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This is a wonderful volunteering opportunity to use your skills & contribute to the progress of families lacking in resources. Use your experience & in the process, strengthen your foundation at a personal, academic & professional level. An important aspect of our organization is emphasis on gender equality, so it is essential to incorporate this into the sessions. The program offers a great chance to improve your Spanish.
You will promote a holistic development of the child’s abilities, help parents develop positive parenting skills, empower them to take an active role and foster a safe and happy living space.
We offer training and support, as well as the required materials for the sessions. A three-month commitment is required. But if you wish to spend more time in Trujillo, we are happy to host you for a longer period.

Qualified Psychologists & Early Childhood Professionals
Good communication skills
Gender equality awareness
Be responsible & creative, have patience

  • Contribute in a unique part of the world by sharing your knowledge with locals whilst strengthening your skills.
  • Exchange stories with other volunteers & community members, expanding your life experience and network (they know the hidden treasure of the city too!)
  • Advance your language learning not only with the volunteers & classes, also by living with a local family.
  • Enjoy a range of lifetime experiences in Peru, from eating exotic food to dancing to unfamiliar but enjoyable beats.
  • Receive a week's orientantion and training so you can adapt to your new environment before starting your placement.

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Volunteering with Sayariy

Sayariy-Resurgiendo prides itself on building safe spaces where children can grow up in an environment free of violence but with respect and equality of opportunities. The Early Childhood Stimulation program offered by Sayariy does exactly that by ensuring that children have an inclusive and safe space to grow and learn—all while having the freedom to express themselves. The level of care and love given by the Sayariy staff and volunteers is inspiring, and you can see the difference it makes through modeled behaviors that have been put into action by mothers who bring their children to this wonderful program.

Sayariy is a home away from home for many volunteers and its doors are always open to anyone who is willing to learn and share in their experiences with so many great individuals and family members eager to receive these beneficial services. I would highly recommend volunteering with Sayariy and participating in the Childhood Stimulation program, not only because it allows you to grow both as an individual and clinician, but also because it allows you to provide support and resources to our future generation who will ultimately be the ones to make important societal changes. And that is truly invaluable.

Yes, I recommend this program

About Sayariy-Resurgiendo

Sayariy-Resurgiendo is a Peruvian NGO working directly with people from disadvantaged communities, building safe spaces where children can grow up in an environment free of violence but with respect and equality of opportunities. We promote...