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Hand-crafted items being sold during the festivities on Pentecost weekend in Brasov, Romania.
Volunteer at an orphanage in Romania with Projects Abroad
Volunteer at an orphanage in Romania with Projects Abroad
Volunteer Teaching in Romania with Projects Abroad
Volunteer Teaching in Romania with Projects Abroad
Volunteer on an Archaeology project in Romania with Projects Abroad
Volunteer on an Archaeology project in Romania with Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad - Volunteer Programs in Romania
Projects Abroad - Volunteer Programs in Romania
An orthodox church that I attended with my home stay mother.


Romania, in Eastern Europe, is a unique and wonderful place to complete a volunteer project or internship. The outstanding scenery, biodiversity and paradoxes of a country that is in the process of economic and cultural change will mould the experiences on any trip to Romania.

Get involved in the volunteer project that most inspires you! You can choose from working with children in a Care, Teaching, Sports, or Creative & Performing Arts placement. If it's history you are passionate about our Classical & Medieval Archaeology project will be perfect for you! We also offer internships in fields like General Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Social Work, and Journalism.
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Hi Artjola. Our prices vary depending on your project, destination, and length of your stay. You can find a full list of prices, as well as what they include here:
Hi Adam, The website says "Volunteers are welcome on most of our standard projects from the age of 16 upwards and there is no maximum age limit. These projects run all year round and most are available for 2 weeks or longer. Many of our volunteers are between 18 and 25 years old"


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Yes, I recommend this program

More than a fun time overseas

Before I got started doing volunteer work in Alba Iulia, I had time to spend the first few days in the city of Brasov where I could freely roam and enjoy the city. Then I was moved to work in Alba Iulia on a site behind a local University which we would occasionally work inside of cleaning collected ceramics from the site we were digging up and carefully mapping out. This was more fun than I had anticipated, purely being amazed by just being in the lovely country itself. Being a big fan of History, I got a chance to visit some old castles thanks to projects abroad taking care of accommodations including the famous Castle Bram (Dracula's Castle). Totally worth the experience. Probably the nicest and certainly the most accommodating people I've had the pleasure to work with.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Trip of a Lifetime

Although the price was understandably high, I am so, so grateful that I was able to go on this trip. I participated in the archaeology high school special and it was probably the best two weeks of my life. This was my first time going overseas without a family member, and I was terrified.

My first experience in the country was having the driver on the way to the hotel tell me that he took meth before coming to get me and then threatening to steal my kidneys. As you can probably guess, this did not calm my nerves. However, things did get better!

Everything about the country is peaceful. The mountain landscape is enough to calm even the most troubled soul. It was on this trip that I was truly able to relax and enjoy myself. My favorite thing to do was look out the window of my room and watch the people walk down below. I've never slept better than I did on this trip.

I love history. However, none of the other kids in my group seemed very interested. I have a feeling their parents made them go, which is a shame. I would suggest that, in order to get the most out of this trip, whoever goes should be interested in history. Also, you can't be afraid of hard work. Seven hours digging in giant pits is a long time for someone who's never held a shovel before. Thankfully, it's so much fun that time flies.

The people on the trip were also amazing. I shared a small room with two other girls and we got along surprisingly well. I didn't mind spending every second of my day with them. As a shy, introverted person, I was nervous about having roommates. Within a few hours of meeting the girls, I already considered them my friends.

Words can't describe how much this trip affected me. I'll cherish the memories for as long as I live.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Know your allergies and be prepared to discover new ones. I had a pretty nasty allergic reaction to one of the most common weeds over there. I kept putting off telling someone because I thought it was nothing, but I eventually had to miss a day of work because I was itching so badly. If you start to swell up, tell somebody.
Response from Projects Abroad

Hey Lauren,

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave this review, we so appreciate it! It's really great to hear that you had a great time, especially on your first solo trip!

Your comment about your drive caught my eye and I did escalate this with our Operations Team, Country Director Ali and the driver concerned, this has since been dealt with. The driver cannot apologise enough for the discomfort he caused, even if it was said as a bad joke, he is truly sorry for saying such things and offers his deepest apology to you and your family.

