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Welcome to the Excellence Center: People who are between 18 – 75 years old are eligible to participate in all of our programs in Palestine and Germany. All nationalities and majors are welcome! You do not have to have any degree to join us. The Excellence Center hosts internationals year-round. Participants decide when they would like to start and end their programs. We are very flexible when it comes to starting and ending dates.


The Teach English and Study Arabic (TESA) Program provides visitors from all over the world the opportunity to live in the Palestinian city of Hebron and to experience daily Palestinian life while working as an Intern with the Excellence Center (EC).

As an Intern you will be provided with 3 hours of conversational Arabic a week. During your time in Palestine as an Intern, you will give some language classes and provide administrative assistance to the Center while at the same time that you are immersing yourself in Palestinian culture. Our program participants teach courses focusing on conversational English. Previous teaching experience is preferred but not essential.

As an Intern you will live with a Palestinian host family (availability permitting), and visit historical sites, local industries, universities, and refugee camps in the city of Hebron. The Excellence Center does everything possible to make our Interns feel at home so that you have a wonderful time in Palestine

  • The programs offers you a stay with a Palestinian host family
  • Teach English and Speak Arabic program provides you the opportunity to learn spoken Arabic
  • International Interns will have the opportunity to meet Palestinian university and school students as well as community members
  • Participants will have the opportunity to learn in depth about the ongoing Israeli occupation
  • International Interns will have the opportunity to experience Palestinian Culture and live the daily life in Hebron, Palestine. Moreover, Participant will have the opportunity to travel around Palestine

Questions & Answers

Hi, thanks for asking! Yes, the safety of all participants is ensured with this program. For additional information we recommend contacting the program provider directly, which you can do here: http://excellencenter.org/contact-us/ .
Hi, thanks for asking! We recommend contacting the program provider directly to learn more about scholarship opportunities (here's a link to their contact info: http://excellencenter.org/contact-us/ ). Also make sure to check out our blog! We have tons of great articles and resources on finding and applying for scholarships :)
Great question! The monthly fee for this program is $560. More info on pricing and trip details can be found here: http://excellencenter.org/teach-english-in-palestine-2/ .
You can volunteer for a few week or months. I volunteered for 2.5 months one volunteer was there for 4 months I think.


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Best Thing I Have Done in my Life!

Highlights: visiting towns and cities throughout the West Bank, including interesting sites in Hebron itself such as the Russian Orthodox Church, factories such as glass-blowing, the souq and Old City, and Mosque. Total immersion into Palestinian life WITH Palestinians: Weddings, Ramadan for example. Very meaningful for me was being included as one of the family, experiencing the love and warmth of family life along with family friends, and the opportunities to spend overnights in different villages with friends of the Excellence Center. Everywhere people told me "Welcome" and I really felt that sincerely. I was very at home. EC staff endeavored to fulfill my wishes and meet my needs the whole time.

Difficulties: I am fairly adaptable so difficulties for me tended to be few - experiencing the intense heat of the Judean desert when I'm from the north climes of America was a challenge; not taking precious water for granted was another; gauging clothing and dressing to make sure I was "in sync" with another's culture - these were very good challenges and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Living for nine weeks in Hebron was the best thing I have ever done in my life and I will say that for ever after!

How can this program be improved?
Perhaps time off for teacher/interns could be a little more structured so that the intern could make firm plans for sightseeing, etc.
Response from The Excellence Center

Dear Lora,

Thank you so much for leaving a review. We are very happy to hear that you had a good time in Palestine. Thank you Hajjah Lora for everything. We wish you all the best and we hope to meet you in Palestine soon

Shukran Hajjah Lora,
EC Staff

Yes, I recommend this program


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The Excellence Center was established in June 2011 as a youth initiative to offer educational and community services to its diverse group of internationals and Palestinians. It is located in the main heart of Hebron on Ein Sarah street which is under...