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Traveling Internship Pro is a social enterprise that takes works to improve the skills and employability of top candidates via our internship programs in Vietnam . Our support team understands how important international professional experience is in todays job market, and they are ready to share a passion for helping students making memorable internships during their stay.

For us, working in Vietnam is one of the best ways to discover the country and you will be supported by friendly and experienced our buddies.Please just let us know your expectations and desires then we’ll together make it real.

  • - Get a paid customized internship or job placement in prestigious companies in Vietnam
  • - Provide additional services, such as visa assistance or local buddies to maximize your experiment
  • - Free to choose any services you want to minimize your expense
  • - Have chance to travel in Vietnam - a famous place for breathtaking landscapes and delicious food
  • - Immerse in Vietnamese living and working culture

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  • Growth 9.8
  • Support 10
  • Fun 9.8
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 10
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Never regret having applied for this program

I can't be more satisfied with the experiments this program provided me. I chose to take part in Travelling Internship Pro for two reasons: first, they seemed to excel at tailoring job placement to match the program participants, and second, they could help make sure that my resume wasn't lost in a sea of other amazing candidates. The attentiveness of my job placement coordinator throughout my placement process was amazing. Despite the specificity and rarity of the internship I was hoping to have, Travelling Internship Pro was patient and persistent during my placement process. I really felt that they were listening to me and trying to do their best for me.

Because of Travelling Internship Pro's exceptional program, I was able to break into an intensely competitive industry and have the kind of job that I thought I'd be lucky to have five years from now. If you have very specific professional ambitions, this program is a great way to start building the career you want most.

Yes, I recommend this program
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The gap year that inspired my life

My time in Ho Chi Minh City with Travelling Internship Pro was invaluable. After graduating college, I knew I wasn't ready to settle down in the States, so I decided to move to Vietnam for a year with my best friend. I had travelled and studied abroad, but this was a completely new endeavour, that came with new experiences (networking in a new market, purchasing health insurance, etc.).

Travelling Internship Pro's staffs were always available whenever I have any questions and made visa application so easy. Plus, not only was Travelling Internship Pro helpful in the process of applying for and acquiring job, the support they provided once I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City was also appreciated.

My experience in Vietnam with Travelling Internship Pro was so incredible that I plan to return to here after I complete another year-long working visa in Thailand :)

Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing internship - Spring 2018

This was not my first time going abroad or even studying abroad. Although I liked my trip then, my experience was so much better the second time around.
The first thing I did differently was do a home-stay instead of living in the apartments. Although living in the apartments got me closer to the people that I was doing the program with, I wasn't practicing my Vietnamese at all.
Another thing I did differently was take advantage of my weekends. I went to HaNoi, NinhBinh, HaiPhong, Nghe An . Sometimes I was by myself and sometimes I went with others, but either way I had a great time! If I wasn't going somewhere else, I was taking advantage of everything that Hanoi had to offer.
Having an internship also really made me feel like I was living in Hanoi. My internship was at the FPT as a developer. I absolutely loved it there! The people were amazing and made me really feel at home.
my trip was amazing! Traveling Internship Pro really tried to address every problem we had in a timely manner. They also really tried to make it fun for us by hosting trips places or recommending restaurants or things to do. Overall, it was a really great trip!

Yes, I recommend this program
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My great time in Hochiminh city

I worked four days a week at the Ames English center in Hochiminh city as a English teacher. Apart from that, I also learned valuable office skills, and a basic vietnamese language. I loved being in Hochiminh city, the culture was something that I loved so much more than I thought I would, to the point where I did not want to leave and am now considering returning in the future for my master’s degree. Traveling Internship Pro was incredible from the very beginning. Right from the start, they were attentive to all of my questions, concerns and well being that it made this experience the best experience I could have ever asked for. I was happy with my internship placement and enjoyed all that the program had to offer.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Unparalleled experience that set the foundation for my career

I was a shy undergraduate before I started my journey with Travelling Internship Pro in hanoi city. My internship enabled me to have an incredible experience in the summer - an unparalleled experience that set the foundation for my career. I was able to work with industry leaders in the financial and information security sector. I gained an infinite amount of skills and level of confidence that I never thought I could. The program coordinators were very professional and helpful and I would re-live the experience in a heartbeat. Since the internship, I have acquired a skill set and I am considered a hot commodity in the job market. I could not do it without Travelling Internship Pro.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Fantastic experience

I had the best time working abroad in Hochiminh city for one year. It was the first time i was away from family and friends in a whole different country, across the other side of the world. I met lots of new friends, connections, built relationships with my colleagues and had a great working holiday!

I was very satisfied with my placement. Working with the recruitment company in finance, i had time to study and increase my financial knowledge of hedge funds and asset management. I working on various research projects, presentation projects for clients, made several phone calls to candidates for potential jobs. I worked well with my colleagues and appreciated their help and support as well as teaching them a few things about technology too. haha. We had social events after work which was a great way to get to know the office and just share stories about myself and built the connections for future.

The expenses came but all in all, it was the best journey. One which i will cherish all my life and tell stories about for years to come! I would highly recommend it, choose whichever program length you feel comfortable with and are financially capable of participating in but go for it! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. That's how i saw it. The first step of my career.

Yes, I recommend this program
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My wonderful marketing internship

As part of my University degree, I took part in a one-month internship (July 2015) in Hanoi, Vietnam. To me,Travelling Internship Pro did an excellent job in organizing accommodation as well as placing students in suitable companies aligned to their degree.
I was placed in a tourism marketing company, and had such an incredible experience not only working in the field that I love, but also also experiencing the Vietnamese culture! My friend and I also had a chance to visit a number of excursions around Hanoi, such asHoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi Night Market !

I can't quite find the words to explain how incredible this opportunity was, but I certainly do recommend Travelling Internship Pro as a reliable internship provider in Vietnam. I wish I could go back and do it all again!

Yes, I recommend this program
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An unforgettable experiment

When I applied through Travelling Internship Pro to do a human resources internship in Vietnam I was looking to mesh travel and gaining experience to make my LinkedIn profile and resume more impressive. I had wanted to go to Vietnam because it was not the most typical place to see down on a resume and because it was my favorite place I travelled to when I did a trip through south east asia the previous year.

As a person who has never gone anywhere on their own before going to Vietnam I can say that the staff here did a pretty good job when preparing me for my move, I would have liked more information about day to day life in Vietnam but that is a small complaint as everything I was looking for could be found online and I already had an idea because I had been there before. When it came to the visa arrangements I was given precise directions which I appreciate because visa delays have been as issue before when I was travelling. I know how complicated and annoying it can be.

Moreover, HR just makes sense to me as a profession, during my internship I had the opportunity to speak to a lot of people through conducting interviews and meetings. I enjoyed every minute of my placement. I have been given the opportunity of a full time position and I jumped at the chance to stay here longer!

Yes, I recommend this program

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