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Our Company specializes in connecting China and the global community through professional internships in China's two major cities Beijing and Shanghai.

Our goal is to help students and young professionals get into China and the Chinese business culture, by providing tailor-made opportunities to intern for companies based in China.

“Think Global - Work Global”

During the China Internship Program you will be working in an International or Chinese company located in Beijing or Shanghai, where you will be required to work both independently and as part of a team.

• Finance
• Marketing, PR & Advertising
• International Business & Consulting
• Architecture and Interior design
• Hotels and Tourism
• International Trade
• NGOs & Charities
• Legal
• Pharmaceuticals
• Arts
• IT
• Graphic Design
• Green-Technology

We are also the official Member of China-Britain Business Council and British Chamber of Commerce in China as well as Graduate Prospects in the UK.

  • Boost your career prospects!
  • Immerse yourself into the Chinese business culture
  • Business Networking Events
  • International staff
  • 24/7 support service

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  • Support 8.5
  • Fun 8.2
  • Housing 8.4
  • Safety 8.5
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Contemporary Arts and Design Internship in Beijing (Gi2C)

Back in 2014th I was looking for internship and then I came to Gi2C’s website. I was thinking firstly is it good or not good agency to work with and I was reading reviews. By looking for information about internship on my own I found out that it’s really difficult and after all I have choose to apply to Gi2C internship program. My advice for newcomers: be prepare to have a cultural shock, you have to adapt to the environment, you have to adapt to the transportation. Just think carefully why do you want to go to China and after that have fun and enjoy your time here.

I’ve been wanted come to China because I wanted experience a life in Beijing and of course for to do the internship. I heard that a most of people from Europe and America who come here to do internship enjoy it because the life is cheap and most of time you even can attend some payment for the internship and it’s good benefit for you. People here are very nice, the city is quite big and even transportation from time to time can be scary because it’s very busy here, you have to fight to get on the transport. But Chinese are soft people and kind and nice to be honest. Chinese food is really nice too and there is healthy food as well, I can eat everything here, taste is nice to me and, well, food is really cheap here. Getting around in Beijing isn’t expensive at all and it’s really easy.
Accommodation provided by Gi2C is fine and very convenient. It’s shared accommodation, there were three of us, it’s full furnished modern flat, clean, we had cleaners coming twice in a week.

In my opinion internship is mostly important because of learning. You learn theory at school and university, and you have opportunity to put it to the practice during internship. When you are looking for a job you should be able to show in your CV that you already have experience. Without experience you can’t find a job. I’m happy that my company gave me proper project to do. I was doing internship at interior design so they gave me project which I had to design three bedroom flat in Beijing and they gave me choice to put my own personality there. We worked with team so we shared work but they gave me opportunity to do what I want to do, I appreciate it.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience in Beijing

Beijing is beautiful city except of pollution, local people are nice to you. Subway is easy and cheap way to go around Beijing, it's all in English inside so you don't need to ask anybody, however taxi can be difficult because from time to time they don't even stop by you, if you are foreigner.
I was happy with accomodation provided by Gi2C, it was so modern, nothing like Chinese typical appartment.
Concerning my internship I think it's good experience for fresh graduates before starting their career showing how does real work look like.
What have I gained? Confidence. I was working at travel agency, had to be all the time on a phone, it made it easier for me to communicate with people on a phone. Basically we organized trips for business leisure groups for example for exhibitions all over Europe.
I've tried to find internship by myself first but outside it really diffficult, I didn't manage it and went on few agencies. I choosed Gi2C after all.
My simple advice for newcomers: just go, experience it and enjoy yourself

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Yes, I recommend this program

With Gi2C you can get what you want

1. VISA:
Gi2C helped me with M visa, no problem. I also did my own research before coming to China for to be sure that everything’s legit, and it is. You can stay in company as intern with M visa.

2. Accommodation:
I was sharing pretty new and clean flat near Tuanjiehu (nice area, by the way, there are parks and Sunlitun’s pretty close, I recommend) with girl from Philippine. One more friend in my life, hope to see you soon, Phoebe! I’m not so picky but it was nice to have decent accommodation.

