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11 Best US Companies to Work for Abroad

If you want the security of a job with a US company but the excitement of living and working abroad, then this list is for you.

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Are you looking for a change in 2023? Tired of spending only a few weeks at a time abroad on vacation? If you’re looking for ways to make that travel permanent, consider working for a US company with overseas offices. Many of these American companies are hiring in Europe but also have offices in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

If you want a job that provides a little more stability than the digital nomad lifestyle, then working for a US company abroad is a good way to maintain a permanent position while enjoying expat life.

Follow our tips and check out these top employers to make it happen!

How do I work for a US company overseas?

You have several options for finding a job with a US company abroad. The right path for you depends on a few factors such as your field of study, prior job and/or interning experience, and your citizenship.

  • Apply directly: This is not the easiest way to work abroad, but it’s the first way people usually think of. Applying directly to a US company overseas can be difficult if you aren’t a highly skilled worker (think engineer, medical professional, or scientist). While the company may be American, you will need to be approved for a work visa for the country where the office is based. Most countries only grant work permits to candidates who can perform a job that local people can’t or if there is a shortage of qualified workers.
  • Get a job in the US and transfer abroad after you’re established with the company: This is the most common way to work for a US company overseas. If you can get hired by an organization stateside, there may be opportunities to transfer to their international offices once you’ve worked for them for usually a year or more.
  • Do an internship with a US company abroad: Interning for a US company at an overseas location can help you get your foot in the door. If you show yourself to be a top worker, employers will be more likely to hire you and sponsor your visa after your internship ends.

If you can’t immediately land a job abroad, don’t worry. You can work toward this dream! With some more experience under your belt, you’ll be one step closer to a world of opportunities.

How can an internship help me get a job with a US company abroad?

Internships are a great way to show employers your skills. In this competitive job market, it can be hard to even get a job interview though. Even unpaid intern positions have hundreds of applications.

Paying for an internship placement may seem counterintuitive: why should I pay to work? There are several reasons why this may be a good move for you. Internships abroad usually cover a guaranteed placement with an employer in your field and housing, and might cover other things like transportation, networking events, and more.

Internship placement providers are also open to your preferences and requests so if you ask to be placed with a US company abroad, they may be able to accommodate this. Placement providers have ties to a variety of US companies. Some examples of this are:

Even if you aren’t able to find a placement with a US company, valuable experience in your field through an international company will still strengthen your resume and boost your chances of getting hired in the future.

11 Best US companies to work for abroad

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The following companies top our list for their international reputation, visibility, and availability of open positions across a range of job fields. Even if your discipline isn't listed, check their careers page out anyway. You'll be surprised how diverse the offerings are!

1. Amazon

💼 Best for: supply chain, software engineering, customer service, IT support, human resources
📍 Countries with offices: over 20 countries including Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Australia, and Mexico

Amazon has made a global name for itself through its revolutionary online marketplace and super-fast Prime shipping program. They’ve grown from simply selling products to providing video and music streaming, digital library services, and the ever-helpful virtual assistant, Alexa.

There is a wide range of positions across different disciplines open at Amazon – it’s not just for techies! Find jobs within marketing and copywriting, design, and even health & safety.

Explore roles at Amazon.

2. Google

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💼 Best for: software engineer, product management, data analysis, design
📍 Countries with offices: over 25 countries including Chile, Belgium, Turkey, South Korea, Singapore, South Africa, and Kenya

Chances are, you found this article by searching Google. Google has changed the way we use the internet and the company’s name itself has even become a verb synonymous with web searches. Despite its simple interface, Google is in need of designers and engineers to keep the search giant running.

Explore roles at Google.

3. Meta

💼 Best for: user interaction/experience (UI/UX) design, software engineering, IT security, business development
📍 Countries with offices: Ireland, the UK, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Israel, the UAE, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and more

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp – some of our favorite social media and messaging apps fall under the Meta umbrella. Meta is a truly international company with offices on nearly every continent and a variety of remote opportunities.

Explore roles at Meta.

4. Marriott International

💼 Best for: hotel management, sales, culinary and food service, finance, guest services
📍 Countries with offices: Marriot and its 30 hotel brands have locations worldwide including Italy, the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Argentina, Colombia, Ghana, and Nigeria

If you’re not a tech person, you’ll be happy to know there are definitely opportunities abroad for you through US companies like Marriott and its affiliated brands. Whether you’re a chef, guest services specialist, or have management experience, there may be a place for you at Marriott.

