Community Choice Awards 2020: Language Schools

Learning another language is an incredibly powerful experience. In addition to offering you better social and professional opportunities, speaking multiple languages will allow you to better understand the differences in culture and lifestyle across the globe. To meet this need, language schools offer a variety of courses for students at every level -- across every language.

While the language schools on Go Overseas cover almost every language on earth, and offer language learning opportunities to students at every level, there are some factors we look for when trying to highlight the best language schools in the world. In addition to their overall ratings, we ask reviewers on Go Overseas to consider five categories when reviewing their language learning experience: Instruction, Support, Fun, Housing, and Value. Read on to learn about the top language schools from 2020.

Learn more about how we scored programs for this year's awards by clicking here.

Overall Top Language Schools

Language learning is a complex process, and different for every language learner. Some students want to gain fluency, whereas others are looking for enough to get by on their next trip. As such, Language Schools need to meet a variety of student needs, and it can be difficult to do a great job for everyone. In looking at the scores the following providers received, we found that these language schools met student needs and provided a stellar experience across the board:

Top Language Schools: Support

Support is a critical part of the language learning experience. Without it, many people would struggle to meet their language goals. We ask reviewers to rate the assistance from the course and language school staff. The following providers had top scores in the Support category:

Top Language Schools: Fun

We obviously think that learning a language abroad should be a fun experience -- in fact, we ask every reviewer to tell us how much fun they had overseas, for almost every program they rate on our site. For language schools, we ask reviewers to rate the social scene of their language school. The following providers had the top scores in the Fun category:

Top Language Schools: Housing

Not all language schools offer housing or housing assistance, but some have homestay or dorm options for students. We ask reviewers to rate the quality of their housing and living standards. The following providers had top scores in the Housing category:

Top Language Schools: Value

Learning a language is an investment of both time and money. It's important that the investment you make seems worthwhile when you finish your language study. We ask language learners to review the value, affordability, and cost of their course. The following providers had top scores in the Value category:

Top Language Schools: Instruction

Language instruction can take many forms, from drills and practice tests to language immersion and conversational exams. We ask language learners to review the quality of instruction they received from their language school, in whatever form it was taught. The following providers had top scores in the Instruction category: