful and of course, fun. We were so close up to the point where we all shared the same room for a night. Just two short weeks and our friendship was comparable to years worth of companionship.

The work in the hospital was nonetheless different from where I came from. The hospital facilities were generally not as advanced as the more developed hospitals in my country, allowing us to have a very different experience from the norm. The hospital staff were friendly and informative. As it is a teaching hospital, there were also other students and interns trying to gain experience in the medical field.

I went to this trip without regret, but of course it was everyone there who made it unregrettable for me. I would recommend this trip to people who wouldn't mind eating yak cheese..or potatoes... or people who talk about "accents" for two whole weeks.

Tips for being last to leave: You can pick up some loot from people who left first! (Like.. a pack of cards) :)

Yes, I recommend
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Care placement in Nepal

The experience itself in Nepal was amazing! The country is so interesting, and the people are so wonderful! I fell in love with the kids at my placement, and I would do it again, but not with Projects Abroad. The organization was so unorganized, we showed up and were left at the airport with no one to pick us up, and the workers in the country for PA gave us absolutely no direction or help what so ever. We found and did everything on our own with no help from the organization, the money we paid was not worth it. We could have gone on our own accord without using Projects Abroad and been in the same situation.

No, I don't recommend
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2 Week Career Break in Nepal

I volunteered in Nepal in physical therapy (physiotherapy) for 2 weeks in June through Projects Abroad. It was a really great experience for me - I met some great locals and other volunteers, learned a lot, and expanded my horizons. I worked around 7 hours a day at a care home, which had a canteen onsite for lunch. The program had an allowance for lunch, which was refunded at the end of my stay. I stayed with a great family and had a large bedroom to myself for most of my stay. The staff of Projects Abroad were really wonderful - they were always available by phone. When there were strikes, they were constantly in communication to make sure all the volunteers were safe. They put together some really great weekend events and encouraged group dinners and socialization outside of our volunteer work and time with the host family.

Yes, I recommend
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Special - More like Spectacular

I had an amazing time meeting people all of the world. The work and leisure was perfectly balanced and I learnt a lot.
The food was suprisingly good. I thought it would be hard to adapt but by the end, I even brought some spices home with me!
I would definitely go again, although only with the same people I went with because the memories were so great, it wouldn't feel right to share them with anyone else.
The staff were so amazing, I never had any problems.
I would definitely recommend projects abroad to my friends because I've discovered more about myself and built so much confidence.
I feel like Nepal is a home away from home because the attitude and atmosphere of everything around you is so relaxed.
The schools and hospitals were very welcoming and informative. We weren't discarded or left to learn passively.
The social scene was very relaxed and chilled out. We were given a lot of freedom in our spare time and I loved every minute of it. There was never a time where I was bored and I always wanted to be awake to do the next thing!

Yes, I recommend


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