Filled with monuments of cultural, religious and historical importance. Nepal’s many Temples and palaces date back to 10th century AD, existing as cultural heritages. From beautiful pagodas to magnificent Buddhist stupas, Nepal gave birth to some of the greatest thinkers in history. The capital of Kathmandu has been a cultural and political center from the beginning of its existence. For those looking to understand the development of humanity’s cultural and philosophical thought, Nepal is the perfect place to gain a new perspective as you meditate under the shade of mountains, their peaks cutting deep into the heavens.


In Nepal there’s a vast number of options available for volunteers. Nepal offers many geographical wonders. From the rural mountains and valleys in the North to the flourishing industrialized cities in the South, volunteers can work in education and social work or health care and conservation. The majority of children living in villages do not have access to proper education. As a volunteer teacher in Nepal, you can help bridge this gap (both economical and social) by teaching English and a variety of other subjects.

If teaching isn't your calling, then there are plenty of volunteer programs that will place you in orphanages and childcare centers. With these programs you will provide on-going support and organize activities for children. Many of these children also lack medical attention. Volunteers can take their medical elective in Nepal, gaining valuable experience and insight into their field.

Adventure Travel

The Himalayas are the world's most coveted mountains. Climbing Mt. Everest (the world’s tallest peak) is a fantasy of many travelers. Nepal is the prime spot for the world’s most experienced trekkers and climbers. Nepal has fascinating wildlife reserves where one can explore a variety of flora and fauna. One can also explore the lifestyles and colorful traditions of the indigenous Tharu people, or exciting jungle activities. One can walk to the dense jungle on foot or by jeep with an experienced nature guide or on elephant back and dugout canoe.

Not interested in deathly peaks or the dense jungles? Nepal offers some of the best white water rafting and kayaking in the world. No other country has such a diverse number of choices of trips. From wild rivers with warm water to a subtropical climate and white sand beaches, Nepal has everything that an adventurous gapper could possibly want!


Journalism and photography internships are abundant in Kathmandu. Interning in Nepal is a great way for college students and college graduates to gain the experience they need to work with a local newspaper publishing company. Nepal is an exciting country to intern in, for those seeking a meaningful internship, getting involved with the local Nepalese movement for equality and peace is a great cause to work for.

Nepal also offers internships in a variety of fields, including teaching internships, tourism internships, and sports internships. Nepal is a popular location for those on a gap year. Due to the vast number of volunteer and adventure options available in the Himalayan nation, internships in Nepal provide real insight into Nepal culture and language, with custom options such as internships at Buddhist monasteries and orphanage care internships.

Culture and Etiquette in Nepal

Nepal prides itself on being a religiously tolerant country. Nepal is where Buddhism originated from and where gappers can still find many mystical ancient temples. Every step through Nepal is a step through history. Although most citizens consider themselves Hindu, Nepal is a spiritual country and as such, many practices of one religion may get incorporated into another. The Nepalese take pride in all of their religious monuments. Temples such as Panauti (a 14th century wooden temple struts) and the temples of Helambu (Buddhist monasteries amidst a rich and enchanting landscape) are seen as great architectural and cultural achievements.

When traveling anywhere in the world, it is always prudent to acquire an awareness of the country’s respective culture. For example, the proper greeting in Nepal is “Namaste.” This is an important traditional greeting where one’s hands are pressed together in prayer position and a calm bow is given as a sign of respect.

When performing business in Nepal, one should know that bargaining does not form part of the etiquette of Nepal. The Nepalese culture is structured on mutual respect and sharing. There are no winners or losers in the country. It does not pride itself on, or obsess over competition like the westernized world.

Gap Year Programs in Nepal

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