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Are you interested in China and its culture? Would you like to be a cultural ambassador? Aupairia provides you with the opportunity to experience life in China and learn Mandarin while living with a Chinese family as an au pair - mainly in Beijing, also in other cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dalian.
We at Aupairia offer you a high-quality support system including orientation courses, round-trip airline tickets and au pair insurance. In addition, you will have weekly Mandarin lessons in a language school and a cultural activity every month.

With Aupairia Au Pair China program, you will:
1. Provide informal language tutoring and childcare to Chinese host kids
2. Study Mandarin in our lessons and live in the local community speaking Chinese in daily life
3. Immerse yourself in Chinese culture through our cultural activities, such as Chinese shadow play
4. Explore the world's oldest civilization and visit traditional sites such as the Great Wall

  • We offer round-trip airline tickets
  • You will have Mandarin lessons every week, and a cultural activity every month
  • We provide you with orientation courses and high-quality support system
  • You can make friends with other au pairs and local people

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  • Housing 9.3
  • Support 9
  • Fun 9.2
  • Value 9.5
  • Safety 9.5
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A fantastic experience!

Whilst looking for things to do during my gap year, I came across Aupairia. The program drew me in as, unlike au pairing in other countries, you have the choice of a 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or 1 year program. It also differs in that your main role as an aupair is to help the children improve their English as opposed to looking after them. During my 3 months in China with Aupairia, I had the opporunity to immerse myself in Chinese culture and improve my Mandarin skills. I was placed with a lovely host family who gave me a comfortable living space and 3 meals a day. The teaching hours were extremely reasonable and I had plenty of time to explore Beijing.

Yes, I recommend this program
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3 months in China

In these past 3 months, I've had plenty of opportunities to learn more about myself and the world. I'm very glad I decided to come to China as an Au Pair - the program is great, the staff are all very kind and willing to help, my host family made me feel like I was part of their family and I think I have grown a lot. The people are genuinely interested in sharing their culture and learning about others.

I will always remember this experience and everyone I met here, thank you Aupairia!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Au Pair - Beijing

My experience as an Au Pair in Beijing was great, it was so amazing to experience a new culture completly from within. More specifically in regards to AuPairia they are a great company, they really help you from start to finish. Before arriving in China they booked my flights, and helped me apply for the correct visa etc. When arriving in China they collected me from the airport and also gave me an orientation day which was very helpful. While in China they keep in touch to see how you are getting along. In addition, through the university course they have set up and the culture activities, you are able to meet the other au pairs which is great. So overall this was a great experience, and Iwould definitely recommend it.

Yes, I recommend this program
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good fun^^

- Was a good experience, great people, great staff, great family, and great fun!
- Improved my chinese alot, learnt alot about Chinese culture and how people experience life!
- Meet some good friends from all over the world and some local friends.
- Made a family alway from home.

The impact from this experience has made a huge impact on how will go forward in life, from the places i will work in the future, the places i travel to, and the relationships i make.

How can this program be improved?
More living allowance.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Just do it!

Being apart of the Aupaira program, at such an important part of my development was a life changing decision that will likely impact everything I do going forward.

From what carrer path I go down to the places I move to, living in beijing has shaped how I view the world around me. While I can't speak to how they rank compared to other companies, AuParia were nothing short of spectacular, and did everything in their power to make sure my time in China was a good one, so if you are worried, don't be, as someone nearing the end of my journey, I can say you're in great hands. This experience was one of imense enjoyment and self discovery, if you're thinking about joining the program just do it. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain! So soak in the food and culture, and enjoy your trip to china!

How can this program be improved?
Sometimes the schedules were a little unclear and there wasn't enough active feedback, but these are very minor complaints in an otherwise amazing trip!
Yes, I recommend this program

Wouldn't swap my summer for anything

Aupairia is a great company to go with if you want to gain international experience. I enjoyed the program as they organised weekly culture-classes and monthly trips to different famous destinations within Beijing. Also, there are 4 hours of Chinese-classes a week, and trust me, learning a couple simple phrases will get you far in China.
I also got to explore so many places in Beijing such as galleries, museums and temples. If you go buy a Beijing guidebook, be a nerd.
Only thing I disliked was the kid (but mine was a trouble-maker and they're not all like that).
Overall a brilliant 3 months!

