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CISabroad - Intern in Rome

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Travel with CISabroad and intern in Rome to experience the best of personal and professional development, enhance your Italian language skills, and dive in the culture of the "Eternal City!" Work with Italians in a broad range of fields from culinary to communications, marketing to museum management. Discover the ancient city of Rome while boosting your resume with international experience. Internships run year-round with most interns working 8 to 12 weeks.

  • Customized internships! We know you didnt travel all the way to Rome to scoop gelato, so we ensure you are placed in a quality internship that will maximize your internship experience.
  • Flexible dates! You can intern for the summer, or enroll in a longer semester internship, or varying amounts in between. We know traveling overseas can be a difficult process, and we ensure you have all the flexibility and support possible.
  • Location! Authentic pizza, theater, nightlife, spectacular museums, and dozens of tourist spots to explore! You will never run out of things to do in Rome.
  • Travel throughout Europe! Take a weekend trip to France, Spain, or anywhere you wish! Traveling throughout Europe is relatively easy, and you will have the flexibility to make the most out of your time abroad.
  • Experience! Leave Rome with a glowing resume. Your internship in an international setting is sure to set you apart from other applicants in all future job applications!
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University of Michigan

Intern in Rome


Interning in Rome was definitely an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. As a Sophomore in college, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Interning truly helped me discover the right career path for me. I hope to live and work abroad, so this experience gave me a taste of what that might be like. I developed so many skills by working abroad, including professional workplace skills, critical thinking, formal writing, research, etc. Outside of the workplace, I was able to gain the confidence to live on my own abroad, which is something I was nervous about as a young woman who had never travelled alone. The CISabroad staff were so incredibly lovely. They were always there to help me. Rome is so easy to fall in love with. I truly felt like I was living in a fantasy world. Everywhere you look is breathtaking, and there's always a new area to explore. I also fell in love with Italian culture, especially how genuinely friendly people are. I miss living and working in Italy each and every day.

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22 years old
Towson University

CISabroad Italy intern


I was working at a refugee center this summer in Rome, Italy. This internship was through CISabroad. My onsite staff was immensely caring and thoughtful. I always felt safe! I was also constantly in touch with them as we had weekly events scheduled with other interns in the area. This was a great experience and if it wasn't for CISabroad I wouldn't have had such a life changing experience. I recommend CISabroad to all my friends.

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The offsite coordinators could have been more prompt in responding and could have given us more information about the program we were going to endure.

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