Intern OZ: All Industries Throughout Australia
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Intern OZ: All Industries Throughout Australia

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Intern OZ arranges internship programs in all industry areas throughout Australia. We provide a full set of support services around the internship experience such as accommodation, airport pick ups, orientations and events. The internships are suited to university students undertaking an internship for academic credit, or for those looking to rapidly up-skill in their chosen career. We place a strong focus on in-country support services and provide a 24/7 emergency contact number. We have partnerships with organisations in all sectors; private, public, non-profit and Government and we are recognized by the Australian Government as a leading internship programme provider.

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​A full suite of support services including airport pick ups, orientations, peer support networks, meeting academic requirements, housing, events and 24/7 emergency support

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Research Internship in Melbourne

The research internship that internnzoz found for me was exactly what I was searching for. I have gained new knowledge, skills, experiences, and friends. All that I have gained from this experience will be useful for my future which is the reason why I wanted to intern abroad. Although my accommodation was further from my internship than I expected, I easily adapted. I also learned to be more comfortable with independence. I explored Australia during the weekends, but I should have planned more time to travel after my internship. My two months of interning has gone by too quickly so I recommend interning for a longer time. The experience is unforgettable and I wish it didn't have to end.

How can this program be improved?

It would be helpful if there were gatherings of the interns at the beginning of the internship.

Yes, I recommend
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I fell in love with the country!

I found positive reviews online and ended up with a great internship. I'm in the office 3-4 days per week, from 9 or 10 until 5, not because I'm always swamped with work to do, but because I love my coworkers and am passionate about the tasks they give me. There is always something to see and do, the hardest part is just being able to afford it all! I wish I had known that the temperature does vary in Australia: contrary to popular belief, you will need some warm clothes! But on the whole, the only thing I really wish I'd known before arriving is how quickly I would fall in love with the whole country!

Yes, I recommend
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they do a good job!

You do a good job! I am glad to have gained work experience in my summer internship, since it was impressive to me. I learned a lot about food processing, safety and quality management in orientated tasks. I also enjoyed working with my supervisor and colleagues.

How can this program be improved?

You do a good job.

Yes, I recommend
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Nutrition Internship in Australia

Great experience! Got a lot of time in the body composition lab learning about new techniques I was unfamiliar with, the staff were so friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed my internship and time in Australia.

How can this program be improved?

Maybe a little more detail about what to expect.

Yes, I recommend
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Overseas Experience

I've been here for 7 weeks now and it's been great. The first days were hard as I didn't know anything about the city and didn't know anyone. The experience is unique and I can't wait to discover Australia now that I'm almost done with the internship!
About the internship, the company is great as the people. Everyone is generous and kind to me. They usually ask me to do some simple tasks as I'm just the intern but I learn a lot. I didn't learn new skills but I learnt a lot about myself. I know how it looks like to work in a big company.
My favourite overseas experience so far is my surfing lesson at the Manly surf school and it was the best experience so far because I loved it and I met great friends there, we still hang out every weekends together.

Yes, I recommend
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An Unforgettable Experience!

Overall the experience I gained while at the internship will be very beneficial for when I go back home. I really lucked out with the company I was with being so open and willing to help and show me new things. Going into it I wasn't expecting to get to do nearly as much as I did! I was really able to produce some good work for my portfolio even if not all of it was used within the company. I did however get to do a few projects for clients that will be produced and used which is really exciting.

As for the overseas experience it has, as a whole, been unforgettable. I have made some lasting friendships from all over the world and we are already planning on visiting in the coming years. I would not have changed anything about my time in the internship or adventuring around Victoria.

Yes, I recommend
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Useful and friendly service

Intern NZ and Intern OZ were incredibly useful for me, they generally wanted to help and are passionate about what they do. They are open to helping people in diverse situations, whether you are currently a student, or have graduated and are wanting to gain work experience in your particular field. They take your personal situation and budget into consideration and really strive to meet these requirements to provide you with the a genuine, educational and unforgettable experience. What I found convenient during my study abroad was the fact that they are able to arrange your accommodation and organize events so you have the chance to meet other interns in your area, I was able to meet so many new friends and experience the culture!

How can this program be improved?

Not sure, overall my experience was great so I can't think of anything I'd change.

Yes, I recommend

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Intern OZ and Intern NZ provide customised internship programmes in Australia and New Zealand. Internships are of varying lengths from 6 weeks to one year and are in all industries. We work with organisations in Australia and New Zealand that offer...