Volunteer Teaching English in Central Europe, free stay at beautiful resorts!

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Pool and pool chairs in a courtyard with sunny skies
Pool and pool chairs in a courtyard with sunny skies


Do you want to stay in a beautiful countryside resort for free while helping talented youth in developing their English speaking skills? Welcome to Angloville.

Angloville is offering volunteering programs in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania where you will stay for free in a quality hotel in the middle of the beautiful countryside for 7 days mentoring talented and ambitious youth from all over the country in a very laid back environment.

Angloville Junior focuses on enabling a cultural and linguistic exchange between the native English speakers and ambitious young people who are interested in studying abroad. During the program you will talk in English to junior participants, and share your knowledge and experience with them, be the ambassador of English culture and learn about local culture from them through a series of activities.

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Probably. I attended one session where one of the “Native Speakers” was not really a native speaker, but did have excellent English skills. You will have to check with Angloville.


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No, I don't recommend this program

Refund problems

Angloville is very disorganized. One example is problems with getting refunds after you do your trips. They made me put up three refunds because I was doing 8 weeks. I got 2 partial refunds without any problem but have never received the last one. I have been fighting with them for weeks. Their story constantly changes. First, they told me it's been scheduled. After a month with nothing, I contacted them. They said it's already been paid. Then they had the wrong amount. Then they tried to pay it again but my Paypal said the transaction expired. Nearly two months after completing my last program, I have not received my last refund and have given up hope that I ever will.
Bottom line, you should be aware that you may struggle to get your refund back!

What would you improve about this program?
Get organized. There are many issues with disorganization at Angloville. Refunds is just one of them.
Response from Angloville

Dear Steve, we are sorry to hear that your refund has not been finalized yet. We understand you are not happy with it. After double checking, we can assure you the transfer has been proceeded twice.
The first transfer has failed after 21 days as the money was not claimed. A second transfer has been done on the 03.10: it will soon be canceled if you don't accept the transaction on PayPal. Paypal requires you to claim the money: it takes 1 min, you just have to login to your account and accept the transfer. Feel free to write to [email protected] if you need further help :)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Adult sessions with Angloville

My neighbor had attended two Angloville sessions in Poland last year and raved about the experience. Based on her recommendation, I completed the requisite paperwork, was interviewed and signed up for four programs in Poland. The experiences I had meeting both a variety of Polish participants of all ages and from all walks of life, and native English speakers from all over the world was incredible. I attended the a city tour and luncheon prior to the first session which left from Warsaw. The tour was informative, the lunch was delicious, and it was nice to meet a few of the participants prior to the start of the session. At all four sessions, I was impressed with the Polish participants. They were all very dedicated, and had some pretty amazing professional backgrounds. While their written English skills were usually quite advanced, their goals were to improve their spoken English skills. I can honestly say that this happened in every case. The days were long - especially for the Polish participants, as they didn’t get free time except for what was scheduled. But it was great to see, and have them acknowledge, the progress they made from beginning to end. I feel like I made some good friends during my sessions with Angloville, and we will keep in touch, hopefully seeing each other in the future.

What would you improve about this program?
I would conduct the initial interviewing and scheduling with Angloville personnel, rather than being out-sourced. I would also recommend having a Point of Contact for NS attendees so questions could be addressed and answered in advance of arrival in Europe. In an ideal world, a single room would be wonderful, rather than having a roommate.
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No, I don't recommend this program

Not quite as advertised

Angloville advertises free stay at beautiful resorts. This is not quite true. I did several programs at resorts in different countries. The resorts are of average quality, the food is average banquet style, and after coffee at breakfast, Angloville does't provide any drinks except water for lunch and dinner. You must pay for anything else. The wifi at the resorts is usually poor. Of course, Angloville forces you to share a small twin room for a week with a total stranger who may or may not be compatible with you.
Angloville also advertises a city tour before the program. This is only about 2 hours with lunch after (but you must pay for our own drink again).
Finally, the level of organization of the program itself varies from poor to good, depending on the coordinator.
Best part is the students who are interesting and motivated.
I would not do it again nor recommend to others.

What would you improve about this program?
Single rooms for volunteers; provide drinks with lunch and dinner; better organization of programs; select better hotels
Response from Angloville

Hi Steve, thanks for your feedback. We hope you had fun teaching English and meeting local and fellow mentors with us: Angloville is the place where the world meets! We are sorry to read that our venues haven’t met your expectations. Our venues are 3* hotels, with comfortable shared rooms as clearly advertised on our website (https://angloville.com/the-angloville-venues/) and stated again during the phone interview we had with you. Hot drinks (tea, coffee) and water are available for free all day long. We don’t encourage alcoholic beverage consumption, that is true. As per the city tour, we organize it for free: it’s a two-hour walking tour followed by a lunch in local restaurant (https://angloville.com/free-tours/).
Can you send an email to [email protected]? We would like to discuss with you about how we can improve our venues, their services and our programmes in general.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A wonderful experience to interact with people on a personal level

This is a wonderful way to get to interact with people in a way no other experience in Europe allows. Spending time with someone one on one and in a group, talking, playing creating, experiencing all that entails in learning a language is incredible. I travelled all through Europe, staying in both big cities and small towns and villages. I loved seeing the medieval structures, castles, rivers, alps, housing of all different shapes and sizes. I went on tours, learning the history so many amazing places. But what I didn’t get to do was meet the people of the areas, learning about their individual lives, what they do during their daily lives, what they think about things, how they feel about things. Angloville allowed me to do just that, getting that interaction with people, and completing my adventure in Europe!

What would you improve about this program?
It would help to have all the information and time schedules regarding transportation, before booking flights.
Also it would help if recruiters had all the information and answers to questions, since they are the person you interact with prior to going.


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Angloville is one of the biggest providers of free educational volunteering / cultural exchanges in Europe. We offer ESL-related volunteering experience during which students can discover 7 European countries for free, having their board and lodging...