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Program Details

Apartment Host Family


Price Details
- Pre-arrival guidance and instructions
- Planned program events
- CIP Health Insurance Card
- Welcome Dinner
- Seminar Series and Entrepreneurial Training
- Properly furnished Accommodation (Shared Apartment/ Homestay/Private)
- Mentoring and Corporate Grooming
- Guaranteed internship placement
- Visa Support and Documentation
- Chinese Language Lessons (Private/ Group)
- Airport Pickup and Drop off
- Welcome Package – Mobile Phone and Sim Card, City Map, Transport Card and Orientation
- Staff support
- Check-in and assistance moving into the housing
- Practice transportation runs and detailed directions to and from work
- Twenty-four-hour availability of our staff and Program Directors
- Networking activities
Dec 30, 2019
Aug 04, 2017
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About Program

Our Customized Fall/Winter Internships equips participants with confidence to launch their career internationally. The CIP platform provides Mentoring, Grooming, Leadership Training and other elements to develop & prepare participants for their future career.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Starting on a Good Note

One key advice my Dad reiterate to me every day is that – I should not shy away from new people and surroundings. Rather, I should embrace them. Starting my internship in China (Shanghai) was something worth doing, and I’m so glad I chose such destination.
Quickly, I processed my visa with the assistance of CIP and arrived on time for the program. The apartment was very spacious – with kitchen and bathroom, and on top of it all – best roommate to share ideas and comfort.
Working with a reputable organization as an HR (intern) gave a practical definition as to how people should be treated even when they were at fault. Among some core functions learn on the job were - posting job offers, resumes reviewing, building good interrelationship with other departments (employees), employee benefits managements, filing and maintenance, data entries, memo circulation, taking minutes at meetings, and other related employee services.
Moreover, there were cultural sites organized by CIP – The Great Wall, National Museum, together with company parties (events).
It was great to be here and recommend this program to YOU.

What would you improve about this program?
extend the program to other provinces
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Yes, I recommend this program

Internship plus Chinese Language - very good combination

I graduated from university in July 2014 and decided to go China for some experience consolidation and especially the Chinese language. I opted for 6 months study in Fudan University in Shanghai combined with part time Job with a Finance Company. I studied Chinese language Monday to Friday from 9am till 12 noon. After class, I continued to my company for an internship for the rest of the day. After work, I usually have a coffee with my language partner Wang Jie, a very wonderful lady.
My life for the entire 6 months was much routine with tight schedules than fun. I planned it as such since my expectations were high. I cancelled all my social activity plans and trips to rest for the weekend and practice.
My internships was properly arranged and I love the company and the environment. MY job description was almost what I wanted and I get to work on real stuff. I sometimes get to the office tired but I put in my best. Chinese classes were also properly organized as expected because it was organized in a university setting
At a point in time, I wanted to switch classes from morning to evening so I work in the morning but the university was reluctant because I was already enrolled to morning. At this point, I wished I went to a language institute with morning and afternoon schedules. CIP was there to defend me with the university but the administrators will not allow that.
The program was professionally organized and I love the program coordinators. I was welcomed by some smart ladies at the airport and they looked very professional in their operations.
I will say I enjoyed my time in China because I was able to write my HSK 5 successfully as bonus package from CIP and I think I am cool

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Yes, I recommend this program

Very Professional Placement - I think these guys have something new to offer

Interning in China in winter is one of the best times I will ever recommend. I am able to enjoy that attention that I wanted and flexible schedules. I have noticed that summer had its own issues due to the large number of participants.
I was in Shanghai for winter/spring internships and I must confess I loved the atmosphere, the people, the program, the exposure and of all CIP.
My first time in Asia and for that matter China although for internship, was just an opportunity to know another part of the world, understand their culture and get familiar with what they care about. I combined Internship and language classes as well just as many participants and then pushed for more class hours which were easily granted.
I joined CIP’s program with 3 other friends one From Kent university and two of us are currently studying in University of California in Denver. It was awesome how all 3 of us were housed and we could spend and share childhood memories and build our bond. We usually make out to the streets in Shanghai to meet people in open bars and roof tops for relaxation purposes.
The program was helpful given its flexibility and caliber of staff. I will also say their networking program is much fun especially during the Swiss Chamber Event. I met a lot of dignitaries from various organizations I don’t know how helpful they will be to me in the future but I am sure to use the best practices taught us to get in touch and probably try selecting some as life mentors.
But CIP must include meal plans in their program even if for extra fees because arriving on Shanghai for the first time, food selection was tough option for me. For the first 4 days that I arrived, they guided my meal plan but after that, it was hard for me especially at the company cafeteria.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Intensive Chinese Language with Travel in China

