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World Endeavors' Intern in Ireland program is the perfect opportunity for students, recent graduates, and mid-career professionals to gain experience in their field while spending time in unique, culturally rich Ireland. Interns are placed in Dublin depending on their specific placement. All internship placements are customized to best fit the goals, interests, and experience of the intern. Contact World Endeavors for more details!

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PT Intern in Dublin, Ireland

I couldn't ask for a better intern experience than the one I received with World Endeavors. If you know anything about physical therapy in the U.S., you are very limited to what you're allowed to do/see in a variety of clinics while doing your shadowing. In Ireland, however, this was not the case! I had the chance to help write patient notes, become familiar with their management software, and participate in their continuing education programs which detailed cutting edge technology and techniques.

Besides my internship being great, the actual country of Ireland was BEAUTIFUL! The internship was flexible enough allowing me to travel throughout Dublin and the whole country of Ireland. Check out my pictures below!

How can this program be improved?
I specifically asked for pediatric physical therapy, and got placed in a general PT clinic which had virtually no pediatric patients ever. Even though they didn't match my experience up perfectly, I was able to learn so much!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Gaining more nursing experience

A typical day went something like this: Leave for the bus by 7:11, board the bus by 7:20 give or take, get off around 8:10 or 8:15 and spend some time in a coffee shop before going to my internship placement, a nursing home, at 9. I was there till 5 everyday assisting the activities coordinators with various tasks to keep residents busy. Activities ranged from doing crosswords, quizzing them on history, reading poems, exercising, arranging flowers, playing cards, serving tea with biscuits twice a day and helping to maintain resident safety. I was able to do a great deal of traveling on the weekends and was able to do everything I wanted to while still doing my internship Monday thru Friday. I was able to take one Friday off as well to do some extra traveling. I grew so much as an individual and came back home much more confident and willing to try new things. One of the hardest parts was having to say goodbye to staff and residents who truly became my family during my 8 weeks. There were a few bumps along the way, but they were always minor and nothing I couldn't handle.

How can this program be improved?
Sometimes I wished the nursing home would be closer to where I lived, yet it was great living so close to the city center and all the great restaurants and shopping (especially grocery stores!) A little more hands on nursing experience also would have been helpful, but I am grateful to the staff for allowing me to watch various things. I was also able to work on communication and other nursing skills that will make me a better nurse in the future.
Yes, I recommend this program

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