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Best U.S. Companies to Work for Abroad

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Studying overseas is a grand adventure, mostly because of the opportunity to live in a different place and experience a different culture. When your studies have come to an end — or your gap year is over — you can still live overseas by working there.

Finding a job abroad can be an overwhelming prospect (let's face it, job hunting is a slog no matter where you're hoping to work), but the hunt can be a bit more manageable if you focus on US companies with global locations.

There are a number of reasons why working for a US company abroad could be advantageous, from higher pay to a familiar work culture, and the good news is that most of these companies are huge so there generally will be a handful of open positions. Additionally, you may have luck finding a remote position which could allow you to stash some cash before making the move overseas.

In either case, Go Overseas wants to help you find a good fit for the next step in your career. So here’s a list of the best work abroad companies.

11 Best Work Abroad Companies

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When skimming through multiple lists of top-rated work abroad companies you may become overwhelmed; here’s where taking some time to lay out your priorities will be helpful. It’ll also help to have an idea of what region you’d like to live in. Some companies have opportunities in multiple countries, and some have more limited options. You may also want to reach out to your network to get first-hand experiences both from people who are working abroad and who are working for these specific companies.

1. Hewlett Packard

HP is the home of technology that makes life better. Joining the diverse HP family will give you an opportunity to push technological boundaries. Employees make up a diverse yet inclusive community, and you’ll have options to work in offices from Singapore to Spain.

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2. Taboola

If you like staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest, a job overseas with Taboola may be a great fit. Focused on helping other companies strengthen their customer relations by discovering what Taboola prides itself on. Join the over 1,400 global employees of this NYC headquartered company by working in European cities like Berlin and Madrid. Or go farther east to New Delhi, Shanghai, or even down under to Sydney.

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3. BlackRock

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Financial well-being through providing financial technology is what BlackRock is all about. Along with helping their clients experience financial well-being, BlackRock has built a culture based on compassion, curiosity, and innovation. Overseas opportunities include Budapest, Hong Kong, and Gurgaon, India.

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4. OpenMarket

For those looking for the right mix of professionalism and comfort, OpenMarket is a great place to work. Employees work with some big companies to make lives better and easier using mobile platforms. With offices in Australia, India, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, there’s plenty of new experiences awaiting you.

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5. Audible

The leader in the world of audiobooks has a high standard for digital production and customer service. Community engagement and social impact efforts are a big part of the Audible community as well. As employees come from a diverse background, there are also some significantly diverse overseas locations to live and work. Audible has offices in Tokyo, Berlin, London, Sydney, and Chennai, India.

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6. Asana

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Today’s remote work industry relies heavily on work management platforms like Asana. With customers in over 195 countries, including big names like NASA, Uber, and Airbnb, Asana is a top 5 best place to work according to Fortune and has some great opportunities for overseas locations. Asana calls San Francisco home but has locations in Vancouver, Dublin, Sydney, and Reykjavik, Iceland.

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7. Atlassian

Software developer Atlassian helps team members stay on track of their projects, especially those on software development teams and project managers. JIRA, it’s first application, makes it easier to help track issues within a project. Atlassian has an office in Sydney, as well as several within the United States.

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8. Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG)

GLG helps power smart business by connecting clients with experts. They have 22 offices in 12 countries, including China, South Korea, India, and Ireland. GLG has many opportunities for its employees to grow in management and leadership as well as business development. And they encourage sharing experience and knowledge across roles and regions.

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9. Google

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Google, with over 56,000 employees worldwide, has made it clear that they don’t just accept differences in their employees, they embrace it, and they seek it. Google has developed a culture where health and wellness is a priority and provides employees with free food during the workday and “bring your dog to work days” which may be a key to their increased productivity. It certainly helps with employee happiness. With locations in countries ranging from Argentina to India and Switzerland to Brazil, there is plenty of room for cultural diversity and the opportunity to work overseas.

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10. Hyatt

Hospitality industry giant Hyatt has over 100,000 locations across 56 countries. Opportunities range from sales and marketing to human resources and engineering to finance. Hyatt was recently recognized as the best company to work for in Greater China. They also have opportunities through Europe, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

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11. Mars

Family-owned Mars is a leader in the manufacturing and production industry, employing over 125,000 associates in 80 countries. They strive to create positive environments for other families around the world and have a particular fondness for pets. Some of the opportunities for working with them overseas include Chile, Finland, Greece, Korea, and the United Kingdom.

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If you’re considering moving or starting a career overseas, this list is a great place to start. Companies big and small who have headquarters in the United States have opportunities of all types overseas. This list of best work abroad companies is not all-inclusive, but it’s a great jumping off point for those looking for a career change.