Last winter, I escaped the grip of my family with really cool tangible reasons to be in China. My family planned a Trip to Bahamas which I think I was fed up with and decided to come to come study Chinese language in China because that was definitely a better option for me. CIP played a very responsible role in speaking with my parents and assuring them that it is a decision they will never regret. The main issue was security and safety but that was covered and the necessary assurances exchanged between my family and CIP.
I opted for Winter Intensive Chinese language program with University Mandarin lessons and private classes. I Joined Beijing Language and Cultural University in Beijing with other international Students on the same mission as myself. I had 4 hours of Chinese language study every day and then 2 hours of study in the evening with a private tutor.
The content of the curriculum was awesome as we combined history and Language studies as well as few issues about the rise of China. I had very good insights about the rise and fall of China in the past and the second rise and what policies were adopted. Being a business student, I never had these insights.
The lessons were tough from the beginning as I was a beginner and the same applied to my course mates. In order to speed our skills, the tutors used 80% Chinese language and 20% English language but I must confess we were not in agreement and I complained several times to CIP but with time, it became clear. I identified that Chinese language is what it is because there are 3 things a beginner must learn. First of all, I had to learn the Chinese Characters, their pronunciation in Roman Alphabets and then its meaning in English. This is the daunting part of the a beginner but after 3 months, it was fine as I could easily read without referring to “Pinyin” the roman numeral version of the characters. Secondly, Chinese language is tonal and pronouncing the tones wrong is a reason for someone to commit suicide.
Extracurricular activities were good ways to keep us going. Social events and cultural trips brought us together. I had a trip to Luoyang a Chinese Ancient city with Buddha grottoes. The wonders I saw there means ancient Chinese were very crafty.
There was also a 3-day corporate visit to 5 fortune 500 companies in Beijing and their operations and success factors shared deepened my learning curve.
After all the 6 months I spent in China, I had so much value, I wrote HSK 3 and passed very well with a certification, I could write 4 or 5 but I did not want to risk it  because I needed the certificate. I can speak lower elementary Chinese language and I am looking to continue with CIP’s online classes and return to write level 6 after a year.
I don’t expect a 100% delivery and I think support and service is fine. When people exhibit that level of responsibility and support, it is easy to overlook few faults.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Properly Planned COnsultancy Internship in China

I was on CIP’s winter Internship program with a couple of other applicants. The entire program was fun, interesting and the companies were helpful in delivering value. Using platforms such as CIP is surely for those of us from abroad who cannot deal with issues of Visa, accommodation and networking activities and other stuff. I think the prices charged in China by CIP is moderate compared to programs I enquired about in other countries. In all, the experience is very similar as well as program contents. Besides, I grew up in New York so I was looking to experience something different. The living cost is low as well as the people are friendly. I will advise Interns to consider china while making their decisions.
I must note here that given the kind of system that CIP operates, once the internship is properly placed, everything else will fall in place. I saw CIP lead my assimilation into Chinese culture with very good social networking events while my company enhanced my skills.
After the program, I have no doubt that I am a better finance student than I entered the program. I am have a good understanding of how the financial system functions in China which is a good skills; getting to join my father’s consultancy firm.
The accommodation looked good with air conditioning. My heating system got faulty and I usually had to use my air conditioning to heat the room all times. I noticed the electricity bills increased but CIP sorted it so that should not be an issue to me.
I will advise CIP to include meal plans in their program so as to help lazy ones like me to avoid staving.

What would you improve about this program?
I will advise CIP to include meal plans in their program so as to help lazy ones like me to avoid staving.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Deal of Internship Platform for Foreigners

I was in China for the very first time and this was the first summer I was spending in a different country all by myself without my family. When I was interning in London, I went with my family for the first few weeks before the left back home. My reason for joining this program was to gain some work place experience, boost my confidence and develop the art of being independent because I am considering an international career. I must say that at the end of the program, I am proud I finally made it to china to work. I am considering a career in consultancy and with the experiences I harnessed with CIP’s Internship program, it should be fine. I could not have known China better without this program and the exposure is great. Not only did I have a fantastic internship with some great hands-on experience in my career field, networked with few industry leaders and some business owners which is an enough social capital. We were taught networking skills and how to keep up with these contacts without losing them so I am sure this will be of great help. China Internship Placements also had a properly planned activities throughout the week, these were made up of trips, events etc This got me know the city better without fear of getting lost. We had experts come up to speak with us every week about entrepreneurship in China, how to launch our career online even before entering the job market. We were practically taught how to blog and build followers which is relevant for influence.
These components are very practical and handy as I feel the impact my life already. I am surely happy with this program and will recommend it to others looking to intern in China.
Before I end, I think CIP’s staff are just very professional and experienced in dealing with interns

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