However, very glad things improved to become the 'Trip of a lifetime' - reading about your amazing experiences like yours, always makes my job a pleasure, so thank you!

Oh wow, that is great to hear! Maybe we should advertise that... 'We also help improve your sleep' haha. I am glad the country had such a soothing effect on you.

Same! I love history. What?! As if... that is a shame but at least you enjoyed the perfect mix of history, scenery and a very busy, yet rewarding day AND it sounds like you made some great friends.

Lauren, it has been an absolute pleasure to have you on our trip. If you loved it so much... we also do Archeology in Peru, let me know if you fancy round 2!

All the very best,

Projects Abroad - Community Manager

p.s Thank you for the nettle advice! I shall pass it on!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering in Romania Changed My Life

In July 2016 I decided to leave the USA and volunteer with Projects Abroad in beautiful Romania. I was always interested in volunteering abroad and a friend recommended Projects Abroad. She spoke about the wonderful support of their staff, her life changing volunteer experience, and of how comfortable she felt during her time in Romania. Once I decided to volunteer I was immediately welcomed by Projects Abroad. Before I left for Romania my volunteer advisor, Carlos, emailed me several times to make sure I had all of my questions answered about accommodation, transportation, and general life abroad. Carlos was always available to answer questions any questions I had about Projects Abroad and my program in Romania.

When I arrived in Romania, I was greeted at the airport by one of the local Projects Abroad staff. Razvan was extremely helpful and I immediately felt at home. When I arrived at my host family's house he made sure I was all settled in and that if I needed anything I could always reach out. One of the best parts of my volunteer experience was my amazing host family. My "host mother" Rodica welcomed me into her home with a huge smile and I was happy that I practiced "hello" in Romanian so we could greet each other! Although there was a language barrier between us I knew that I could always come to her with any questions about my stay in Brasov. She was always available and she made sure I felt happy, safe, and that I was well fed! She made some of the best food I've ever eaten! I had no idea Romanian cuisine was so delicious! Staying with a host family in Brasov added another element to my volunteer experience that truly allowed me to immerse myself in the Romanian culture.

The Projects Abroad team in Romania helped me navigate my way through my volunteer program as I had many placements. One of the head coordinators, Ali, assisted me with my placements and she was always free to answer any questions I had about living and navigating Brasov. We quickly became friends!! She Overall, the entire Projects Abroad team was incredibly supportive and I will forever be thankful for them. Many times when I had questions or concerns they went out of their way to help me and make sure I was comfortable with all of my volunteer placements.

My experience with Projects Abroad allowed me to create life long friendships. Several of my fellow volunteers were from the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and the USA. During our free time from volunteering we took day trips together (visiting "Dracula's Castle" was a HUGE highlight) and shared coffee in the town square. We all bonded over our different volunteer experiences because each of us had a different focus for our projects. Overall, my volunteer opportunity in Romania allowed me to fulfill a lifelong dream: to give back to others in need. Projects Abroad was pivotal in helping that dream come true and I can't wait to hopefully visit a different volunteer location someday! After I left Romania I had the confidence and the experience to travel abroad to Poland where I am now teaching as an English teacher. I learned skills from my Projects Abroad program that has made me a better traveler, teacher, and a better person. Thank You Projects Abroad!

Jordan Rolfes
Yes, I recommend this program

The Real Romania

When one thinks of Romania, typically images of Dracula and monsters flood the mind. However, when I think of this beautiful country, I hearken back to the best August that I have had in my life. I joined Projects Abroad for a drama placement in August 2016, and it was an absolute milestone for me.

Projects Abroad offers a wide variety of volunteer options in multiple destinations. The accommodations are typically with local host families. The family that I stayed with in Romania was an older couple that did everything they could to make sure that I felt like a king. The kitchen was always filled with amazing victuals, the house was as tidy as a palace, and the family welcomed as though I were their own son: we did not speak the same language, but we didn't need to; true connections don't need the crassness of words.

