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While any type of volunteer work can be meaningful, volunteering abroad gives students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture while helping others. Volunteering in high school is worthwhile because individuals can explore their passions on a more...
Looking to move overseas and experience the international adventure of a lifetime while getting paid to teach English abroad in a great foreign country like Italy, China or Argentina? Virtually any English speaker can teach English abroad, even without prior teaching experience...
Some may disagree with me, but I say it takes guts to go away and travel after you finish college, especially if it’s more than a “Woohoo! We graduated” two-week, partying-in-Mexico bender. If you’re taking some serious time off to travel - whether it’s hopping around Europe,...
Updated: 3/20/2014 More and more students are asking themselves whether they should study abroad or intern abroad. There are tons of reasons to intern abroad , and it is becoming a more and more beneficial way to gain practical international experience and set yourself apart from...
One of the best ways to prepare for volunteering abroad is to educate yourself - on culture, on social issues, on local news, etc. Most volunteering projects gone wrong could have been fixed with the right knowledge. Many times, travelers underestimate the importance of preparing...
After graduating college, I decided I wanted to volunteer abroad . I finished up my summer job, spent a month at home getting my life in order and hopped on a plane to Ghana. In many ways, I had an incredible volunteer experience – going solo made me more independent, working at...

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