The best part? Marriott has hotels in nearly every country so the opportunities overseas are almost limitless!

Explore roles at Marriott International.

5. Apple

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💼 Best for: IT support, design, machine learning and AI, marketing, retail
📍 Countries with offices: China, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, India, France, Australia, and more

Are you team Apple or Android? Regardless of where your tech loyalties lie, it’s no secret that Apple is a great place to work and grow your career. As a major tech company, there are roles within nearly every sector from development to sales.

Explore roles at Apple.

6. Microsoft

💼 Best for: research, data science, engineering, sales, supply chain, product management, IT security
📍 Countries with offices: Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, India, France, Germany, China, Brazil, the UK, and more

Whether you’re a student, recent grad, or experienced professional, Microsoft has a range of internships and jobs for wherever you are in your career. Although many of Microsoft’s open roles are for more technical positions, there are opening across the creative, marketing, and sales sides.

Microsoft actively seeks to build an inclusive workplace and recruits diverse candidates through initiatives like the Neurodiversity Hiring Program.

Find your next role at Microsoft.

7. Johnson & Johnson

💼 Best for: human resources, research and development, marketing, sales
📍 Countries with offices: Argentina, Croatia, France, Italy, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, the UK, and more

When you think of Johnson & Johnson, you may picture baby powder, shampoo, and other personal care items. J&J is actually responsible for a much larger range of activities and products though, including pharmaceuticals (Janssen) and MedTech that works to develop healthcare solutions.

J&J’s commitment to healthcare equity can be seen through product innovation as simple as its OURTONE band-aids that provide a range of colors to match every individual’s skin tone.

Explore roles at J&J.

8. VF Corporation

The North Face clothes sit folded on a shelf in a store.

💼 Best for: supply chain management, IT, retail, merchandising, finance
📍 Countries with offices: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, China, New Zealand, Poland, and more

You may not have heard of VF Corporation but you’ve definitely heard of its brands. The North Face, Vans, Dickies, Timberland, and Altra are just a few of the powerhouses that fall under VF Corporation’s management.

Aside from discounts on products, employees can benefit from tuition assistance, learning and development opportunities, and Employee Resource Groups to support diversity and inclusion.

Explore roles at VF Corporation.


💼 Best for: epidemiology, clinical trials management, research, data science, sales
📍 Countries with offices: Israel, Latvia, Spain, Algeria, Australia, Uruguay, Taiwan, Denmark, Ecuador, and more

IQVIA is a US pharmaceutical company with offices across the world and over 2,000 open positions. Their roles aren’t just for medical and healthcare professionals. They also need people with experience in administration and sales.

IQVIA has been on FORTUNE’s "World’s Most Admired Companies" list for five years running – as an organization dedicated to improving health worldwide, it’s a place you can feel good about working for.

Explore roles at IVQIA.

10. Airbnb

💼 Best for: product management, data analytics, software engineers, IT security
📍 Countries with offices: India, Spain, Germany, Ireland, China, France, Brazil, Australia, and more

Airbnb revolutionized short-term travel rentals in 2008. Since then, the company has grown to over 6,000 employees around the world who work to provide travelers with cozy places to stay. They need people will all types of skills from IT to community management to make their product run smoothly.

Aside from having global offices, Airbnb also supports remote workers which is great if you’ve been considering becoming a digital nomad.

Explore roles at Airbnb.

11. Carnival Cruise Lines

A man stands in the water on the beach with a cruise ship in the background.

💼 Best for: guest services, hospitality, health & safety, culinary & food services, maintenance, security
📍 Countries with offices: with Carnival the cruise ship is your office! Travel to places like the Caribbean, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the UK, Italy, Norway, and more

Have you ever dreamed of taking a cruise? Why not work on one instead? Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the largest US cruise operators with thousands of employees who help run the ins and outs of daily life on the ship.

While many cruise ship jobs often require long hours, you’ll be provided with room and board, medical care, and other benefits that help you save money while you work and travel.

Explore roles at Carnival Cruise Lines.


Work and live abroad in 2023

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Fulfill your dream of living and working abroad by finding a job with a global US company! If you’re having trouble getting your foot in the door, don’t underestimate the power an internship abroad can provide.

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