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China Internship Placements


At China Internship Placements (CIP), we provide Executive Internship for young graduates and International students combining Professional Grooming, Mentoring, and Entrepreneurial Training. Our China Internship Programs is the new face of 21st Century Internships designed for Millennials. Our mission is to ensure participants' Experience and Transformation process is unique and tailored. We have professional staff and experts in place to handle all placements according to traits and expectations. "We do not believe one size fits all" Unlike other providers, China Internship Placements LLC has revolutionized study Abroad and Internship Programs to include the changing face of Global Job Market and opportunities. Our CIP Opportunity Network gets presents opportunity for participants to get established in China through landing permanent Jobs or securing funding to start their entrepreneurial endeavor. We put our participants on the international radar equipping them to be able to handle


422 No1.Building West fourth ring road, Haidian district of Beijing, PRC
Chaoyang Qu
Beijing Shi, 100008

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Seeing China through the lens of Western Media makes you blind. China has a beautiful and warm culture with awesome people and above all, one of the safest countries of our time. For several reasons, my trip to China was a dream come true, because of our family connection to my adopted sister. I have learned Mandarin from age 12 but has never made it to China. I speak reasonably good mandarin with a horrible accent- this also inspired my ambition to improve. I applied for an Engineering internship in China with CIP because being a first-time visitor; I expected to hire the services of an Agency to handle all preparations. I do not like chaos. :)
I was placed with an Audi Engine Assembling Plant in Tianjin; the twin city of Bejing and Hebei. I decided to extend my stay from 3 to 7 months later in the process as I was so happy with the offer presented. It was a very competitive opportunity and took me several rounds of interview and selection process. It started with 5 of us from the CIP platform, and only 2 were selected which I happen to be one. It was reassuring as my placement coordinator assists with preparations and information for each round. On arrival, I got to know that not all Interns get through the same rigorous selection process. But hey! This is Audi; a premium organization every young Engineer will love to work. This makes my opportunity unique, and I felt I earned it.
The CIP team were on the ground, and I see them more often than I expect. A professional driver dressed in a CIP attire showed up at the airport to pick me up to my accommodation, then life started in China.
I was not too critical of other services as I prioritize my experience as 80% of the expectation. I had few trips to Xian to visit the terracotta warriors; I also had short travels along the silk road which is at the center of China's One Belt One Road initiative as well as the future of China. It was a fantastic experience I won't trade for other.
The program is good, and the CIP team have no illusions of how to serve Interns well. They will take time to explain what they provide; then you decide whether it is a good deal. The satisfaction commensurates the fees.

CIP is an excellent organization with deep empathy towards their clients. I had few free services to augment my experience, and I am grateful to Alfred, Joanna, Heidy, Lewis and especially Iris.
I promised them I will be back in 2019 and I mean it. "Zai Jian"

Yes, I recommend this program

I have been part of the CIP Engineering Internship through my University Portal. I have visited China at several opportunities and my Chinese proficiency is intermediate. I felt I need an agency or a platform that can organize the facets of my internship so I spoke with my career adviser who introduced me to CIP Program.
The placement process was smooth and I secured an Internship Opportunity with a European Engineering Company. I was there as a Project Engineering Intern; a role I like so much. The Company deals with Institutional clients like Airbus, Boeing Benz, Audi, and BMW.
I was tasked to assist the sales team to coordinate the technical evaluation of client experience using our proprietary technologies in Auto and Aviation industry. I also participated in evaluating project feasibility and analysis.
The most challenging part of my internship is keeping an eye on Project delivery and timelines using various software and systems. For the months that I interned with them, my colleagues relied on my intuition which brings so much pressure to bear. My communication skills were key to a successful internship
I was also able to learn Technical Mandarin Vocabularies related to my industry which is a step in the right direction
I am very thankful to the CIP team for being there at the onset. CIP created a very friendly atmosphere for all participants. The Business Networking and weekend trips were right on point :)
My Mentor was awesome making sure I am prepared for the Job market.
I selected CIP because of the uniqueness of their programs and the fact that they were on top of issues. I will recommend CIP to all Interns considering China.

How can this program be improved?
I think CIP is heading towards the right direction given the program components.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Sustaining the environment for the future generation is a major concern to everyone. After spending 12 weeks I am even more convinced that China is the place to be if you want to contribute improving the environment. I loved my work and everything in China.
My role was basically about Compliance. Providing support to the development and coordination of training programs in support of the set standard.
Working with a construction company, I assisted my supervisor with maintaining the Site Preparedness and Emergency Plans & Procedures, support coordinating regulatory programs and its applications and help support the compliance process, supporting and providing relief for the environmental department and other related environmental support tasks.
Thank you China for this incredible life opportunity.

Response from China Internship Placements

Rodrigo, Thanks so much for sharing your experience. We appreciate your recommendations. Looking to serve you with Alumni Support Services. Have a wonderful Year :)

Yes, I recommend this program
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I highly recommend internship in China for their outstanding services rendering to young graduates and mankind as a whole. I never thought I would acquire so much career knowledge at this early stage in life. But, CIP and China had made it possible.
During my internship I learned many skills among which includes - e-mail marketing campaign development & implementation, assist my immediate supervisor in updating main website (uploading photos etc), building digital marketing profile via Google, SEO, performing advanced internet research and learning new e-commerce strategies.
The internship program was well organized, productive and fun (in terms of parties and historic sightseeing).

Yes, I recommend this program
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When I was first introduced to Internship in China by friends, I kept asking myself while China. Because, I had U.K in mind. But upon further research online, I was convinced that China through CIP can add value to my chosen industry.
Immediately, I applied and had tremendous support from CIP during my visa processing.
I arrived safety and began my internship with an architectural company based in Beijing. I was attached to a dedicated supervisor who taught me all the basic (key) responsibilities of an architect. My daily routine jobs were assisting the streamlining of the architectural design process from conceptual design through overall completion of projects, participate in the architectural design process and develop alternative solutions and presentation graphics used to communicate concepts to the client or for agency approval, scan, copy, print, and transmit original working drawings of current projects, organize and maintain project files.
The best part of the whole program was the inter-personnel relations I had with staff and fellow interns (students).
It was great to be part of the program. Thank you.

How can this program be improved?
more traveling on the job.
Yes, I recommend this program


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