Yes, I recommend this program
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China, a cool place to live.

As most people traveling to China for the first time, I was expecting a complete culture shock and differences that I wouldn't be able to accept for more than three months, but I was genuinely surprised. Chinese people are one of the nicest and coolest people out there. They're very welcome to foreigners, and especially if they want to learn English from you.

Aupairia and all their staff were very helpful from day one, sometimes going out of their way to make sure my experience was amazing, and it was also the case with my host family. They couldn't be nicer or more welcoming. They took me to amazing trips around the country, shared with me their food and culture.

Thank you, Aupairia, for a life-changing experience.

How can this program be improved?
Communication is key. The language barrier can be difficult at times, but if one keeps on constant communication about any issues, one won-t have problems.
Yes, I recommend this program
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An experience you will not regret!

An unforgettable experience that no one would regret. Coming to China through the Aupairia programme meant that settling into the city of Beijing and living here for the duration of summer was an easy and hassle free experience. If anyone was having any second thoughts about their time in China or had any day to day troubles the staff here at Aupairia were always there to lend a hand. If anyone is thinking about travelling to China i would thoroughly recommend choosing to come with the Aupairia programme, where you can experience a unique insight into the culture of Beijing and also experience the city with your host family as well as individually or with friends.

Yes, I recommend this program

Aupairia Review

Aupairia is such a professional, supportive and a friendly company.

The programme is very interactive since there's Chinese culture classes which take place in and outside the office. For example we went to the Great Wall together.

The classes give you great awareness of Chinese culture. Additionally, there are Mandarin classes and you have the opportunity to do HSK 1 exam. I passed the exam with flying thanks to my hard work and Cicy who is a fantastic, experienced Chinese teacher. My host family were so nice,adorable and very respectful of my culture. They took me to so many delicious restaurants and sights around Beijing. My relationship with the kids grew and grew and the family made me feel so welcome. Another great thing about Aupairia is that you get to meet and spend time with Au pairs from various countries who are doing the same programme as you. We had Mandarin and culture classes together.

Its cost effective. Because you only have to pay for the visa and insurance. The family provide you with food & accommodation while Aupairia provide you things you would need whilst your living there, the subway card etc.

If you have any problems with your host family or any general questions Aupairia will always be there for you. For example I've asked about black barbers and a running club. They gave me links. As a result, the black barbers was fantastic and the running club called Beijing Hash House Harriers was the craziest and an absolutely fun experience.

However, being an Aupair is tiring with the children and it is demanding and can be pressured since you have to demonstrate that the kids English or any other language that they are learning from the Aupair is improving.

The relationship between the host Mum was strained for 4 days which was due to stress and the host Mum felt that I wasn't working enough hours. However, I spoke to Aupairia and the host Mum and I resolved our issues. I found it hard to balance teaching the kids English,going to Chinese culture classes, going to Chinese exams and revising for my HSK exam, but I adapted and kept more of a closer eye on reaching as close to 30 hours as possible. And Aupairia made it more clearer on what counts as the 30 hours with the children since the Aupairs and I had questions about this throughout our time in China.

Without realising until Aupairia told me. I couldn't speak Chinese in front of the children. So I tried to speak to the family members who didn't know much English. I would have loved to have organise a language exchange with a native speaker. Aupairia helped me with this but in the end because of limited time.

When I was alone with the kids and the family wasn't there it wasn't always easy to discipline the children. The children were well behaved overall but still they would still do some naughty things because they are children just like we were once upon a time. But I spoke to Aupairia and the au pairs who gave me useful advice.

Overall, I recommend this company to anyone that wants to know about Chinese culture and the true experience of what it's like to live in China.

How can this program be improved?
Make it as clear as possible to Aupairs about what counts towards 30 hours.

Encourage and get Aupairs to organise a language exchange with Chinese native speakers. And encourage them to get one of the family members to help them with Chinese.
Yes, I recommend this program

Don't risk going with any other company. Au Pairia is certainly the best!