My placements were truly rewarding. Even though there is no official drama session in August, Alexandra from the Projects Abroad office saw to it that I had worthwhile tasks to accomplish in Romania. She specially arranged a workshop where I taught two high school students how to write and produce their own videos. I also had the privilege of working as a mentor and caretaker at a foster home in Prejmer, a village about 40 minutes away from Brasov (the city closest to Dracula's castle). The children really looked up to me as a role model, an honor that I must confess I am not too worthy of. What is more, the director of the home asked me to record a promotional video, which any opportunity to document amazing people is one worth taking every time.

I have developed some amazing friendships in Romania, both with the other volunteers and the Projects Abroad staff. Every Thursday, we gathered together to hang out, discuss our placements, our futures, and every other topic under the sun. We all loved and respected each other: I am truly blessed to consider them a part of my extended family. While Romania does have quite a bit of scary places to visit (which you can do during weekends on a Projects Abroad trip), the real charm of this amazing nation lies within the people, and the best way to bond with the locals is undoubtedly through Projects Abroad.

What would you improve about this program?
Honestly, this was pretty much perfect for everything that I needed.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering in Romania

I truly enjoyed my time volunteering at an orphanage in Romania, but it was certainly a challenging experience. It was my first time travelling abroad, and so I was quite apprehensive about all of the preparation and planning that was required. The staff at Projects Abroad assisted me with booking my airfare, generating fundraising ideas, figuring out the paperwork and visa requirements, and many other aspects of my travels. It was great to have them meet me at the airport upon my arrival to pick me up. I especially appreciated that the staff helped me with my communication with themselves and the other volunteers, by providing me with a phone and minutes. I was introduced to the city with a great guide who showed me how to exchange currency, pay for transportation, navigate my way around the city, learn some of the language, and helped make me feel comfortable in at my service site. I struggled with culture shock at first and getting used to the Romanian language, but the staff were always good at checking up on the volunteers and making sure that we were doing well. They gave us enough space as well, to make our experience individual and allowed us our freedom. I did not initially think that I would click with the staff at the orphanage that I served at, but after spending time there with another volunteer, I was able to get to know the children, and felt comfortable with going to my service on my own. It was always very comforting as well that the staff would often arrange for gatherings, meetings, and group service projects, so that we did not feel too isolated. I loved the family that I lived with in a home stay, and while some of them were unable to speak much English, they were so friendly and loving that I truly felt a part of their family. Overall, it was truly an incredible experience, and it was worth the challenges of language, culture shock, paperwork, jet lag, and other related aspects of travels to a different culture than my own.

What would you improve about this program?
The paperwork process for entry into this program was a bit complicated. I was told about the paperwork that was required before I would go on the trip, and when it would be required, but then there were changes that I was asked to make very last minute. There was some unclear requirements in the paperwork, and it took much communication to make things right. I was able to get in touch with a contact from Projects Abroad who helped me to clear things up and figure out my paperwork, but it was initially frustrating.
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No, I don't recommend this program

