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Omeida Chinese Academy

Omeida Chinese Academy provides quality Chinese language tuition to students from all over the world. We are located in the beautiful town of Yangshuo, China where you can experience the Chinese culture and spend your free time exploring the rivers and mountains. At Omeida we offer Chinese language programs that meet the needs and goals of students at all levels while providing you with the flexibility to study when you choose. Whether you are joining us for an intensive spoken Chinese program, enjoying a one-on-one tailor made course, or working together with us in the volunteer program, you will find that Omeida provides the perfect opportunity to be immersed in the Chinese language and culture.



Omeida is a really nice,accademy,l came back for the second time!The teachers are very friend and prepared.Yangshuo's relaxed lifestyle is perfect for learning chinese and the climbing on the little mountains around the town is amazing! I really feel like my chinese communication skills are now improving, finally . every week there are several activities to join such as dinners, trips, cultural lessons...really interesting. but what I enjoyed the most is the general positive atmosphere I feel every time I go there. hopefully I will come back again!

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I had an amazing time in Omeida. I spent a month in Yangshuo and my Chinese improved a lot, especially oral Chinese. My teacher Yan is a real professional and very patient with her students. Location is also excellent because Yangshuo is well known for its natural beauty, it is a town surrounded by karst hills with breathtaking sceneries. I would highly recommend Omeida to everyone and I will definitely come back.

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To go to Omeida and attend a four week intensive course, was for me the first big adventure I have done by myself in life and I really dont regret it. The staff was so nice and I found a lot new friends at school.

I was a bit worried, since I was going by myself that it would be a bit lonesome, but no I always had someone to talk to or drink coffee with. The staff was also very helpful when I had to renew my visa.

The one thing that could be a tad negative is that it was very cold and no central heating, but I went there in January so I guess I should have expected it and I would guess i'm a bit spoiled with central heating inside,

When it comes to my teachers, I must say that they were the most funny but also best teachers I ever had in students life. Only three days at Omeida, I think I learned more than I did during my chinese studies in Sweden.

Zhuge, the teacher I had the most was so funny and her big personality really made time fly by, I enjoyed every moment and she taught me so much with her mix of strict teaching but also reaching out and showing a warm and gentle side.

I only had Icy for a week, but during that time I think we got a good connection and her ways of using flashcards during classes and making me talk about my very big family, was a nice variation in teaching styles.

Wency, a teacher I had for three weeks was also very good and loved to tell funny stories, which made my listening ability improve a lot, she was also very good in explaining any uncertainties.

I never had the chance to have Phoebe as a teacher, but I did get to know her after school hours and she was really helpful when I got stuck with a problem, because I knew I could always ask her and tell her anything.

Overall, I did enjoy how these teachers taught in different ways, since it made my intensive course easier to cope with and even though I did think it was a bit much homework sometimes, I did really enjoy every second I spent during class, and doing my homework. All teachers helped me improve with my Chinese a lot.

Also special thanks to Anya and Wanda who helped me to renew my Visa and had all the information I needed to travel and explore around Yangshuo.

Twelve also deserves a short summary - he is the funny guy who arranges activities and if there is any questions, he is always available to ask. Also his singing is awesome.

I do miss everyone I got to know at Omeida and I wish I could have stayed for a longer period of time.

Would I recommend Omeida and Yangshuo to a friend? Certainly!
Will I return there? Ofcourse!

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Dear All,
I am already home safe and sound. For the moment I am going to catch my breath and get some much needed chores at home and work done, but I can still take 5 minutes to write this email.
Thank you Wanda for your endless patience, and your efficiency in dealing with all the matters. Your professional replies and your patience in replying my several emails and clarifying my doubts made me choose Omeida.
Thank you Anya for the warm welcoming when I first arrived, and for always being willing to help.
Thank you Wency for your advices and followup,
I had the opportunity to work with two wonderful teachers and it was really enriching.
Zhuge is a kind of "Wonder Woman", she really can handle everything. the way she teaches keeps your brain awake all the time, she is full of energy, and imagination. She can be strict and funny, she can use mimic to explain the sentences structure. and games to guess and remember new characters. I also had the opportunity to know her a little bit more during the weekend trip and she turned out to be also brave, reponsible, and an adventure lover. Thank you Zhuge. You rock girl!
Jasmin is mix of sweetness and wisdom, it took her only 2 classes to find out my weak points and she worked on them till the end. she made me start thinking in chinese :) and she made me move forward in the gramma. Thank you Jasmin.
Twelve is definitely the cherry on top of the cake, funny, resourceful, witty and with a great Outlook. He is indeed the right person for the job.
Still remember the nice dinner and the KTV night. Well done Twelve.
Thank you all again,
I wish you all continued success in your future endeavors
My warm regards to everyone,

Bouchra from Spain

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I was in Yangshuo for three months. I made some of the most amazing friends and connections there. I was glad to come home when my time was over but I find myself thinking of Yangshuo more and more these days. I miss the teachers, I miss the students, I miss the foreigners, I miss the random explorations into the countryside, I miss the midnight noodles. Three months was far too short. My only complaint really has nothing to do with the quality of the school. Academic-wise... there is no way for them to expect homework to actually get done. If you're a bad student you might not get as much accomplished in the learning of Mandarin... but you will learn, and you will still have amazing experiences. Do yourself a favor and come to this amazing place and be part of it's amazing story.

Yes, I recommend

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