3 . The placement:
I was working as Marketing Specialist at foreign owned business consulting company (but stuff was almost all Chinese). I mean I was really working not like some interns who just watch TVserials at their workplaces and then moaning that there are no benefits for future career from this internship. I can’t say I love Chinese way of doing business neither can I say I really want to work with Chinese businessmen anymore but I definitely learned a lot and obviously have improved my professional skills. Working in China with Chinese people it’s challenging but how can you develop yourself without facing challenges? So I really appreciate this experience and I dare this is a huge plus for my CV cause I’m not gonna stay long at home, I want to develop my career in Asia.
4. Conclusion:
In my opinion if you determinate to develop your career in Asian region this is a great opportunity. You can choose any agency of course. I made a decision to work with Gi2C because I liked the way they provide information, Mary (my manager) always gave me a lot of details, gave me quick answers for all my countless questions. Maybe you can find another agency you like better. I’m adult I know what I want, I paid for the program by myself and I did my own research for to be sure that I’m doing right thing.
So my advice for someone who is coming: be patient, be polite, find out what you really want and be picky then. If you know what you want Gi2C will help you get it. If you don’t nobody’ll help.

What would you improve about this program?
In my opinion Gi2C should be more picky about interns. I faced interns who did care about their job so little I even wonder how did agency find any placement to them. Come on, guys, if everything what you need is just travel and having fun go teach English then, you are welcome at every Chinese kindergarten. Leave a decent career way for someone who really cares.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My internship with Gi2C Group

I do recommend going with Gi2C because they really do a lot for you. It was nice to be picked up from the airport, and taken to the accommodations. I was assigned roommates that were also starting internships, so I instantly had friends, I wasn't alone and I appreciate it. Gi2C also hosts dinners and networking events with all of the interns and it helps a lot. In addition they are helping you at anytime of the day if you need a translator, or directions, or help planning trips. I wanna say thank you for that. Once I called my manager in the midst of the night because couldn't get on a taxi on my way home and he helped me even he was obviously sleepy.

Gi2C is definitely legitimate and I had an amazing experience while in China. I would recommend it. I would recommend any student go for the 2 or 3 month program. I did it. The first month you are settling in with your company and the second and third month is where you really begin to form professional relationships with your colleagues. No worries about language, each intern is assigned an English speaking supervisor even if company isn't foreign owned. It means the intern will always be able to communicate with someone in the company.

I'm more than OK with my company, but some of other interns have mixing feelings. I guess it can be lack of sense of reality or too big expactations. Life and work in China has nothing to do with our previous experience. Also some companies are just better than others, like in the states. Btw, Gi2C does a great job if you are not satisfied with your company helping you find suitable position to complete internship, I saw how they did it to my roommate.

I bet anyone with an open mind would love this opportunity. Btw, I received a really good recommendation and it helped improve my CV. So thank you guys from Gi2C, good job!

What would you improve about this program?
I agree with one of former interns: Gi2C should give more instructions on what to prepare
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No, I don't recommend this program

How GI2C nearly destroyed my hopes

1. VISA:

They will tell you to get a visa m which is impossible unless your boss in your country of residence is nice enough to give you a letter attesting he is sending you abroad to attend a marketing course which is illegal by the way!!!! So you would probably have to come under a different visa.

2. Accommodation:

A lot of people think that the accommodation is individual and i did based on the first description the make about accommodation: " Having your your own accommodation upon arriving means that you can get right down to excelling at your internship in China. During this time, Gi2C can help you find alternative accommodations - based on your budget - for the duration of your time being in Beijing or Shanghai." But if you pay enough attention and go on the next pages you will understand that it is shared. If you want your own flat like i wanted you would have to pay an additional 3000 rmb.

3 . The placement:

Gi2c has a very good network with marketing departments of a lot of companies and it makes sense because it is the easiest work to get for a foreigner in china. Most of the time they will come up to you and tell you they have something for you in a finance company in the marketing department and you will end up not doing what you want. I was placed in a company located in a bad area, the building was disgusting and they even gave us individual toilet paper to go to the bathroom.

4. The support system for accommodation :

They will send you some internet links but after that you are on your own. I was lucky enough to be helped by a friend's uncle who helped me find a flat 1000 rmb cheaper than the only flat kris found for me after i complained about the lack of support in regards to the accommodation hunting process.

5. Complaining and refund:

I was lucky enough to find a much better internship placement with one of their competitors in a very good company in my field. I will not name their competitor in order not to sound as if i am advertising on their behalf.