Could be so much better

I'm a little different to most of the other volunteers as I wasn't interested in a vocational type placement. I wanted to volunteer for a cause that I've been supporting for a number of years - I wanted to help at the Bear Sanctuary.
When I go to Romania I was told that volunteering opportunities at the bear sanctuary had ceased 6 months ago so I would have to work at the dog shelter. If the numerous consultants I had spoken to while making inquiries and bookings had told me this (and I mentioned it in every email) then I would have made different arrangements.
The staff in Romania pulled some strings and I did manage to volunteer for a week with the bears but the volunteering was for only an hour each day. Deeply unsatisfactory. Working at the dog shelter was much better as I felt I was useful. I like animals, I like dogs. But what I wanted (and paid for) was the bear sanctuary.
There was no-one from Projects Abroad really interested in what I was doing or making sure that there was something for me to do. It was very strange
Secondly, I'm in Romania and excited to be in a land of such vibrant musical traditions. i was really disappointed that the Projects Abroad team hadn't organised ANY cultural events at all. No organised excursions or tours outside or inside the city. No cultural events. Nothing. Their idea of an event was basically getting together to drink at a pub and maybe go and eat something. I had to make my own arrangements for anything touristic or cultural (the cultural part was actually surprisingly hard to find).
The homestay was great and I was fortunate to be sharing with some really wonderful girls from all around the globe. That was definitely a highlight. But the Projects Abroad organisation leaves a lot to be desired.
If you're someone wanting to get experience in a field then come along and do this (though it's an exceedingly expensive way to get experience). If you want to actually volunteer for a cause that you believe in then there are better places to go and hopefully where you money goes directly to the charity rather than a third party organisation.
I brought up all of the above plus a great deal more points with the Projects Abroad people both while I was there and as feedback. Their comments that they would arrange something cultural were never followed through (and as far as I'm concerned an evening cooking Mexican food and talks about teaching strategy and allergies are not cultural) and so far I've received nothing from them regarding my comments (even after I followed up and asked them about it). I'm still waiting.
The staff are all very nice but there is really some serious and targeted structure that is lacking in this organisation. It's like they have only been in business for 12 months rather than several years. Do not waste your money with them. It's not cheap.

Response from Projects Abroad

Dear Jane,

I am sorry to see you not recommend our programs to others. We have already been in touch directly where I have addressed your feedback in depth after speaking with our Country Director for Romania about the points you raised. I want to reiterate the following.

Thank you for you feedback. It is essential for an organisation like Projects Abroad to hear directly about volunteers’ experiences, especially when they feel dissatisfied.  This is the best and most effective way in which we can improve the services which we provide for thousands of volunteers. 

I am sorry that you were confused about your placement before you arrived. You project description included on your personal web page clearly states that you were working in a dog shelter. You were asked by your Volunteer Advisor if you had accessed your placement description on MyProjectsAbroad page in a phone call on June 17th. Had you informed him that you had been unable to access the information he most certainly would have sent it to you in email form.

Upon arrival in Brasov it came to your attention that you would not be working at the bear sanctuary.  Despite the fact that we were no longer offering the project to volunteers, our local staff arranged for you to spend some of your time at this project so you at least experienced it for a short time. I am sorry that you felt you were not very useful there, but this is one of the reasons why we no longer offered it as a project. We always listen to feedback from volunteers to ensure that our placements are worthwhile.  Following volunteer feedback, we decided to terminate our partnership with this organisation some time ago. I am really happy that you enjoyed your placement at the Millions of Friends dog sanctuary, and felt that your time at the centre was worthwhile. It is a really worthwhile project and with so many dogs to care for, they really do benefit from and appreciate all the assistance they can get.

Whilst we do try to arrange regular get-togethers for volunteers, the activities do vary from week to week.  Some weeks they may be more cultural events like learning to cook a Romanian dish, or visiting a museum, others it may be meeting at a local cinema or going for dinner.  We try to vary it as much as possible as many volunteers do stay for a number of months, and we take suggestions from volunteers as to what they would like to do.  As you were there for just two weeks, you may have not had the chance to experience some of the more cultural activities that you would have liked.  We do not mention in our literature that the cost of social events and weekend trips is included, so I am not sure where you got this impression. We arrange activities aimed at getting the volunteers together so that they feel part of a community when they are far from home. Furthermore, our volunteers get the best cultural immersion of all by staying with a local host family.

You mentioned that you feel Projects Abroad is too expensive and you were upset that the organisations you volunteered at did not receive any of the placement money.  I hope I can help to explain a bit about where your money does go. The fee that each volunteer pays does not always go directly to the placement they work at.  Whilst a portion does go towards the hard costs of your placement and to the project itself (and in this case some did go directly towards the sanctuary), it is also an investment in a company that is committed to solving social problems worldwide.  All of our volunteers’ fees are paid into one global bank account and the collective funds are distributed amongst our worldwide projects in a way that ensures that they are sustainable. This model enables us to set up and fund permanent projects as well as set up projects in areas that need emergency help. When looking at your fee please keep in mind that it goes a long way towards keeping hundreds of other projects operating. None of this would have been possible if it were not for our volunteers and the fees that they pay. To view a pie chart that shows you how we split funds please visit this page:…

Thank you for again your feedback. If you would like to discuss any of the points further I would be happy talk to your directly.

