Become a Global Health Volunteer in Uganda!
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Become a Global Health Volunteer in Uganda!

FIMRC's Project Bududa, located 150 miles east of the capital city of Kampala, brings medical care to a community of approximately 10,000 residents. The clinic serves as home base where medical care is provided to patients of all ages.

Many issues plaguing the population are readily treatable with preventative measures, education, and continuous healthcare monitoring, which our volunteers help us provide. As a volunteer, you will work with our dedicated clinic staff through assisting with patient intake, observing patient examinations, and assisting in the pharmacy. Volunteers also work extensively in the community by traveling with our Community Health Educators on home visits, assisting with mosquito net treatments, and leading health education sessions in local schools and orphanages.

Over the course of your trip you'll receive an unfiltered experience in health care field work abroad, and learn about the tremendous impact that even one person can have!

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The cost of your program includes the program donation that supports our project sites as well as housing, some meals, and transportation. Transportation includes airport pick up/drop off and transportation to volunteer activities. Airfare is not included. By arranging lodging, food, and transport for you, we enable you to safely experience the local culture and focus your energy on the work you will be doing in the community!

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22 years old
Vanderbilt University

An excellent experience


During my two months in Uganda I spent a lot of time with FIMRC's Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program. The other volunteers and I would hike to different families in the village with the outreach coordinator, and we would visit with and interview the families about their involvement with the program. It was an amazing way to interact with the community and explore the village. As the clinic sits at the bottom of a valley, mountains slope up on either side, providing a beautiful but short view. Many families live further up these mountains and as you hike from home to home, you cannot help but see the breathtaking views that Bududa has to offer. I can honestly say that Uganda is the greenest, and as a result, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

How can this program be improved?

I would recommend having slightly more involved volunteer training.

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22 years old
Emory University

A more than amazing summer


I got more out of 1 month than I ever anticipated. I got confirmation that nursing and global health are indeed what I need and want to do in life. I received reinforcement that although all human beings have an innate right to health, this is not the case, and that must be changed. I made lifelong friends from all over the US and Uganda that I would have otherwise never met. I rafted the Nile, got my chocolate bar stolen by a baboon on a safari, stargazed on a nightly basis, hiked to waterfalls, began a new language, and ate chapatti, so so much chapatti. Most importantly, I learned a new sense of appreciation, respect, compassion, knowledge and wisdom that can only be learned from another culture. I wish I could've spent another month in Bududa, but I'm thankful for all Uganda and FIMRC gave to me in the time I had with them.

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25 years old
Washington DC
George Mason University

One visit and you will forever fall in love with Uganda!


My experience at FIMRC SIHF in Uganda was absolutely amazing. Not only did I get hands on experience with patients and lab procedures, but I got to become part of a huge family. The FIMRC Uganda staff are by far the sweetest people. They are very welcoming and are always happy to help the community. They are also amazing at helping fellows/volunteers communicate with patients- you will definitely learn some Lugisu during your time here! The clinic is located about 2 miles away from the house and is surrounded by mountains and breathtaking views. Fellows not only help in the clinic but can also help out with the OVC (orphans and vulnerable children program), PTC (post test club) and patient outreach. If you chose to you can also take weekend trips into the city for shopping, hiking, Safari and more. All in all FIMRC SHIF Uganda has it all!

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32 years old
Denver, CO
University of California- Santa Barbara

I fell in love with Eastern Africa


The community clearly respects and appreciates all the clinic staff and volunteers do. From taking vitals to presenting workshops, I felt like I made a difference; and in turn, the community made a lasting difference in me. The people are all extremely warm and welcoming; I couldn't have imagined a better experience in Africa.

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24 years old
Seattle, WA
University of Arizona

Life Changing Experience


My trip to FIMRC's Project Bumwalukani has left a lasting impact on my life! I've never met such welcoming people, both through FIMRC and in the communities surrounding the health center. I was humbled to hear community members' stories, and witness their unfailing generosity. There's no denying FIMRC's positive impact on health care in the area. Seeing countless numbers of patients receive treatment and make full recoveries was incredible. I learned a lot about common health concerns in rural medicine by shadowing and assisting the clinicians. I also felt useful making trips to schools to lead health education lessons. My favorite memories involve making home visits to see individuals with HIV/AIDS, and playing with the group of Orphans and Vulnerable Children. With the vast variety of programs Project Bumwalukani offers the community, there are plenty of areas for volunteers to contribute. Weekend trips to waterfalls, safari's, hikes and markets are an added bonus. Can't wait to go back!

How can this program be improved?

I think the quality of FIMRC's impact can constantly be improved by volunteers (like myself) changing their approach to new experiences. I was excited to see new places, meet new people, and understand what life and healthcare were like in East Africa. I quickly learned that although this trip was exciting to me, I was also entering into someone's village. I found it important for volunteers like myself to be very flexible, modest, and respectful.

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24 years old
Los Angeles, California
University of California- Berkeley

An humbling and inspiring cultural immersion experience!


Project Bumwakaluni is a clinic that sees thousands of patients every month. Depending on your level of expertise, you can initiate your own projects and define the experience you want to have whether that be medical, public health, or community empowerment. As the clinic is all staffed by trained local healthcare professionals and volunteers, it's amazing to see how sustainable international healthcare really looks like. Everyone in the community is warm and friendly and have amazing stories and lessons to share with you. Since the clinic is in a really rural location, be prepared to say good bye to a toilet and shower during your time there, but washing outdoors is a really amazing exerpeience !

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32 years old
Lewis & Clark College

Amazing people amazing place


Bumwalukani is an incredible place. The people and the community are so caring and unified. It's high-volume, high-reward work, and the staff are some of the most encouraging and open people anywhere.

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