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Fall Spring Summer
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$2,000 USD
Dec 18, 2019
Oct 04, 2019

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Since international work experience is becoming increasingly more important to employers, why not intern in one of the most beautiful countries in the world: New Zealand. TEAN's New Zealand Internship Program collaborates with top industry partners to provide students with an all inclusive internship experience. Take advantage of our connections in New Zealand, earn credit from your home university, meet new friends and create excellent business contacts during your summer or semester internship abroad.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

My summer interning in New Zealand through TEAN was truly one I will never forget. The application and interview process supported by TEAN’s excellent staff was smooth and I was placed in the appropriate field in which I wanted to gain work experience. I had a blast on the orientation with the other interns; it was a great way to make new friends and get to see the country before settling into the internship. I lived in a beautiful apartment that TEAN organized with other interns, balanced working hard during the week and exploring NZ on the weekends, and established connections with my supervisors. I learned so much about my field, gained real-world skills, and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. It was a summer full of personal and professional growth and I highly recommend TEAN!

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Most Unique Experience of a Lifetime

Interning through TEAN is the best choice I've ever made. If I lived any closer to New Zealand I would have stayed with my company for a full time job. An intern abroad experience is a unique way to gain work experience in which hiring companies love to see! My company was absolutely fantastic. As a marketing major, I was unsure of what specific kind of marketing I was interested in. I decided to click the "Public Relations" option when matching with a company to work for because it is something I was previously on the fence about, and I found that I love it! I truly enjoyed talking to people on the phone, getting ready for events, setting up interviews, talking to magazines, and specifically speaking with young chefs in Auckland that we would later write a press release on. I learned how to write reports, press releases, and how to design a social media page to target customers of clients we worked with. I learned so much about myself; what I am interested, and what I am not so interested in, and that communicating with others actually brings me joy. TEAN gave me the tools I needed to feel comfortable as an intern while allowing me to be on my own as well. Our four day intro helped me to make friends in my program and understand my surroundings in Auckland, and The Great Barrier Reef Excursion I went on provided by TEAN after my internship was the absolute perfect way to end a few months of hard work! I cannot say enough about how much I loved being an intern through The Education Abroad Network.

What would you improve about this program?
There were only seven of us located in Auckland, NZ and one of the closest friends I made during our introduction week (out of ten students total) was located on the South Island for his internship. I was so sad that we weren't all able to stick together, but it meant that I traveled to the South Island three different weekends to go on adventures such as paddle rafting in 30 degrees, hiking Mount Cook, visiting the Fiordlands, and exploring Queenstown!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Hobbits and Shakespeare and Kiwis -- oh my!

When I first watched Peter Jackson's adaptations of The Lord of the Rings at age 10, I knew I had to visit New Zealand. How could such sweeping plains, craggy volcanos, and verdant farmland exist in one small island country? However, because of the stresses of traveling so far, I knew this would not be an easy trip to plan or execute on my own. What is a sad nerd girl to do? Luckily, I found my answer in TEAN; not only did they help with my travel and living arrangements, they offered me the chance to work for college credit and live in my dream city, Wellington, for two months. I had the opportunity to get real-life, cross-cultural work experience at Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand, a partner of the Globe in London that specializes in educational outreach for secondary school children. Aside from my 40-hour work weeks, I was able to explore the country that had fascinated me for so many years during my spare time. It took a few bouts of severe homesickness and many trips to the coffeeshop by the office, but in between searching for Hobbits and those ever-elusive Kiwi, I found a better, stronger version of myself along the way. I'm forever thankful to New Zealand and TEAN for allowing me the opportunity to live a dream and plan for my not-so-distant adulthood, all at the same time.

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