Suzanne Adams
Head Office Coordinator for Romania
Projects Abroad

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Yes, I recommend this program

Romania, 2013

In order to gain some experience in TESOL, I decided to volunteer in Romania for 3 months. Making that decision was possible the best decision that I made in my entire life. Everything there was better than I ever dreamed it could be!
First, there was the site location for my project. I worked about 20 hours each week as an assistant to the Romanian English teacher. The grades I worked with were 2nd. through 8th.. My actual classroom tasks differed depending on the age level of the students. From singing with the 2nd. grade to answering questions about life in America from the eighth graders, I did a variety of things, but my main purpose in being there was for the students to have a native English speaker they could speak with and model their conversation on. I soon grew to like the students and the teacher and was sorry to leave them at the end of my time in Romania.
Brasov itself is full of interesting things to see, from old ruins to museums and the mountains surrounding the city. Nor was I ever lonely. There was at any one time a different group of fellow volunteers whom one could do any number of things with, whether it was going out for a meal together, a drink, or a day trip to another city or town. Life was never boring.
Lastly, there were the Romanians themselves. My hosts were wonderful people. From time to time, I still miss the food they served. Between them and the staff of Projects Abroad, I soon knew myself to be in good hands. The staff were helpful if I had any questions about my placement, traveling, or life in general in Romania they were always there to help. My time there would not have been the same without these people.
In summary, I would recommend Romania as a place to go to volunteer. You won't be disappointed, believe me!

What would you improve about this program?
I can't think of any ways to improve this program. It was wonderful!
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Yes, I recommend this program

To Romania and Back

The summer after my senior year of high school I had no plans besides sitting around and waiting to ship to Boston for school, across the country from my Texas home. I decided this was my year to do something meaningful – to go out and explore, a luxury I knew I wouldn’t have once I entered the ‘real’ world of college classes and working my way through school. I found Project's Abroad by exploring my options online, and chose Romania through a series of eliminations and reconsiderations. It was the best decision I ever made.
The first summer I volunteered with Project's Abroad I participated in a Care Project. 3 days into my trip I started my Care project in Budila, a tiny town that took me two bus transfers to get to every morning. I worked in a sibling foster home with 10 children who no longer had parents, but still had their brothers and sisters. The communication with these children, kids who were kept from me by a massive language barrier, became almost barbaric but we came together and formed a fun bond. Each day we would do an activity I brought, anything from floor puzzles to painting pots to making bracelets, and we would play outside on their massive lawn. I taught them how to play new games, they used me as a pawn in theirs, and we taught each other how to count to 10 – something I practice daily just to remember how sweet and eager they were.
My second summer in Romania was spent on a veterinary volunteer trip. I traveled by bus to a small animal clinic in the city and was able to assist with surgeries, play with animals and work with grooming. I volunteered with my good friend from the summer before and had a blast!
I also felt that I was well supported by the volunteer coordinators in my country. They really went above and beyond in making me feel welcome and safe. I traveled internationally by train on the weekends on both of my trips and I was assisted with buying tickets, planning my trip and kept in contact with staff while I was away. All in all, both of my trips were life changing experienced that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I made some great friends, saw some amazing places, and ultimately fell in love with a corner of the world I probably would have never visited normally.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Projects Abroad: Time of My Life

My time as a volunteer with Projects Abroad in Romania was truly the best of my life. I stayed with a host family in the lovely city of Brasov for two months, working as a journalism intern. That placement allowed me to go places that I never would have seen and talk to people from all walks of life that I never would have met had I spent my summer anywhere else. After work I went home to eat my host mom's fantastic food and chat with my roommates before meeting the rest of the volunteers and going out on the town. On weekends I traveled around the country or helped out with a community service project. Just seeing the faces of the children watching the shows directed by the drama volunteers was enough to see that the volunteers were giving back in a meaningful way to the community that had welcomed us. It's been almost a year since my time in Romania, and I still talk to the friends I met there.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Romania changed my life!

