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Oct 11, 2020
Oct 25, 2019
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What better way to find a career you love than starting your very own business. Our Activate Entrepreneur program takes you from ideation to launch in 4 weeks.

How does the program work:

Week 1: Spark a startup as you go through a week of ideation, looking at your passions and learning to spot the array of opportunities that surround you.

​Week 2: Quickly identify if your new business ideas are feasible as you learn to use our seamless approach in assessing each of your startup concepts.

​Week 3: Take your seamless ideas to market as you learn how to use marketing sprints to test your hypothesis with your chosen target audience.

​Week 4: Once you’ve proved your concept, it’s now time to launch your new startup through identified MVPs (minimal viable products/prototypes).

​Throughout: Join regular group exploration sessions to learn new entrepreneurial skills, expose yourself to new industries, and build meaningful connections.

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Program Highlights

  • Build professional work experience
  • Develop global connections
  • Build transferable startup skills
  • Start working on your business idea and take it to market by using marketing tools
  • Receive Linkedin reference

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