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Connect-123 Cape Town Volunteer Programs

Volunteer abroad in Cape Town with Connect-123! Explore one of the most stunning cities in the world while giving back to local communities. Volunteering in Cape Town gives you the opportunity to make an impact on many societal inequalities, such as illiteracy, education, healthcare and human rights. Volunteers will be provided with housing assistance and pre-trip guidance as well as airport pick-up and detailed orientation upon arrival. Visit the Connect-123 website for more details!

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24 years old
St. Petersburg, Florida

Summer of Change


I found Connect-123 to be an amazing program and I could not be happier with my previous summer in South Africa. I spent two gorgeous months in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. I found CT to be one of the friendly and most welcoming please I have ever traveled to. Connect-123 set me up with a wonderful apartment and an amazing opportunity with Christel House South Africa, a school working the break the cycle of poverty. I had a life changing summer and my experience has really taught to me look at the world in a different way.
My day to day life in Cape Town included waking up and being at Christel House at 7:30 a.m.working with the most amazing children in the world until 3:00 p.m. and then back to the apartment. In the afternoons and evenings I would hang out with friends and maybe go out for drinks at night.
On the weekends we went to wine festivals, hiked mountains, took road trips, and explored the city.
I must say that this was by far the best experience of my life and felt that it would not have been possible without Connect-123

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Connect-123 develops and administers internship programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cape Town, South Africa; Shanghai, China; Dublin, Ireland; and Barcelona, Spain. In all countries, internship opportunities are hosted by local companies, non-profit organizations, schools, research institutes and health care clinics. In South Africa, study abroad