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If you’ve had it up to here with class trips to Washington, DC or the closest historic landmark, you’re probably itching to look a bit farther afield – but how to get there? It might feel sometimes like most abroad programs – whether they involved studying, volunteering or even...
Photo Credit: Greenheart Travel So your student has convinced you to let them study abroad. This can be an exciting time for your child, but tough on you as a parent. It’s hard enough when your child flies from the nest to college; now they want to keep on flying all the way out...
It’s a decision that will impact the rest of their lives. Reaching far beyond academics and careers, study abroad can open minds and create global friendships. While study abroad’s rewards are immense, it can rattle the nerves of even the most easy going parents. Practical issues...
While gap years have been common in other countries for years, they are only now just slowly gaining in popularity in the United States. Typically, students elect to take gap years after they graduate high school and before they enter college. But why wait? High school is a great...
So you’ve convinced your parents to let you study abroad – congratulations! The hardest part is over! But how are you going to make it happen without breaking the bank? Sure, you can save from your summer job, but even the most generous tipper can’t sponsor a whole semester in...
I haven’t racked up many regrets in my 25 years as a travel junkie, but one of them has to be not studying abroad while in high school. The idea of going abroad for any reason other than a school trip or family vacation just hadn’t occurred to me (way, way back in 2005…)....
High school is a time of stinky gym socks, weird teachers, first loves, and emoticon abuse. It may be hard to believe, but there really is much more to the world than the next football game, your part time job at the movie theater, or wearing pink on Fridays. In fact, there's a...

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