A little landlocked country in the middle of Eastern Europe, Moldova is often overlooked by travelers trekking around the countries previously hidden behind the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Era.

Although small in size, Moldova boasts a rich history documenting stories of Byzantine and Roman influence to political unrest after World War II. Since its independence in 1991, the Moldavian government is working towards integrating the young country into the European Union -- news that continues to draw in journalists from around the world.

Getting an international internship in Moldova is a great way to experience firsthand the makings of a growing nation!


Given the ever-changing political atmosphere in Moldova, there is always something interesting to report on. Although Moldova tends to be a less-traveled country, journalism interns can have more opportunities to step out on the front line and publish their own pieces. What’s more? Interns might also get the chance to shadow a local journalist at a well-known news publication. For all those aspiring international journalists out there, Moldova is the place to get hands-on journalism experience abroad!


There are several opportunities to directly impact the lives of children in Moldova by teaching English. Since the country was hidden from the international spectrum until the 1990s, most people in Moldova have had very little exposure to English. A teaching internship in Moldova will expose you to the differences in international education curriculums as well as help you gain real experience in teaching. The sheer opportunity to teach children about the vast world beyond their local town and country can be extremely rewarding.

International Business

While Moldova is currently the poorest country in Europe, its economic growth rate of 7% proves that it has great potential in the future. The dynamic economic atmosphere in Moldova has begun to shift the country’s traditionally agriculture-based economy to encourage a developing business industry.

As Moldova continues to see rapid growth in various business fields such as manufacturing and finance, more opportunities have opened up for international interns in business development. Getting a business internship in Moldova will provide you with real international business experience and definitely set you apart.

When and Where to Look for an Internship

Finding an internship in Moldova will be difficult if you try to take the traditional approach of sending resumes and cold-emails. Instead, look to apply to an internship program that has already established relationships with local Moldovan organizations and businesses. Although internships may be offered year-round, most interns choose to go to Moldova over the summer.

Cost of Living in Moldova

The cost of living in Moldova may vary depending on the location you decide to live in. Like any other country, the cost of living in the middle of a large city will be much greater than living in a smaller town. However, the overall cost of living in Moldova is much less than other parts of Europe. Imported consumer goods are relatively more expensive than other living expenses such as rent, utilities, and transportation.

Also note that 1 Moldovan Leu is approximately 0.08 U.S. dollars. For a detailed breakdown of costs in Moldova, see NUMBEO.

  • 1 bedroom apartment in City Center: 3,425 L
  • 1 pair of jeans: 950 L
  • 1 bottle of water: 7 L
  • 1 way transportation ticket: 3 L


The Moldovan people have adopted relatively conservative business practices. It is important to remember to dress formally for meetings, and utilize titles and surnames when addressing others. When communicating with others, the Moldovans dislike confrontation, and will do their best to avoid any possibility for conflict.


The official language spoken in Moldova is Moldovan, but due to the country’s proximity to Romania, Moldovan is extremely similar to Romanian. Other languages spoken include Russian and Gagauz, a Turkish dialect.

As an international intern, you will most likely use English in the workplace, so you need not worry about learning to speak Moldovan fluently. With that said, it is still a good idea to learn a little to ease communication.


Networking is not especially emphasized in Moldova. Instead, people tend to rely on natural human connections to establish business relationships. However, as an intern, it is a good idea to take the opportunity and learn from other professionals in the fields you are interested in. While there may not always be a structured networking event for you to go to, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to others. There are a few established networking associations such as the EBA Moldova Business Networkthat may be worth checking out.

Work and Labor Laws in Moldova

Moldova’s work and labor laws, outlined in the country’s Labor Code, establish the appropriate working hours and occupational safety standards in Moldova. Most internships and volunteer positions in Moldova are unpaid.

Internship Programs in Moldova

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European Union in the Republic of Moldova
Internship in EU Delegation

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  • American Councils Study Abroad
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