After being in Romania for 13 weeks my entire life has changed forever.
I had tried to get into veterinary assistant-school for three years, and I kept getting letters back, saying: "Thank You for Your application, but We cannot employ You at the moment". I was dissappointed and I felt like my life was falling apart. I started looking at other subjects to study, but none of them interested me as much as the work with animals.
I decided to do something extra-ordinary, hoping the clinics in Denmark would see my passion for working with animals, and three months later I was on my way to Romania.
It was the journey of my life, and I'll remember it forever! I found lifetime-friends, I fell in love with Romania and I found myself! When i returned to Denmark my friends got a whole new Signe back, and they like her, just as much as I do ;)
The most important thing about my trip to Romania was my job, where I worked at a shelter and a clinic. It is because of this, I finally got accepted into veterinary assistant-school, and cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunaty! Thank you Projects Abroad - without You I would never be able to do what I love for the rest of my life! A special thanks to Projects Abroad in Romania for their support, advices and for being their whenever we needed them! All of you have a place in my heart, and I'll never forget anyone of you!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Care Project in Brasov- Volunteer and Study Abroad Experience

I contacted Projects Abroad as a study abroad student looking to integrate my passion for working with disadvantaged children with my undergraduate university requirements. After speaking with the New York Headquarters both in person and via e-mail, I came to the conclusion that Romania would be the right country for me. Known around the world for its elevated orphan population following the fall of Nicolae Ceaușescu in 1989, Romania seemed like the perfect fit. I therefore pieced together a research project that would enable me to study the modern day causes of child abandonment in Romania by conducting field research in three different orphanages outside of Brasov. After getting the approval from my University, I proceeded forward with my Projects Abroad placement.

That said, my time spent volunteering and studying in Romania was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only was the organization well run and highly attentive to my needs as both a "volunteer" and a "student," it also created a very "family-centered" environment for me from the moment I arrived.

After landing in Bucharest International Airport (OTP), I was greeted by a man waving a "Projects Abroad" sign. He assisted me with my luggage and then drove me up to Brasov, where I was welcomed by the staff and given a "grand tour" of the city by my care supervisor, Daniela. I was treated to lunch, given all the resources I needed for my academic project, and then invited to attend the weekly Friday evening social event-- a night out at Dean's.

It was here that I met the other ten volunteers from around the world who had come to Romania for different reasons, but each with the same intention to "give back" using their varied passions and interests. Sitting around that table, listening to music, and enjoying my first real night in the country, it occurred to me how fortunate I was to be having such an experience.

During the next five weeks, I spent my time volunteering with orphaned children, learning the Romanian language, taking Romanian cooking classes, sightseeing around Transylvania, going out with friends, and immersing myself in the culture of the city. In every situation, the staff was wonderful. When I got sick with a virus during my third week, Alexandra took me to the doctor and got me the necessary medicine to get better. When my computer screen broke, Allex contacted his "IT-savvy" friends to have it fixed. When I wanted to add a new placement to my schedule, Daniela made it happen.... And Razvan was always there as well- available to answer any questions I had throughout my time in the country.

Romania, for these reasons and more, was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. Projects Abroad not only provided me with the foundation I needed for my academic project, but it also afforded me a volunteer experience that I will never forget.

Needless to say, as I look back on the experiences of my Fall 2011 semester, there is one thing I can say for certain-- I will definitely be back.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Projects Abroad Romania - Physical Therapy

I spent two months in Romania doing a physical therapy placement and loved every single minute of it. Before this experience, the only time I had spent abroad was a week of an alternative spring break trip with 14 of my classmates, so I was a little nervous about going so far from home on my own. Those worries disappeared the minute I arrived to see the Projects Abroad sign in the airport. The staff was incredible at making me feel at home and trying to morph my experience into what I was looking for. For example, when I wanted a different experience from my placement, they had one set up for me within the week.

