CRCC Asia - Internship Program in Shenzhen, China
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CRCC Asia - Internship Program in Shenzhen, China

New programs, new cities!
Now announcing program locations in Tokyo, Japan and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

Move over Silicon Valley! Shenzhen is China's largest IT hub and it is growing exponentially!

Located in Southeastern China, Shenzhen is located in close proximity to Hong Kong, making it a key city for commerce and trade. Shenzhen's vibrant culture and growing industry sectors make it an ideal place to intern!

This internship program will give you the opportunity to get real hands-on experience in the internship sector of your choice. We also arrange networking events, group activities and much more for you to get acclimated with the city!

You can choose from 1, 2 or 3 month internship durations. We are connected with over 500 host companies, so we can guarantee that we will find you an internship in your professional sector with a company that is the right fit for you!

This is a once in a lifetime experience to meet other students and individuals from around the world, while creating and establishing professional relationships.

  • We work with over 500 host companies in China and place interns in 14 sectors - we guarantee placements in your professional sector of choice
  • Continuous, 24/7 on-the-ground support from our local CRCC Asia office, located in Shenzhen
  • Clean, accessible accommodations - our hotel-style apartments can be shared with one or two roommates (of the same gender). This is a great way to meet new people sharing the same experience!
  • Experience Chinese culture first-hand! Our local office arranges weekly cultural activities or explore the by yourself (or with your new friends!)
  • Alumni network over of 6,000 strong! Maintain strong connections with our global alumni network.
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Computer Science
International Business
Life Sciences
1-3 Months
Year Round
Airport Transfers
SIM cards
Enrollment/completion of a degree program (Associates, Bachelors or Masters)
GPA: 2.7 minimum
Online Application
Phone Interview
Weekly Hours
Starting Price
Price Details
Program includes:
24/7 Support
Airport Pick-Up
English-speaking Supervisor
Guaranteed internship in a sector of your choice
Induction Day & Cultural Training
Mandarin Lessons (Weekly)
Pre-Departure & Visa
SIM Card & City Guide
Social & Networking Events
Welcome Package & Banquet

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Program Reviews (9)

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21 years old
University of Sussex

CRCC Asia Internship in Shenzhen


I cannot to speak highly enough of my experience this past summer in Shenzhen with CRCC. The program will have benefits specific to each person that takes part, but for me it has allowed me to match my ambition to reality. To have the capacity to work in different cultures than that of my own has always been an ambition of mine. So I consider myself extremely privileged to have had the opportunity at such an early age, to do so. Not only that but to have that experience in a country as central to the worlds future as China and a city as exciting and awe inspiring as Shenzhen is something I intend to make the most of. The people I have been exposed to and interacted with as part of the program will provide me the platform to do this. Tue experience wouldn’t be what it is without the people at CRCC however. The friendly, approachable and professional nature of the whole team that looked after us and guided us created the perfect environment to make the most of what was and is an all-round fantastic experience and opportunity.

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20 years old
Melbourne, Australia
Monash University

Definitely worth it


CRCC Asia definitely went beyond expectations. The accommodation, the business seminars and volunteering programs have all been excellent and fun! There's so much to do in Shenzhen and with all the interns living in the same building it's so easy to make friends and explore the city! My internship has been really rewarding, everyone is so friendly and willing to help. The program managers are nice and always ask how the internship is or if there's something that needs to be looked at.

How can this program be improved?

I think there should be more interaction between the CRCC Asia and the company to decide what jobs the intern will do and how compatible the intern and company are.

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24 years old
Ann Arbor
University of Michigan

Very fun trip!


This was my first time in China, and it was an amazing experience. The program housed all the other participants in the same location so you became friends with everyone quickly, and went out with them for food or drinks many of the nights. The internship itself was very interesting and definitely something that is brought up in many interviews! Although the program price is a bit expensive, if you can afford it it is a great experience!

How can this program be improved?

Make it less expensive, and have a better pairing process for internships

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23 years old
Huddersfield, UK
University of Leeds

A once in a lifetime opportunity


The aim of completing the internship is to boost your employability chances and this opportunity provides just that. You have to be equipped with the mindset that you will face challenges, you will find it difficult to adjust to the way of life in China but in the end it is completely worth it. Living and working in China for 2 months was the best experience of my life so far, you develop as a person, both professionally and personally.
Anyone who is thinking about going to China should be aware that it is by no means easy, the experience will test you and you will forced to emerge from your comfort zone - but it is 100% worth it!