You're committing yourself to live in a brand new country, in a stranger's house, under their rules and their menu. At first, you might not even know how to order a meal, or find your way back to the subway station in the teeming and chaotic city of Beijing. I'll be honest; it's impossible for you or the company to know what your host family will be like, or what your experience will have in store for you. That's why I woudn't make the journey with any other company but Au... Pairia. With Au Pairia, you can be sure. The helpful and lovely staff will assist you with everything from getting your phone and VPN set up, to communicating with your host family about important plans. They provide free health insurance (which many travelers DO have to use,) and have even gone with au pairs to the hospital when they weren't feeling their best. You won't believe the kind of field trips you can go on with Au Pairia! Over the summer, I got to spend a full day at a famous indoor water park, hike the Great Wall (and secret spots) and go to KTV in the evening, and even make my own special pottery at an art studio. You'll make happy memories during weekly culture and language classes in the Wangjing SoHo office building, a true Beijing landmark. These wonderful things are for certain. After spending three months growing closer to the fantastic staff, and hearing the experience of other foreigners in Beijing, I'm fairly confident that there is no better company than Au Pairia. I am so thankful for my experience! Please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected] if you have any further questions about Au Pairia. I would love to help you make your journey as well. Thank you ~

How can this program be improved?
The Au Pairia staff cannot be improved, but the host families could discipline their kids better ^^
Yes, I recommend this program
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something you definitely have to experience

It was a really great experience, I am so glad I came here!
During these three months I have met some wonderful people and I have learnt so many things not only about Chinese culture and tradition but also about myself.

The cultural activities offered by Aupairia (but especially living with a Chinese family) have allowed me to actually get to know the chinese life style and habits of the people who live here even better.

I love Beijing and I really made the most of my time here! I will come back for sure!!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Highly Recommend

Absolutely loved this programme. The staff were very supportive and friendly. I was very impressed by the welcome package which was very informative and helps you to adjust to the new culture easily. They are also very helpful when organizing visas and throughout the programme in general.

I was also blessed with a great host family and had a very rewarding time improving there english. Living within their home was such a great and interesting way to experience the culture too.

Lastly chinese classes and cultural activies were very fun and a great way to make friends.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who loves kids and wants to experience real chinese culture. Definitely take up this great opportunity with their amazing team.

How can this program be improved?
No improvements from my experience.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Jing Yi

One of the best decisions of my life

Of course at first I was apprehensive going out to do something the likes of which I've never done before. However my fears were unfounded and the last three months of my 18th year will be cherished my entire life. As someone who has never traveled alone I never imagined how this experience would mature me so much and in so many unexpected ways. I was also just blown away by how supportive and friendly everyone was.
A typical day for me would be to take Yangyang, the 5 year old Chinese boy I have been assigned with, on a day trip via public transport to various parts of Beijing during the day, teach him about the sites' historical and cultural importance, and then teach him English and maths in his bedroom by night. I find that the daily and weekly schedules were good and sustainable for the most part. If I do feel tired and want a break, I tell my host mother and she will rearrange my schedule. I was truly lucky in that she is one of the kindest, most understanding and accommodating people I know. However although do I understand a reasonable amount of Mandarin, I find it a bit more difficult to speak it and there were misunderstandings at times. However the office stepped in and solved all issues.

Being with a five year old kid taught me patience and changed how I present myself; I have to make sure that I behave like a good role model when I'm around him. I feel less like a paid tutor and more like an older sibling. To be honest I learned more about the world in the 3 months I was in Beijing than one year of university. I experienced the Chinese culture in so many layers - the food, the people, the customs. In the end I took home some of the most colourful memories I've ever had.

I would recommend just about anyone to do this - but watch out, you'll definitely have to be adaptable!

How can this program be improved?
Look, it's not perfect but it's pretty damn good. However, one major thing is this: on behalf of a fellow au pair friend through the same company who unfortunately was paired with a completely inappropriate host family and as a result she had an extremely hard time, I would like to see that more careful considerations be done on the host families and not just the potential au pairs.
Yes, I recommend this program


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