Once i informed Gi2c that i indeed found a much better placement. The first thing kris asked me was to send him the job description of my new internship so that he could look for the closest position possible in order for me not to leave gi2c. Which is a shame because i had been telling them what i wanted since August 2014 and it was already February 2015.

6. The refund and the consequences:

So after proving to Gi2c that they indeed did not provide me with the service they promise they would, i was given a refund of 5500 rmb the exact amount i asked to pay their competitor who found me a much better internship. I thought i had lost my premium package privileges after a meeting with kris but there was a misunderstanding because after meeting again with kris and yuri i was told i could still attend the monthly events and could still ask for any guidance i would need regarding my visa etc.

7. Conclusion:

That being said an internship in China is really GREAT experience you just have to be extremely careful about the internship offer and not be shy to reject an offer if you do not fully feel comfortable with it. My experience with Gi2c was not good but they admitted their mistake and i think i could have had a better internship if i had been more careful with the position they offered me.

Response from Get into China Group

In response to Winnie’s review of her experience with Gi2C, we would just like to say that everybody is entitled to express their view on how they perceive things, as is their right. However more times than not perception is skewed to express the emotions and or events of the teller, which is not exactly the truth or complete story.
1. Visa
Visa laws are constantly changing and when dealing with the Chinese embassy things can be even more confusing for people since they themselves don’t adhere to the visa policies that are posted on their official website. We do however do our best to stay current with the regulations. If you are coming to China for an internship it is recommended to get an M visa. This is not Gi2C’s rule it is what is told to us by the Chinese embassy since this is the closes visa to get being that there is no specific visa set for internships. Each country may encounter different issues when obtaining a visa for China if problems do occur. We state this clearly on our website. In this intern’s case it was required for Winnie to get a letter from her current boss as well as the invitation we issue her to receive a visa. Once again not our rules but the government, when difficulties arise we do everything legally in our power to help interns receive the visa.

2. Accommodation
Once again we have all the information about accommodation on our website, also if anyone is unclear about what we offer they can send an email to use or call to ask about any information and we would be more than happy to answer. This intern may have initially misunderstood but as she stated if you read further you see that it is a shared apartment. Nonetheless we immediately found a way to accommodate Winnie's request and the additional amount set is not our pricing but that of the apartment complex. With our package for share accommodation the price is reasonably set. Also because of this incident we have updated our website to make it even clearer for our participants, because we in no way what to give the sense of deception.

3. Placement
Placements are agreed upon by the intern most times after an interview with the company. And in a lot of cases we provide pictures of the company itself. This may be an exaggerated depiction of the company based on this intern’s dissatisfaction. Also finding marketing internships in China is not as easy as we make it look. There are a lot of other fields that we have a strong network with as well. And if any issues arise with the company we do our best to resolve it and depending on the situation it may result in a new placement.

4. Support system for accommodation
Yes it is true that we send links to assist in the search for accommodation when it’s time for our participants to find new housing, but this is not all we do. We also set you up with apartment agencies that specialize in this area and if you need help with the landlord or signing the contract we also assist with this. In this applicants case special attention was paid in helping to find a suitable accommodation because of her unique needs. When presented with this Winnie declined stating that she already found assistance, which is her prerogative. But it is unfair to negate this simply because a cheaper one was found. Also this was done before a complaint was lodged.

5. Complaining and refund
Yes it is true that Winnie found another internship through another company. This is because she did not allow us to do the job she paid us to do. She was informed of the process and the reasons why each process needed to be performed. When the complaint was made she had already sought out other methods before informing us so we could assist her. When told how we were going to rectify the situation within 2 days Winnie had already accepted help from another company. Also intern accepted the original offer knowing full well what the company does and what role she would play because as stated earlier she interviewed with the company first.

6. A refund was indeed given to Winnie but not because of the lack of service provided. As far as her package was concerned Winnie was and still is entitled to certain assistance and events.

7. Conclusion
We deeply regret this unfortunate situation; we would like to make all our clients happy and satisfied. While each individual’s experience is different and the outcomes vary a large percent of our clients are happy, satisfied and value or service as much as we value them. We appreciate the feedback whether it is positive or negative it all helps us to be better. We just ask those who review us to not let emotions cloud their judgment and provide an honest and full picture of their experience with us.


Gi2C Group - Customer Service Department

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Yes, I recommend this program

Legal Internship

The Gi2C programme was fantastic, it was unfortunate that I was only here for a month and already fully qualified in the field I chose before coming to China.
Subsequently, I was unable to learn that much professionally from my internship but I did learn a lot personally and experiencing the culture here was amazing!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Crazy but valuable!