How can this program be improved?

CRCC need to work on their organisation, so there should be more support available and communication between interns and staff should be more regular. Also, CRCC should arrange more events, charitable days and meals for interns.

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24 years old
Philadelphia, PA
University of Pennsylvania

Amazing city, supportive program, once in a lifetime summer


My summer with CRCC in Shenzhen was not only extremely enjoyable but also transformative for me personally in my career path. I participated in the Language Study + Internship program for 2 months in Shenzhen during the summer of 2014. From my initial interview to my departure from Shenzhen at the end of the program, CRCC Asia and its staff were by my side every step of the way. I had previous experience studying abroad in China as well as studying Chinese as a second major, but I really had no idea how to convert that experience into meaningful work. CRCC really gave me guidance and an honest perspective on what opportunities there were in China for someone with my specific background and skills, and thus together, we came to the conclusion that the VC/PE space in Shenzhen would be best for me.

Fast forward to my internship and I can honestly say it was challenging but also really fun. I worked in a Chinese company so had a chance to really put my language and cultural skills to the test. My supervisor really took the time to invest his resources and network in me, and I left Shenzhen with a really strong network. Also, the programming CRCC provided, from the business seminars to networking opportunities, grew my understanding of business in China as well as my international network. Finally, the accommodations in Shenzhen were amazing and really allowed me to be comfortable, though I will say there is so much to do in Shenzhen that I was rarely home! The benefit of a program like CRCC is that you are able to be independent with the internship but it still operates almost like a study abroad program in that you have staff support and “intern-mates” that become lifelong friends.

I would highly recommend the program to any one who has interest in China. It is a really strong brand and network that will honestly propel a career path in Asia or internationally. I only have positive memories from my experience and am forever for grateful for the continued assistance CRCC provides to me even as an alumni!

How can this program be improved?

I think something that some interns encounter (and that CRCC is actively working with companies to improve) is that international interns are still relatively rare in China which means that it can be a bit hard at first to hit the ground running with supervisors. However, I think with being proactive and reaching out to the CRCC staff for support, any initial awkwardness or confusion can be easily averted.

26 years old
Shenzhen, China
University of Newcastle

Wild wild east!


Trip of a life time! Shenzhen is a bustling city full of the unexpected that eventually turns into familiar. Into a place you'll never want to leave. Awesome night clubs every night of the week, motorcycle taxi ride to work and the food! So cheap and delicious. I can't get back there quick enough, I'm so grateful for my time there and will remember it forever

How can this program be improved?

It was a bit hit and miss with where you were placed to work. I could have learned much more. Loved the people I worked with.

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24 years old
University of Sydney

A fantastic experience


This program was amazing. Living in a completely new country with people of completely different way of life was an eye opener and a great experience. The other interns were great people and I made a few lifelong friends and memories.

The highlights were the trips to Yangshuo and Guilin and drinking Snake Jio with the locals!

I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to have some fun, meet some new people and have a life changing experience.

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24 years old
Phoenix, AZ

CRCC Asia Shenzhen Site


Overall, I had a very rewarding experience I'm Asia with CRCC. The staff was beyond amazing, they really blew the customer service and assistance out of the water. Since they provide services and advice on many different levels, it really goes beyond customer service and is a more friendly in town guru! I'm thankful for the experience to learn another culture and explore my future career in international law. I recommend this program because I had a great personal experience!

How can this program be improved?

My only complaint was the housing with the program but since talking with staff after my return and my survey I've been assured they will be using different accommodations in the future.

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24 years old
Phoenix, Arizona
Arizona State University

Enjoyable Program


There are a lot of opportunities both for personal growth and professional growth on this program. Although Internships can be hit-or-miss, as some interns weren't super pleased with their placements, this looks great on a CV and is a very enjoyable experience. You make some great friends, get to know about a new culture, and get some invaluable work experience as well, whether or not you LIKE your placement.

How can this program be improved?

The only real issue I had with it was that we were not really given any pointers or help with departure. I nearly got trapped in China because I relied on the staff's expertise and chose NOT to book a hotel in Hong Kong the night before I flew home. What I didn't know and was not told was the main ferry port (Shekou Port) with the ferry to the airport, won't let you on the plane if your flight is less than 150 minutes after the ferry's departure, and not all airlines have a partnership with the ferry, and therefore not all people can actually take the ferry OUT of Shenzhen into Hong Kong. This should be made clear to interns!

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