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Take your education outside the classroom: intern and be immersed in Argentina or Uruguay with Puentes Abroad! We build bridges to connect undergraduate students and recent graduates with a range of professional and cultural opportunities either in Argentina and Uruguay, or remote from your chosen place of work. Our internship sites vary from educational and human rights nonprofits to healthcare agencies and tech companies, among others.

Puentes provides a customized and meaningful internship experience, together with personalized professional development, engaging cultural activities, and constant support before, during, and after the adventure. We very purposefully curate high quality internships with project-based work so that you are developing professional and language skills, while also making a real contribution to the organization where you are working. There are no Spanish language requirements.

  • COMPREHENSIVE AND CUSTOM PROGRAMMING: We have built the Puentes experience to offer an unparalleled learning, working, and cultural experience that is enriching and fun.
  • INTERNSHIP FOCUS: We strongly believe in the power and impact of a carefully crafted and thoroughly implemented internship. We take the time to get to know you and your interests on paper and by phone and refer you to carefully selected internship sites.
  • PROFESSIONAL ENRICHMENT COMPONENT: In order to further your professional growth, we complement your in-office experience with one-on-one mentoring sessions.
  • CROSS CULTURAL KNOW-HOW: At Puentes, we have a deep understanding of the needs, interests, and energies of undergraduate students and young professionals. We also understand the particularities and dynamics of Argentina and Uruguay.
  • METICULOUS AND CHEERFUL ORGANIZATION: We are highly organized, detail oriented, punctual, and ridiculously prepared. We approach programming in a cheerful way, as we strive for perfection and the highest standard of professionalism in all we do.

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9.56 Rating
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  • Growth 9.4
  • Support 9.2
  • Fun 8.7
  • Housing 9.6
  • Safety 9.6
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing internship in Buenos Aires

I was fortunate to receive a summer internship through Puentes, which helped and advised me at every step of the way. Through Puentes, I built some of the most meaningful professional and personal relationships of my life. I came to know other students, my coworkers, and my host family, all of whom guided and taught me during my time in Argentina. Before the internship, I was apprehensive about spending two and a half months in Buenos Aires. Yet, Puentes provided personalized attention at a level I could not have imagined. Both at my homestay and my workplace, I knew I could rely on the Puentes team to help me if anything were to arise. Furthermore, Puentes offered a number of auxiliary trips, activities, and experiences, which enhanced my time in Argentina.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Argentine Summer with Puentes

From the moment I arrived in Buenos Aires, I was greeted by the Puentes staff and reassured that they would be there for whatever I needed. That first weekend was packed with useful information sessions and a great city tour that introduced me to the place I'd call home for the next two months. Curt, Ann, and Alicia were so friendly and often expressed their genuine interest in making our summer full of growth and enjoyable experiences. My internship site was incredible -- definitely something I did not expect, but was my hub of learning, creativity, and friendship. I got to explore the city and other parts of Argentina with other Puentes interns, and those memories are some that I will cherish forever! Overall, I had the most incredible summer with Puentes, and I would do it all again if I had the chance!!

Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience that propelled my professional and international career.

Puentes provided an amazing experience from the beginning interview process all the way to the end of my internship. As an international business student, I was looking for a way to gain meaningful work experience abroad while enjoying the aspects of being fully immersed in a foreign language. I arrived in Buenos Aires in May 2015 and worked as an intern for www.entrusters.com before returning back home for my junior year in August. Since then, this experience has helped me in future roles developing other startups and working in multinational corporations. Personal and professional support was completely customized by both the Puentes staff and company I worked for. I would totally recommend to anyone considering traveling abroad during their university years.

Yes, I recommend this program

Puentes Abroad Review

I wish I could do my experience in Argentina all over again. I really enjoyed my internship at La Comisión Fulbright Argentina. Puentes did a great job matching us with internships and allowing up to connect with opportunities in Buenos Aires and around Argentina. I gained equally from my internship and cultural experiences. I gained more from my roommate experience than advertised- we got incredibly close through spending time traveling and exploring Buenos Aires. Overall, would recommend.

What would you improve about this program?
More organization on the front end, especially in regards to housing and roommates. Also more follow through with the professional development, such as following through on resume edits and linkedin updates.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Internship Experience

As my first time going abroad by myself, Puentes Abroad really provided a lot of support when it came to getting used to the city. They took care of all the small details and I just had to worry about taking care of myself. In terms of internship matching, I was really pleased in where I was located and got to do a lot of interesting work that you wouldn't find back in the United States. I would definitely do this again if I had the chance to.

