CISabroad Internships in Dublin
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CISabroad Internships in Dublin

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Intern in Dublin and experience the wondrous beauty, friendly people, and rich historic culture of Ireland. You will work directly with Irish co-workers, providing you with a truly immersive experience! With over 100 internship opportunities available, you are sure to find an internship in the field of your choice. Our internships are a minimum of six weeks. However, we encourage you to stay as long as possible!

  • Location! Dublin is a bustling cosmopolitan city, constantly growing with work opportunities. Our CISabroad staff will ensure you have the professional experience of a lifetime!
  • Custom-placement! You will do more than brew coffee and run errands for the boss. We work closely with interns to secure placements in the field of their choice.
  • Diversity! You will have the opportunity to work with interns from all around the world, while also working alongside local Irish professionals. Could you ask for a better immersion experience?
  • Extensive Network! You will leave your internship in Dublin with an extensive network of professionals, not to mention a glowing addition to your resume!
  • Excursions! You will have dozens of opportunities to explore Dublin and nearby areas so you get a more wholesome experience during your internship in Ireland.
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Program Reviews (2)

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24 years old
University of Michigan

Unfortunate and unusual circumstances.


It is hard for me to adequately review my experience. I went 2 weeks without power at my apartment. My first internship was at a museum with 13 other interns where a staff of 3 people oversaw us. Although, CIS reassigned me a new internship and reimbursed me for my time without power. It was very stressful and extra expensive. I am glad for the for the growth and learning experiences. However, the trip kind of sucked.

How can this program be improved?

Obviously, make sure that the land lord pays the electric bill and do extra research on how many interns to employee ration.

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24 years old
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
University of Alabama- Birmingham

Intern in Dublin!


CISAbroad was extremely helpful during my entire 8-week experience in Dublin, Ireland. My on-site program coordinator wanted to know how my internship was going and would take all of the interns out to dinner and on excursions to make our experience amazing. I had a few challenges with my housing, it was CISAbroad's first time using the apartments that I lived in. Although it was at the perfect location, we had a few problems with our electricity and our housing would not fix it. CIS took all of the necessary steps to make sure we were all comfortable and reimbursed us for our troubles! With the money I received back from rent, I was able to go skydiving on my last week in Ireland! Overall, my experience with CISAbroad and Dublin was a 10/10 and I wouldn't change anything!

How can this program be improved?

I loved this program. We had many excursions all over Ireland, some overnight, and some just day trips. We visited the Cliffs of Moher and Galway, Kilkenny and Wicklow county, and Belfast in Northern Ireland. I would have loved to go out of the country on a planned all-inclusive excursion with my CISAbroad program coordinator and all of the other interns. However, it just was not in the budget, which is understanding.

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