My placement was at Hospice Casa Sperantei where I worked with children with lifelong disabilities and terminal illnesses. The physiotherapist I shadowed was amazing and really invested in teaching me. I was allowed to touch the patients, interact with them, feel their stiffness and crooked spines: experiences I hadn't had shadowing physical therapists in the US. I left this experience with no doubt that this was what I wanted to do as a career. I was so excited about it, I actually filled out almost all of my physical therapy school application while I was abroad!

Being abroad over the summer was awesome. Since you can come and go when you want with Projects Abroad, I crossed path with 40some volunteers from all over the world. Every night we would meet up for dessert or karaoke or coffee, and on the weekends there was always someone to explore the country with. We became so close that I will always call them my Projects Abroad "family".

I learned so much in Romania about myself and what I wanted in life. I met some incredible people and learned not only a ton about Romania, but the places where my fellow volunteers were from too. All of this with the beautiful Romanian backdrop, the summer I spent there was the best of my life.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Life changing experience in Brasov

I took part on Projects Abroad's Archaeology program in Romania for three months over the summer of 2003. Although I am sure the program specifics have changed over the years and new aspects developed, my time in Romania with Projects Abroad was an absolutely life changing experience and I'm sure it will be for current and future volunteers. It was my first experience living in a developing country or abroad for that matter and with Projects Abroad I got the support and guidance I needed to feel comfortable in a new pace and the leeway to mature and grow as an individual. Plus I learned a whole lot about archaeology and Romania in the process. I not only was able to do research on Saxon fortified Churches and excavate on a Bronze age archaeological site but explore the country on my weekends with trips to Sibiu, Sigishoara and Bucharest, and develop lifelong friends from around the globe. Even though I never became a full time archaeologist the skills and international outlook I developed in Romania help me in my everyday life and a lot of credit has to go to the staff of Projects Abroad. Living in a new place halfway across the world from your home is certainly challenging and I had my high and low points. But it is also exhilarating and my experience in Romania ignited a desire to travel even more. While I volunteered 8 years ago the memories and my connection to Romania are still fresh, so fresh that I am hoping to make a return trip next month! I had an amazing experience and would recommend Romania and Projects Abroad to any interested volunteers!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Romania 2011: A Summer to Remember

A small city in the Eastern European country of Romania is not where many people would go. However, for me, it was the most amazing 1-month experience I could have asked for and my choice to volunteer with Projects Abroad was the best decision ever. This summer I spent 1-month in a medical internship in Brasov, Romania through Projects Abroad. Preparing for my trip, I had no idea what to expect but the PA staff were with me from the time I considered a project. With frequent check-ups before my arrival in Romania, my friend and I felt ready to go to a new place. After travelling across time zones we arrived in Romania and it was unlike any place I had been before. The structure of the Projects Abroad program is what made it such a special experience for me. I lived with a host family and had a placement at a local care center for children with Down Syndrome. When I wanted more medical experience, the PA staff immediately gave me an opportunity to work in the local hospital as well with doctors and other Romanian college students. The freedom and flexibility of this program appealed to me the most. After being taught transportation and directions to work and the city center, we were responsible for attending every day. We could plan our own trips with other volunteers and if we ever had any questions, the PA office was just a 10 minute walk and the staff was more than happy to help plan. Romania was a place I had never before thought about going to, but ever since I returned to America, I can't stop talking about it. The friendships I made through my 1 month in Romania are more than I could have asked for. Projects Abroad was fantastic in every aspect of this trip and made my experience the way it was. Projects Abroad is a wonderful organization and I hope to participate in another program with them. I feel that everyone should participate in such eye-opening and life-changing experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Empowering, Inspiring, Amazing.

I got to teach theatre to 11-19 year olds in schools in Brasov, Romania. It was beautiful, the people were great, the kids were excited, I couldn't have asked for a more rewarding experience.


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