What would you improve about this program?
I think this program is well thought out and I currently have no thoughts on improvement.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Puentes Buenos Aires (Winter 2014/5)

Puentes made my six-week Buenos Aires abroad experience seamless. As soon as my plane landed in Ezeiza airport, Puentes was there to pick me up and drive me to my apartment in Palermo Soho. Puentes did an incredible job of assimilating me into the surrounding culture and bringing me up-to-speed with Argentinian customs. Ann (founder) did a fantastic job of advising me, without being overbearing. I did everything I wanted to do in my six weeks, and felt safe the entire time knowing that Ann was always a phone call away. I came to the country knowing some Italian, but little Spanish, so I sometimes had to call Ann when I was lost in translation with a cab driver or supermarket employee. This was never a problem.

I would recommend Puentes to anyone who's interested in getting a safe, holistic, and rewarding abroad experience.

Yes, I recommend this program

Living and Interning in Buenos Aires

For my internship, Puentes did a fantastic job pairing me with Matriarca, a social enterprise partnering with the aboriginal communities of Argentina to combine antique traditions of crafting with modern products and design. The women I worked with are incredibly driven and inspiring, which brought so much life to the culture in the office. The ladies of Matriarca were so devoted to incorporating me into the business that they even brought me along to a 3 day trip to Formosa- a northern province of Argentina to visit an aboriginal community. Their inclusiveness made me feel as if I had my own family away from home. My internship roles were mainly related to email marketing, website analytics, and assisting with ongoing projects and expositions. The Puentes staff offered resume building workshops on how to include your Puentes Intern and overall improvements, which I actually found immensely helpful.

For housing, I was placed in a shared apartment with random individuals for the first 2 weeks, and then as other Puentes interns arrived, they soon moved into the apartment as well. Although I had a few issues with the apartment conditions, the location was PERFECT. Palermo Soho, which is where a lot of restaurants and boutiques are located, is bustling with activities and things to do. My apartment was a 20 minute walk to my internship site, and I never felt unsafe or endangered in any way.

Overall, My Puentes experience was fantastic. I grew so much as a person and learned about the stark differences in business culture compared to the US. With that being said, the type of person who I think will get the most out of Puentes Abroad are those who are independent, can cope with being in uncomfortable situations, and are just eager to explore the unknown. The puentes staff is on call at any time if anything happens, but they are certainly not holding your hand and planning your week for you-- you are really l i v i n g in Buenos Aires. So, as long as you come with an open mind, aware of your surroundings, and excited to speak Spanish and meet new people-- you'll have a blast.

***General Tips:
-Buenos Aires has a very strong cash culture, so I recommend bringing at least 2 credit cards with you (in case you forget to take yours out of the ATM, which happened to me twice).
-Pack more sweaters-- Buenos Aires gets a bit colder than you may think and the lack of central heating systems in many buildings makes it feel colder.

What would you improve about this program?
-More "checkups" throughout the program duration to ensure everything is running smoothly
-More communication with Puentes interns during the pre-departure phase
-I HIGHLY recommend not having any students stay in the shared apartment on Gorritti that I stayed. It was too cold and did not really foster a community space. My mom was also terrified after seeing the conditions of the kitchen, and the openness of the building structure.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience in Buenos Aires Argentina

Before going to Buenos Aires, I had high hopes of improving my Spanish. I had recently graduated from college with a dual degree in Spanish and Adolescent Education. Thanks to Puentes Abroad, I was able to connect with a great organization in Buenos Aires called Mensajeros de la Paz. I volunteered with MdlP during my 8 week stay. Through that organization, I made many incredible friends from all over the world. My best friend during my stay is from Austria, but I also made great friends from Spain, Colombia, Switzerland, and the Canary Islands. These are friendships that I still maintain on a daily basis, even now that I am back in New York, my home state. I learned so much from all of these great people and they continue to help me practice my Spanish through WhatsApp and other social media sites. Mensajeros gave me the opportunity to practice my teaching, but in another way. Mensajeros de la Paz has many day centers for senior citizens to attend. At these centers, they are able to play games, take classes, socialize with people their age, eat delicious food, and spend some time outside of their homes. Mensajeros allowed me to construct an English course for the senior citizens. Every Wednesday, my fellow volunteers and I would go to our favorite day center in the barrio of Flores and teach English to eager adult students. Our oldest student was 97 years old! By participating in these classes, I came to the conclusion that when I returned to the USA, I would continue my education by enrolling in a Master's program to teach English as a Second Language. Had it not been for my adventure in Buenos Aires and all of the great people I met there, I do not think I would've pursued higher education, but teaching English to those wonderful adults at the day center helped me realize that language education is something that everyone can enjoy! Puentes gave me the chance to discover what I want my next step in life to be, and I had the most amazing time traveling to and around the incredible city of Buenos Aires!