Internships Abroad in Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Portugal

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Internship & Study Abroad Group offers a range of top-tier internship or study programs.

All internship programs are with pre-qualified organisations which can range from a multinational organisation through to NGO's. You have complete control on the dates you wish to start and finish. Our applications are open all year round to fit around your schedule. Do you want to intern then study? Do you want to do two programs across multiple destinations? You can, we offer flexibility.

Contact us, let us know what you are interested in and we will help you find the program right for you. Whether you are looking to attain university credits, gain experience or simply travel and be involved in a program on the side, we can help by offering you different available options with partners.
* If applicable all programs are valid for university credits and we will provide you with a full detailed program description for university approval.

  • Explore the wonders of our destinations a with different tours included, and witness each nation's marvels and beauty.
  • Experience in a new way and manner how to conduct business or study, growing professionally and enhancing your knowledge, ultimately demonstrating the international and adaptable person you can be.
  • Engage with locals, colleagues and us here at ISAGroup throughout your time.
  • Take it all in, learn and gain incredible moments as you make new memories
  • Receive post program consultation and an up to date resumé that ensures you are ready for what follows next

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