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Jul 08, 2020
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Kick-start your international career with a life-changing internship adventure in South Korea!

South Korea’s soft power has already reached far beyond Asia and impacted many parts of Western culture with its thrilling K-pop music and fashion scene. In a few decades, the country rose to become one of the richest economies on the globe and hosts many world-renowned brands.

A South Korea internship will give you the chance to discover all the mind-blowing sights this exciting destination has to offer:
・Travel back in time at Bukchon Hanok Village
・Bibimbap, Kimchi, Patbingsu: Dive into the world of Korean delicacies
・Give hiking a try at Seoraksan National Park
・Relax by the beach in Busan
・Explore Jeju's natural beauty

As your gateway into Asia, Meiji Internships will fully assist you on your journey to work, travel and live in Asia. We organize your customized internship placement and accommodation - you pave the way for your international career!

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Program Highlights

  • Fully Customizable: Choose from several industries and destinations according to your interests and talents.
  • Networking Opportunities: Gain work experience in global Japanese companies and establish crucial business connections to kickstart your future international career.
  • University Credit: University accredited internships in all major industries with 750+ host companies ranging from multinational corporations to innovative start-ups and influential NGOs across Asia.
  • Personal Development: Grow personally as well as professionally by challenging yourself every day through new and exciting projects.
  • Once-in-a-lifetime Experience: Step out of your comfort zone and start exploring Asia! Take part in social activities, allowing you to make new friends from all over the world!

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Yes, I recommend this program

3 Months Korean Business Internship

My 3 months in Seoul went by so fast. Corporate life in Korea really enabled me to learn so much about myself and also reflect a lot on how business practices and deals are done in here. My business internship was in a fintech company and I was exposed to a great deal of tasks on how the company’s operations are functioning. I was originally planning on doing a finance internship in London, but I thought to get ahead of my peers and take the chance of doing an international work placement in Asia. As this is my first time to Korea I felt a big cultural gap and it took me some time to adapt to my new environment. Nevertheless the warm welcoming I received from my colleagues and the involvement in current projects really took away all my worries I had at the beginning. Korea is quite an exotic place to work and the working culture can be sometimes challenging but I recommend anybody to go out of their comfort zone and take the chance to do an internship abroad. I recommend Meiji Internships and overall I think they did a very good job in assisting me throughout this experience! Cheers!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fun Praktikum in Seoul

Interning in Seoul was am amazing experience and I will not forget all the crazy adventures I had here during my two months. The food, the people, the karaoke, and the events.
Before my internship really started I was very nervous how it is going to be. I was never in Korea or even Asia before (except of a family trip to Thailand way back when I was small. So first time leaving my comfort zone in cozy Germany and getting out in the big wide world was a big step for me. So I did some research about internship providers and came across these guys. I have heard from another friend who went with them before that she had good experiences with Meiji so I wanted to give it a try. The initial consultation call I had went very smooth even though I was a bit nervous, but the staff was really friendly and they took time to talk me through the process which was not so easy as I thought!

After understanding the whole program and paying their initial deposit everything went well and I was matched with a company that I decided to go with! It directly clicked with them when we had the video interview and they even had a German speaking staff! (I know it sounds crazy!)
Once I was in Seoul I needed some time to get used to the new environment and the spicy food, but Meiji organized a lot of events for me and I also participated in the sightseeing tours they offered for my business package.

The internship was really good and I was appointed with Market research and other writing tasks to find out about customer preferences for the European market for Korean cosmetic products. It was my first time to really analyze this type of data and research about different markets where our company could expand their products. At the same time I also had to help with some daily administrational tasks like filing reports, scheduling appointments for some staff and also not so exciting printing documents. I know not everything was so exciting but overall the internship was really a good start for my international career and I really really wanna come back here again.

Just my advice would be that the standard package seemed better because the other interns were in flat sharing and share houses where they lived with other students and interns together. If you get the business package you get a nice apartment but it can sometimes feel a bit lonely at night in a big shiny city like Seoul…

Just have to leave a few words in German to my fellow 귀여워 friends who took good care of this hyperactive and sometimes annoying German girl :-P
Mega geiles Praktikum in meiner Favorit Destination! Ihr wart alle super nett und ich hoffe dass Ihr mich auch mal eines Tages in Deutschland besucht! Alles liebe eure Sarah!!!

