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Internship Coworking Barcelona

Internship Coworking Barcelona program offers students internship opportunities in Barcelona, Spain, in a variety of different professional fields at coworking sites throughout the city. A part from interning, students are offered a chance to expand on their Spanish language skills through an enrollment in Spanish courses and Communication & Art Workshops.With years of experience and dedication, the companies and coworkers of our spaces will be offering sessions in these topics: Art,Film,Photography,Video editing,On line Communication,Social Media...
You can choose from a selection of flexible internship options to best suit your needs and wants. Internship Coworking Barcelona is the perfect fit for students looking to fully experience all the culture and livelihood Barcelona has to offer.
This is a unique experience where you can work professionally in highly creative and innovative environments in a city that is always changing.Live your fall spring or summer internship with us.

  • Barcelona: A Cosmopolitan European City.
    Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city where you can find everything that meets your needs and interests: sea, mountains, culture, architecture, theatre, sports, old traditions, new technologies, flea markets, museums,
  • A Network of Coworking Spaces.
    Be a part of the movement of coworkers, entrepreneurs and freelancers in Barcelona by creating professional, personal and social networks internationally with businesses from a wide variety of sectors.
  • Spanish Courses.
    You will attend spanish classes in our coworking centers that will help you integrate into the local population and our coworking spaces. These classes will be taught in small groups. The groups will be determined according to your langu
  • Professionals, Startups and Companies.
    Participate in the growth and development of a start-up from within the company. You will find professionals from the world of design, communication, video, photography, architecture, engineering, software developme
  • Central Apartments in City Center.
    1, 2, and 3 bedroom shared or individual flats with all utilities included (heat, air conditioning, gas, etc). All of our options are high quality in the center of Barcelona that are situated in well-connected and walka
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Europe » Spain
International Business
Performing Arts
Public Relations
1-3 Months
Host Family
Online Application
Cover Letter
Phone / Skype Interview
Weekly Hours
Starting Price
Price Details
Residence or a flat in the city of Barcelona with shared or individual bedroom options
An internship placement with your own workspace in the office
Daily internship coordinator support
Transportation to and from work
Spanish courses
Medical & Accident Insurance
24h support service
Full time english speaking staff
Various leisure activities organized with other interns in the program
Other excursions on demand
Communication&Art workshops on demand
Letter of recommendation for a job

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24 years old
Chicago, IL

From Chicago to Barcelona


I have been back in the U.S. for almost four months, longer than my stay in Spain, but I desire to go back everyday! How can you not fall in love with the food, the sea, the people and the shopping? Fortunately, I had an added bonus of interning at Gracia Coworking Center. I learned many key skills, including how to design a Wordpress website, that I am currently utilizing within my field. The staff was friendly and I truly enjoyed coming into work. The independency afforded to each employee allows individuals to develop the ability of being a self-starter and how to take initiative.

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24 years old
Western Washington University

My time in Barcelona


My time in Barcelona has been incredible. It is a beautiful, active city,and there is always something going on. The coworking space is bright, cheerful and very laid back. The spanish work at a much different pace than the American workplaces that I am used to, and often times the morning will be spent chatting and getting to know each other in fluent "Spanglish".Even so, they work hard here,and are passionate about what they do. All in all, I'm glad that I participatedin this internship during my time Barcelona. Cristina and Eme are wonderful :-)

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24 years old
New York
Columbia University

My Barcelona experience


My internship at Artnobel in Gracia Work Center has been the highlight of my past few months in Barcelona. Through working at ArtNobel I have met incredible people, learned about the contemporary art culture in Spain all while improving my spanish speaking skills exponentially. I would recommend an internship at Gracia Work Center to anyone who is interested in acquainting themselves with Barcelona on a personal level. My time at ArtNobel and Gracia Work Center has been invaluable, as an intern I was given a variety of tasks from blogging about local exhibitions, contacting potential sponsors for upcoming events or working podcasts for our radio station, I have learned a ton while enjoying the relaxing pace of the spanish working environment. Applying for an internship in Barcelona was by far one the best decisions I made while abroad.

About The Provider


Internship Coworking Barcelona offers students internship opportunities in Barcelona, Spain,in a variety of different professional fields.Our 360-degree internship package includes living arrangements, an internship placement, spanish courses, communication&art workshops and leisure activities.
We are not an intermediary agency, we are professionals and companies directly working