Coming here to Beijing was mainly to get some work experience but I got so much more out of these few months. For me, Beijing is way too crowded but I got to learn more about the Chinese cultulture, I met some great people with whom I'll definitely stay in touch and I visited some cool places while I was here. As for the internship, my colleagues were so kind and I feel like I was able to know what it is like to work for a company in Beijing.

What would you improve about this program?
More detailed information about the content of the internship
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No, I don't recommend this program

Internship in Beijing

My working day starts at 9 AM and finish at 6 PM. My basic day is writing post for social media and prepare the events of the week. It means sending a lot of e-mail, pay the booth, packing the product we need... Sometimes I wear a bee costume to promote the company.

About the problem I encountered, I had a lot of problem with my visa for different reasons!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Gi2C review

You expect something when you come to China. It could be learning the values that Chinese people have, it could be job experience, it could be Chinese language or being independent and be in a completely new environment that you have never encountered before. I would say you will get the most of things that I have listed if you stay in Beijing enough time and if you desire to get those, but another thing is that the job experience you would get in China is different from what you experience in different countries. There are different systems that dominate the companies, especially local companies. Many businesses in China are largely based on relationships more than the abilities of the company itself, but it is interesting to know how it works and to know how the money flows in this Giant country.

What would you improve about this program?
This is really good programme apart from the fact that it is blind for candidates to choose which companies they will be allocated. If this is more clear and candidates get a chance to interact with the companies they are willing to get an experience from, this programme would be much more worthy to be recommended and to be invested from foriegn countries.
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Yes, I recommend this program

refreshing live expirience, but a little poor in terms of work

The experience has been great in a whole. Although that because of the social part of my stay. The internship part hasn't been as good as I expected and I haven't learned so much ( I did learn some things).

What would you improve about this program?
It could be improved in the sense of trying to make sure the companies need someone to actually work hard and learn their way of solving problems.
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No, I don't recommend this program

my place of work and chinese people

At the begining it was quite hard to get used to the chinese manners and way of living, but at the end i got used to
I would have prefered an hotel in the city, because i can't do nothing after i finish working

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Yes, I recommend this program

over all was a good experience life and Professional.

-Doing some research very difficult to use Chinese website because all their research is base on internet they don't have the material like books references.

-survey on site,

-project a group work difficult to understand if you don't speak Chinese.

-assist to the actual project, assist the meeting and presentation of work.
-doing a real project in group work. would like to have constructive critics about the individual.

assist and participated on life project A to Z with the Senior Designer.

Daily work: use of the Autocad by drafting plan, SketchUp and Research. design Concept.
over all was Happy with my internship because of their kindness of willing to help.

What would you improve about this program?
place the intern in the English environment office.
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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience

I have enjoyed my time in China, being in Beijing is definitely an experience and I have visited some great tourist desinations on my days off, but unfortunately in terms of my internship I have not gotten much out of it at all.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My China Experience

Everyday here in Beijing brings a new adventure and some hurdles to overcome. First of all there is the language barrier and also the cultural difference to Europe. You have to extremely adapt to everydays new challenges in order to personally grow and in order to make your experience much better. My personal highlights here at work were that I was able to attend all these fairs my company had organized which allowed me to network with people all around the world. Also the working climate was very good with nice people who helped me to do my everyday work. Beijing is such a great city, there is so much history and things to and I made a lot of friends. All of that and the bundle of great experience I will take back home made my stay here unforgettable.

What would you improve about this program?
I felt like there was some kind of lack in communication between Gi2C and the company I work for in the beginning. I would have appreciated to also get in touch with my company directly before meeting them the first day to know that to expect. Also I thought the cost for only internship was quite high compared to other internships here in China as we cant really see where all our money has gone. Nevertheless I really liked that Gi2C organised some events for the internship group to better get to know each other as a first step to make new friends.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The activities and social clubs during weekends should be more interesting and effective

You should arrange something more interesting social activities as I wish to have more connections with the other foreigners and also local people. Some places which I have seen that are not interested to go, for example Zhujiajiao Water Town. If you want to arrange a small of group tour, I think it's better to go to Happy Valley (Amusement Park) and somewhere is more Asian and more traditional town, such as Qibao town.