  • Great Internship Location for Asia Newbies
  • Great support and care during my stay
  • Sightseeing trips were fun
  • Private accommodation can feel a bit lonely, would recommend the student dorms
  • Food is good but too spicy and eating outside can be expensive
  • Make sure to be prepared that Korean apartments have a toilet shower hybrid system lol
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Yes, I recommend this program

Land of the Morning Calm

My internship just ended and I still cannot believe that my three months in Seoul passed so quickly. Korea was so nice to me and this internship really gave me a deeper inside look of what it means work in Asia. My host company was super friendly and I am so happy that I was placed in a marketing and advertising agency that really embraced me right from the beginning. I worked a lot in marketing and learned so much about copywriting, making client presentations, the different advertisement campaigns from video recording, model shooting and website building. I was not able to get technical knowledge in these areas as I have never done it before, but I was assisting other staff and also appeared in a local radio program on a tourist campaign we were involved.
I did tell Meiji that this is my first time in Asia and I was very nervous about how everything would go. but the accommodation, company and also the activities they organized for me were super fun! The best highlight was when I made Korean friends and we did a proper girls date and went to Lotte World for some fun in the sun and a lot of Insta pics with too many peace signs (I am really good at it now!).
One thing I do want to make other interns aware is that long working hours are the norm, not the exception. Germany is very different on this bit.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Spiced up internship in Megacity SEOUL

Yoyo good recall my vibrant and crazy fast-paced internship in Seoul this Summer. I don't know where to start but this was definitely a rollercoaster of high emotions and great food. I think food will give a good introduction so here we go. lol
As a typical Western European I was amazed and shocked as well how good AND spicy the food is over in Korea. It took my metabolism to adjust to the flavors and hot level, but once I mastered it I really didn't want to go back to Germany. haha
The night markets, the 24hr great drinking and bars that were open just gave me no other chance than going with my colleagues for sporadic drinks out sometimes.
Coming to the important bit my friends; The Internship!
Meiji did a great job placing me in a very successful startup focusing on English Learning platform and I was exposed to so many different business segments. Hey! No English teacher tasks, ok? Ah lot of IT, sales, marketing and even PR tasks were handed over to me during the three months I been there. The only thing I did not like was that sometimes working hours or work days changed, but I was informed in advance most of the time. This seems to be common in some Korean companies as other Meiji interns also told me that sometimes their boss had some promotional activities scheduled for weekends.
Last but not least, my Korean as well as my English has immensely improved and I was actually able to progress from Anyeonghaseyo to ordering food and talking about weather in Korean at the end. haha
I would say for anybody who wants to go to Asia, don't overlook Korea, because you gonna regret it. Bis denn Ihr Lieben! Alles gute euer Thomas!:)

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Yes, I recommend this program

My internship experience

At university I studied Tourism with the intention of working overseas in the hotel industry, and as expected Covid made finding real work experience overseas very difficult. During this time I had a chance to reflect on my next move, and so I set my goals towards Korea.

I got in touch with Meiji since I heard that the borders to Korea had opened, and at the time I didn’t want to waste any further time, so I selected the fast track option. I imagine my case was quicker than usual, but Meiji very quickly set up my internship with one of the top hotels in Seoul.

Once I arrived (earlier this year in May), life was much easier than expected. Korean’s are generally very nice and always happy to help, plus most of the important things will come with English translations. My daily work kept me busy enough, and as expected I found the work very interesting. During my 3 months at the hotel, I rotated around many different parts of the business function, so I was exposed to a lot. Also as it was an international hotel, I had no troubles with the language barrier.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A real confidence boost

I needed an internship experience in order to graduate from university, so I used this as a chance to go abroad. Through some research and some talks with various student advisors, I became aware of Meiji Internships.

The culture of South Korea has always been of interest to me, so the thought of doing an internship there sounded really attractive. I was already relatively familiar with the culture, so the transition into the Seoul lifestyle was not really problematic for me.

Whenever I had a question Meiji were quick to respond and were always helpful. They made sure the company was right for me, and they ensured I had the best possible experience. I’m really glad I interned abroad, it’s given me so much confidence in both myself and my future career!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An experience you wont find elsewhere

Interning in South Korea was something I learned about during a university fair, and was honestly something I thought wasn't possible without knowing the language. Through some research I found Meiji, who showed me that this wasn’t true! The internship they matched me with required only English (much to my relief) and was closely related to my industry of interest. I had three interviews and each potential host company was really interesting to me, so it was difficult to choose only one. Once I arrived, they were really welcoming and wasted no time in showing me around the city.

Looking back I am really grateful I was able to experience this. If I could give one piece of advice it would be to take pictures at every given opportunity, because once you leave you’ll really miss this place.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I'll never forget my time in Korea

Coming to Korea for an internship turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. First I had a consultation call with Meiji and they questioned me on my industries of interest and previous experience. To be honest there were a few problems with the Host Companies at first, but eventually a few weeks later they matched me with the perfect company. I worked with a very small company in Seoul, and in the end I was so happy with them. It had an amazing family feel to it, and I felt very welcome as a new foreigner in the workplace. I was met by nothing but kindness and it lasted throughout my whole stay. They really helped me out in the beginning when I had issues setting things up like my bank account, so I will be forever grateful for all they did for me! For now it is goodbye but I am sure that it is not forever, Seoul will always have a special place in my heart.

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