Volunteer in Sri Lanka with Volunteering Solutions
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Volunteer in Sri Lanka with Volunteering Solutions

Join a volunteer project with Volunteering Solutions on the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka! By partnering with local organizations to support community development in nearly every sector, Volunteering Solutions ensures that its programs in Sri Lanka are perfect for anyone looking for a chance to give back, especially those on a gap year.

With six different volunteer opportunities, there is sure to be something for every type of volunteer. Volunteers can work to protect elephant welfare at an elephant camp while assisting vets, washing, feeding, cleaning, and more.

There are two different orphanages volunteers can choose to work at. Volunteers will be assisting with childcare for children from different backgrounds, including disabled kids. Another project involves teaching English to young monks. Volunteers can also teach a variety of subjects, especially English and communication skills, in local schools.

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Galle, Kandy, Ambalagonda, Kaegalle

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Program Reviews (5)

28 years old

Galle, Sri Lanka with Vol Sol


Galle,Sri Lanka is definitely a place for travelers looking for some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle in the city. The orphanage was very much different from all my other travel volunteering experience primarily because of their very strict regulations, imposed on both volunteers and the children there. Once you get past that, you'd have an enjoyable time. Social scene was not as great as the other asian countries. Accommodation was pretty close to the beach, which gave me plenty of time to reflect and rejuvenate. Great experience nonetheless, but only if you're okay to be in the quiet.

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38 years old

Cultural and eye opening experience


I volunteered at a girls home attached to an orphanage in Galle, Sri Lanka. I also did a few days at a monastery teaching English to young monks. The girls I worked with were so sweet and well behaved, even though they had experienced some horrible life circumstances. I really felt like a worthwhile experience.

My host family was very welcoming and helpful, and staying with them gave a real insight into daily Sri Lankan life and traditions. I also really enjoyed exploring Galle old town in the afternoons- a really interesting little place, safe and friendly.

How can this program be improved?

It was difficult to teach as there was no supervision from staff at both the girls home and the orphanage. The level of basic English was good so it was quite challenging to know what to teach without any guidance/ knowledge on what the girls and monks were currently learning.

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32 years old

my experience


It was my first experience and I had more expectations in regards to d exp of giving love andcare to the children and feeling that I actually added value to d moncks. For me d exp was a bit commercialized. But I would definitely do it again by looking at things differently

How can this program be improved?

Work more with the local people to tell them about volunteers and how tgey should be welcomed. Instead of blocking them. Since we are coming all the way for a purpose.

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32 years old
Lebanon, Beirut

Hearth warming


I had an absolutely fantastic time volunteering at the Buddha international center and at the orphanage in galle, sri lanka.
I had a chance to help teach English in the mornings for monks which was fantastic. And the afternoon was focused on the children at the orphanage. What a treat that was. I spent time on English education via reading books, working on writing in activity books, singing and playing together…it was really fantastic. The children are so full of warmth, so dynamic, and so loving! I felt a really strong connection to them and looked forward each day to seeing them again. I loved helping the kids, and really felt connected with them. All the activities we did were perfectly suited for their age. I think it was a hearth warming volunteering experience. Of course let’s not forget the friends we made during our stay, making lifelong friendships, which came from working through difficulties and exploring new things together.
The project was brief but I managed to get a lot of experience. Volunteering will be a great opportunity to improve you, others, and the whole society.

How can this program be improved?

One thing would make it better for us, is to know more about the kids, the monks.... have more information about their condition and their needs. maybe that way we can be prepared more and try to help them with their needs.

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24 years old

Orphanage in Galle


I did 2 programs with VS. After completing my program in India, I went to Galle in Sri Lanka. The orphanage was really nice. Some of the children were disabled and it was heart warming to see them and help them as much as I could. Michael and his family were great and the food was nice.

How can this program be improved?

Sri Lankan food is usually spicy, so it would be nice to make it to the taste of the volunteers.

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